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Anyone else wear a beanie just to make their hair straight?

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Look into leave-in conditoners. Fixed my jewfro problem immediately.

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Ohh I'm also growing my hair out as well

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what brand? there's a ton appearently. not op.

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Hah, I'm growing my hair out to have trad-goth hair that looks ratted.

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Same. It was impossible to do curly bangs before as a half-Chinese, half-SEA mutt with crazy frizzy hair.
I'm still pretty new to it, but my barber recommended trying anything with shea butter in it. I got this tub of Cantu rn and it's working well enough for what I need.

Something also important he recommended is when you dry your hair after a shower, use a cotton t-shirt to lightly pat it to a less damp level, never use a harsh bath towel. When it's to a manageable wetness, put on a bit of the conditioner and just play around with it.

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lol I put on a beanie for a few minutes right after I wash my hair

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I don't have to :^)

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