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What kinda clothing would you wear to to have a realistic cyberpunk look without being a giant windbreaker or walking cosplay.

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Easiest way to make it not look like a costume is to make it something you'll actually use/wear.
If youre wearing this huge awkward jacket you wont wear more then once, that is a costume (even if its well made and tasteful/awesome looking)
Consider who you would be in this cyberworld (I think were already in one)

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What I meant to add was, I dont think any single thing is supremely Cyberpunk without it looking like a costume, so if youre looking for subtlety in choice, add modern materials with bits of things you like but most importantly make it functional, something to meet friends at a bar in.
There are tons of brands (most expensive b/c NEW) and if youre looking for recommendations, myself I dont know
Im just posting pics of things I like that feel Cyberpunk without screaming COSTUME

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Also Techwear

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I thought op said that didnt look like a walking cosplay
youre almost always going to look like a big faggot depnding on where you live. If youre in a major city where its cold you might be able to get away with the "stupidly long sleeves triple coat combo" look.

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black jeans

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for the hundredth fuckin time

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no, not techwear

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Techwear looks like Sci-Fi, clean and lacking any grittyness

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>pic related
Fucking saved. Keked hard when I saw the last one.

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look 5 is the only good one cause it's not a techwear look

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If it's functional it's not cosplay.

Solid advice.

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Can somebody explain her top to me please? I don't understand what it is or what shape it has. Is it some huge jacket that's been buttoned together in a strange way? I'm confused.

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Can cyberpunk fans just die already

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pair with tough guy shit

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>pair with tough guy shit
>posts a skinny indian in a woman's jacket
bro get your shit together

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Leather bomber black sweats and combat boots

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>Thinking the model is who you're supposed to be and not just cop his fit.

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eh, good enough

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>Buzz cut or messy topknot/manbun/ponytail
>tecwear style windbreaker or cropped leather jacket
>Long baggy shorts with leggings
>Combat boots,docs, etc
>sunglasses, fingerless gloves
You would 100% look like a tool but it's the first thing that came to mind.

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starlord cosplay

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5 is too edgy and not in a fun way. 3 is the closest to being a "normal" outfit that still looks interesting. Nothing really cyberpunk about it though.

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People get too caught up trying to make this look. It’s 2 things- cyber and punk. Dress futuristic but also like a punk, the cool og kind of punk, but in the future

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Fuck you. Kill yourself.

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greyman techwear.

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Aha, no.

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I second this. He should kill himself
Do it faggot

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This. Don't be afraid of a little DIY either.

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Outside of actual cyberpunk art, literature, and film, my main source of inspiration is rivethead fashion from the 1990s and early 2000s. It's about as close to real-world cyberpunk as you can get.
Like punk, but futuristic.

Go listen to some Chemlab or Front Line Assembly and see what you come up with.

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Because clearly this needs to be posted.

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Where does Denton fit into this?

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Your millage may vary.
Would you have a pic of what you feel is a good non costume cyberpunk look?

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This is exactly how I used to dress, back in 2016.

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Copy Ryan Reynold's look from Deadpool 1. That came out in 2016


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How did the space MRE's taste?

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hey this is exactly what I was looking for a while back

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w2c abstract geometric face aesthetics

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dimension 243b

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its a DEMOBAZA hoodie

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I still don't understand it's shape.

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>How can I larp without looking like in larping?
Just accept the fact that you're larping and embrace it. If you wanna walk around looking like an overdressed electrician then go for it: the fact you've put any effort into your outfit at all will make you look better than 50% of people.

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good shit, anon

just do it

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Can anyone link me some jackets, leather would be good but not necessary, that have that big stiff collar with stuff in it? Or even some tips on making making one myself? I honestly think they're cool and would love to make some fits around it.

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Muh womyns jacket boo hoo


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I like the two ear rings. Techwear usually looks way too tryhard in real life though.

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What could I be scared of? That the jew embraces me as a mascot for their anal rape of western civilization? wow, so scary.

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really not making a good name for western civilization as is

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Red cropped jacketfag here
>black is good, even all black, but don't be afraid of adding colour in. Colour can determine whether you look like a generic normie/wannabe goth or le cyberpunk man
>With colour, you can go for a grittier look using dull greens, browns and similar colours. Or, alternatively you can brighten the colours. Red is one of my favorites.
>You can add a bit of cyberpunk flair into most styles, you could go for a clean formal look if you're some corpo worker, or a casual tough guy look.
>If you aren't a corp worker, clothing items like leather jackets, cargo pants, bomber jackets, joggers, parkas and anoraks, moto jeans, generic jeans, cropped jackets and boots are desirable. Military surplus can be a good choice for this look, especially when dyed or altered. Accessories like scarves, gloves and sunglasses can add to the look. If you're a woman then those leggings with mesh panels can look good when paired right.
>for a corpo agent look, dark colours are better. You want to look professional, neat and formal. Again, accessories help add to the standard office drone look. Gloves and sunglasses are probably the easiest to incorporate.

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what the fuck are you saying to me, pal?

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Corporate agent look:
>three piece suit, in a dark colour
>optional different coloured waistcoat
>roll neck shirt
>dress boots without laces
>leather gloves
>visor sunglasses and bluetooth headset
>ccw pistol in shoulder holster
>look of contempt for everyone below you

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No you're too scared to try new clothing related things

You probably dress like the Virgin from the chad meme

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I guess. Or maybe the jacket is just feminine as fuck and there's no way I can pull it off?

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Motorcycle boots can look awesome, maybe a tad larpy

>> No.14447623

where can I buy these pants

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he doesn't fit in, he's a rogue element, a wildcard

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hell yes

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The AWOL bag: the very definition of what it means to be a wog. With the AWOL bag, you'll be able to distribute yourself anywhere in the world with a twenty minutes notice to move. The unit itself is highly portable, highly versatile, and always ready to go. With the proper configuration, one wog can live out of his AWOL bag for three to four weeks at a time bearing food. It is an outstanding system which can be transferred to any particular bag system. Important to remember that this particular configuration is not the only configuration of an AWOL bag. I'll give you my reasons for this configuration, please feel free to adopt your own procedures and your own kit, this is an expression of you as an individual, and your own strengths and talents will have your individual needs.

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Maybe the jacket isn't feminine and you just know you can't pull it off because you're insecure and ugly

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bro why bro
what did i do wrong bro

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No colours ?

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ya posted an ugly major instead of a cool one.

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Insecurity would be irrelevant, if I was attractive, it's not a reason in and of itself.

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No look at her outfit
not her bad face

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>guidi boots
>mao collar shirt
>sunglasses of course

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fuck me i wear black palladium army training camp boots unironically

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Dood dont worry
I found a pair of grey palladiums for $15 cad! It was a fuckin steal!
And great for milspo and lunarcore fits

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Get a pair of aviators, a leather jacket and a haircut with shaved bits.

This guy is correct. Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdvxPlhTjDU

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it's pretty meh
looks like what a cool wine aunt would wear in an attempt to look like a bad girl at the bar.

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all-time scumwave will be always the only authentic cyberpunk IRL

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fuck off chav

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Don't be a pussy. Just go full faggot with it. Dress like a freak.

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wow that's fucking gay looking

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Me on the left.

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unironicly punk clothes from the late 60's

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>cheap audio technica headphones
>not STAX or some kind of planar or something

>> No.14449878

>not recognizing m50
>using headphones that require a dedicated setup out and about

just stop

>> No.14449883

Hey retard
1) i said audio technica so obviously recognized your beloved m50
2) it was a joke
die already you fucking child

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just stop

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Man, like I want to develop a more refined taste in fashion, but this just looks like someone has stapled a bunch of extra parts of a hoodie and a tarp to a black leather jacket.

Is there a more... streamlined version of this look?

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Something from this graphic? >>14444860

>> No.14449993

I was looking at that, actually. Grey man seems to be more my speed.

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Is that a boy or a girl

>> No.14450190

Why are you even here?

>> No.14450196

Thanks for posting that.

Pretty much this. If you don't want to look like a subculture freak, cyberpunk probably isn't for you.

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Heres an old Lunarcore fit i had when i was fat

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How time has flew.

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fags who fall for the techwear meme:
>I don't wanna look like a cyberpunk, that's just cosplay!
>I just wanna cosplay as someone who happens to live in a cyberpunk setting!

Get the fuck outta here with your basic glitch fits and your sneakers and your earth tones and your windbreakers and your boring fucking 4th grader haircuts, you look like that one autistic kid who lets his parents pick his clothes for him, and since they have no fucking idea what looks cool they just slap the cheapest shit they found at the sports aisle on his mouthbreathing ass and call it a day.

If your shit doesn't look straight out of Max Headroom you need to delete yourself ASAP.

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the best way to look cyberpunk is to be cyberpunk
the best way to be cyberpunk is to wear cheap (ideally no longer available) literal military surplus instead of expensive techwear.
paramilitary stylings, *bsd, and being able to load and carry a rifle without breaking your wrists are the essential spirit.
you're already living in the future, so think more 'punk' and less 'effete softboy with a credit card'

there's nothing intrinsically wrong with techwear or trophy pieces you have fond feelings for, but trying too hard inexorably drags you away from post-futurist-grunge.
if this is really just an anime cosplay fan thread feel free to ignore everything I said ofc

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Military surplus + leather is a great starting point.

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i'm not actually brave enough to wear the visor outside

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Why not you pussy i wear my neon fuchsia sunglasses at school all the time!

>> No.14451215

Those shades look siiiiiiick

>> No.14451279

thanks my dude.

>> No.14451832

shades are good, the Incantation hoodie not so much

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Well at least youre cool enough to recognize the band
Thats immediately where my mind went when I first saw them too.

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amnesia scanner is cyberpunk af

>> No.14453416

i've got bad news about most of cyberpunk for you my friend

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>realistic cyberpunk
What did he mean by this?

>> No.14454888

dont fuck with bitches on the C, they cut you

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Do you even Fifth Element?

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>realistic cyberpunk
Realistic cyberpunk would be khaki slacks and a polo shirts or whatever your corporate overlords allow you to buy from their company store.

>> No.14457052

I'm fine with a Gaultier future.

>> No.14457130

If you’re thinking about a leather jacket, avoid the Brando/Ramones-style jacket. Everyone’s got one. Try finding an old Hein Gericke jacket, those usually have a look of their own.

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