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Fashion is my hobby. Who are you to say what i can and cant do in my free time. Hehe some of us may be better at it than others (like me) but what I wear is my way to express myself in creative and unique ways. For example in this fit i was going for a futuristic post apocalyptic urban wanderer look, something that truly expresses who i am. Meanwhile you have sheep who wear saint laurent style and get popular *yawn*. This fit is easily better then them. Notice how you can see red socks under my pants. This is not something a fashion novice would do. Because fashion is my hobby i just do cool things like this. A lot of us are actually adults that have an interest in fashion.

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Looking Good Ryan!

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blur face

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Thank you Ryan, very cool!

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The socks r orange u dum fucc

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I usually hate these shitposts but this one is funny as fuck. Good work redpilled ryanposter

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2/10 fit, looks like a sweatsuit

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you had me for the first 3 sentences

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Imagine being the person who made this thread. That is unironically worse than any reddit fashion poster. Have sex

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