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>pays as little as possible, wallet is $10 and filled with $5,000 at all times
>barely pays attention to the size, just grabs whatever looks normal to save time or wears whatever relatives gave for christmas that year
>only care about looking normal and being comfortable
>doesn't care what you think, not trying to manipulate you and is a true, virtuous, good person
>thinks about important things like his wife, children, and security
>pays very much, waits for paycheck just to spend on luxury goods, wallet is $800 and has $75 in it only sometimes
>spends significant time deciding what to wear
>uncomfortable, constantly reminded of his clothing as he is wearing it, can't focus on important things
>thinks you will see him in a better light because of what he's wearing, trying to manipulate you and is a false, degenerate, bad person
>doesn't have wife, children, or money because he spends all of his time and money on appearance/lies and isn't capable

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If you're young and single there is nothing wrong with the right

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Be quiet, Ryan.

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The irony of this photo is that goose would still look good in Carrells outfit and Carrell would still look like shit even in gooses

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You left out the part that the guy o. Lefts wife cheated on him and that the guy on right gets ass galore

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r u srs?

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yes goose still looks good
carroll looks better than previously however

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Fuck. Did I just get dosed the /fit/pill?

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make the goose a bit taller then carell cause you cant train lenght

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Steve suddenly looking GOOD. Seriously, Carrell, get /fit/ (I know you're reading this).

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It's neck and posture more than anything

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this looks like a picture from the 90s

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>wallet is $800 and has $75 in it only sometimes
My wallet is approx 800 and I almost never keep cash in it. Who da fook uses cash. i only need my credit cards and bank card. Carrell probably has a massive wallet with a bunch of old receipts and shit in it along with the cash, his clothes are a reflection of his inability to see forms or understand visual aesthetics

all he see is pink hues within the ther

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part and parcel
0- face doesnt matter, only being thin. THINSPO LIFE

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What kind of a loser buys 800 wallet

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I would imagine someone with some major insecurity or a shopping addiction

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