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What’s your cringy EDC setup?

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(no bully.)

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lol are you a female pen-tester?

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This picture always gets me hars. Every thing in it is quality. The keys confuse me though, lockpicking as a hobby maybe?

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Take a new picture you boring motherfucker. Ditch the Ti-92 for something useful, we all know you have wabbitemu on your phone loaded up with an 84+ CE ROM alright. Just try a little bit less hard

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mind to tell me the names of the fountain pens?

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- Caran d'Ache Varius in Laque de Chine - Black (ref. 4490.020).
- Graf von Faber-Castell Classic, Ebony - M (ref. 145550).

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daily carry, apart from the pouch with weed

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my thanks

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that pouch and lighter case are adorable

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What knife is that? And why do you have these two other things if you already have a wallet?

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Not that guy but I think it's a set of bump keys, notice how all the notch's are all evenly spaced? Hefty fine if you get caught with those and kinda cringe desu.

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loser drug addict

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Ontario fag

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Wich phone is that? How do you like?

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ID on bag?

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only based one here.

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cringe on the fuji and street photography memes

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This thread makes me wanna get a good commuter wallet to replace my bifold

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It's a penknife by Gottlieb Hammesfahr from the 30s.
Top left is my wallet and the pouch next to is for change. The bigger pouch bottom left is for when i want to bring weed and rolling equipment.
ok m8y

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how can this be an EDC when it can't even all fit into a suitcase? Keys, phone, earbuds and a folding knife is all you could reasonably need on your person in 99.9% of situations, and a knife is a debatable. I have mine for eating apples and stuff mostly.

>that calculator in the top right. the nostalgia is strong in this one.

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wtf are those chips on your keychains

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Nokia 6.1. I got tired of buying flagship phones, so I gave a cheap phone a try and it's fantastic. The camera is shit but everything else is great.

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you are my favorite high iq autist.

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vieni a riccione anon e fammi fare due tiri di quella weeda garnita

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did the language on the smoking papers make you think im italian? I don't know why they're in that language

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Pretty sure its for locating your keys if you ever lose em.

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It's called a Tile, I have a slimmer but bigger version on my wallet as well, its just in case I ever lose one I can find it.
Most of the time I use it when my keys are under something and I can't find them.

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this is clearly a chick also carrying those tools isn't illegal if you're a licensed lock smith.

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>that NERV ID

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RFID tag, for getting into my condo.

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Same keyboard and phone. Stop copying me!!

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Things I actually carry.

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I wish it was 2012 still
Except for that >cleaver

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I don't know about guns but I want to know which one that is.

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Never stop posting please <3

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how's the lightpix flash?

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it looks like a ruger lcp 9mm with custom materials for /fa/ purposes but im only like 85% sure

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autist coming through

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Not seen: med kit and a bunch of minor convenience items in the backpack

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>swiss army knife


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its legal

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how do I achieve this aesthetic?

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Not the poster but it's a Seecamp. Either in .32 or .380.

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Info on that usb-stick with the keypad on it?

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this was annoying for the longest time but it's gone to such an extreme that it is good now

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>living in ontario

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what watch is that?

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w2c the pouch at the bottom ?

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What credit score do you need to get this credit cards. I'm jelly.

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I had like a 750 when I applied for my sapphire reserve card. The chase private client card is a debit card and doesn't have anything to do with credit score, you just have to have above a certain amount of money with Chase.

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I bet you use that baton for prostate stimulation than you do self defense

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idk if you're still around but what is the story with those pick looking things below the bump keys?

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FBI wants to know your location

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Those are auto jigglers.

They're used for picking old car locks (2011 or older).

2012 onwards cars have steering wheel locks, so picking the door doesn't mean you can drive it ever.

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Icarus automatic from the 60s
made it myself

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>cringy EDC
I got this

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is that thing on the right a anal hook?

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it's for massaging your prostate.

not sure why he posted it but whatever.

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close enough, not really a hook though

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How the fuck could you possibly have all this shit on you at once. Are you guys oblivion characters

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I'm pretty sure everyone who posts these things wears cargo shorts 7 days a week.

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why is your key and lighter wrapped in leather?

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A licensed locksmith isn't carrying around fountain pens, calculators, voice recorders and fucking barbershop scissors. This whole pic is autismo larp and people only like it because the photo is well composed.

Everything in this pic says you have a garbage personality and too much money.

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I dont shoot street

its a british army ammo grab bag

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really really fantastic so far. I've yet to get film shots back on it but its worked really well with any cam I've used it with so far

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It's weird that she has like 100 bump keys but no picks. I like where her heart is at but it looks like she bought a bunch of shit she doesn't know how to use.

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Yeah I genuinely have no idea what kind of lifestyle would make even half of that shit necessary
Although the same goes for most of the stuff posted in these threads. I live in the south and still don't know anybody who carries around a knife every day unless we're camping

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Seriously? Like everyone I know carries a knife. Knives were so prevalent my college professors didn't even freak out when they saw them.

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>gun if burger
anything past that is cringe

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Where? I have one friend into knives but even he doesn't carry one everywhere
I honestly don't know a single person who wouldn't be incredibly confused if I pulled a knife out like nothing

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Honestly I wish I could wear this but Im too ugly to pull it off and wearing this in california will make you look like a massive tryhard douche

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why the fuck do so many of you guys carry around a knife?

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It makes you look like a tryhard anywhere except in a movie. Don't dress like this. Costume tier

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I've considered it, not gonna lie, but the friction from the rubberized grip is gonna be a.... pain in the ass.
Otherwise it's a pretty cool weapon. Definitely beats carrying a knife and thinking you can use it in some meaningful way in self defense (aside from a deterrent maybe).

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The black leather case directly next to the keys are picks.

They're just in a leather case, anon.

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Atl ho

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It's an awesome tool to have at hand, but you're too feminized to know anything about interacting with the physical world around you.

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I'm the guy you're replying to and I literally live in Atlanta myself
Are you in the fucking Bluff or something? This is just incomprehensible to me

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To make sammichs and stab colored folk when they try to take my sammich

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Based GA645.

Have the same camera, and the X100(mk1)

Good taste anon.

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Not him but I've never been in a situation where I needed a knife other than when I worked at a farm. What's it for? Protection maybe? If you work at a desk job why would you even need it.

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That's not a calculator..

>> No.14410303

Licensed locksmiths often work in security and stuff so it's not that far off.

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This shit again. Not a single thread without it

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The only two here that make sense. This is what a normal human being leaves the house with. All you other motherfuckers carrying literal satchels filled with notebooks, pens, knives, paracord, buttplugs and other nonsense, please take note.

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i never understood why people do this. I always try to make it as compact as possible

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Maybe because some people actually use more than cash, ID, and their phone while at work or outside the house.

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Mr. Perfect is here everyone!

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Yes it is retard. Ti92

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what are you shooting?

this is my edc, I need a bigger watch and better earphones. (book is c# in depth)

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generally shoot a fairly wide variety of urban landscape and industrial setting stuff

I bought the GA because I've always been interested in shooting more fashion forward stuff in these locations

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Whats the knife on the left?

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Just took a new one for you guys. Left my house/office/etc. keys out, usually they're attached to the car key.

This always comes up and I can never understand how anybody gets by WITHOUT one. I find stuff to use mine for constantly, and whenever I'm traveling and can't carry one I constantly find myself wishing I had one. I don't have any illusions about using it as a self-defense tool either, if I did I'd be carrying something big and cheap instead of a 3" $350 knife.

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I will take this opportunity to ask: is it possible to learn to code by reading a book? I'm a complete normie and to me it seems like you would need to go to a university or something.

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can't imagine people are still falling for this

>> No.14411252


the programming itself yes, it's so linear. just read a book about it and practice.

to be productive for a company requires aditional skills obviously though

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Not pictured:
Phone (1+6T) because I'm taking the picture with it.
Chewing gum because I'm out of it.

If it's not a working day and I don't need to carry my laptop it's just stuff it's impossible to leave out: phone, watch, keys and wallet.

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Nice Fujis, I run an X-Pro2 myself. I don't EDC a camera anymore, had enough of that shit when I had to schlep an entire kit with multiple lenses, speedlights, etc. to work every day.

>> No.14411710

there are countless online courses, tutorials, and free books to read abotu it. it is beyond doable but again it is not necessarily easy to get hired as a coder with no uni degree.

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What Mazda we talking here b?

>> No.14411811

Yeah, Mazda makes nice cars and Rolex makes nice watches. It's a 2019 Mazda 3.

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>I run an X-Pro2 myself
Jesus christ this board is filled with idiots

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what would you suggest I use

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Fucking nice nigga, I got a 2017 Mazda 3. Wish I held out a little longer. The new ones are sick.

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Any examples?

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Hey I've got the same calculator and it's great, anon.

>> No.14412023

is that marty

>> No.14412033

A fucking meatcleaver in your EDC.
Maximum cringe.

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Lmaoing at the people shitting on fuji cameras, post photos you've taken faggots.

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it's not that hard not to be a dopey scumbag

>> No.14412221

>peppa pig pez dispenser
holy based

>> No.14412336


Then why watch since it's totally useless in 2019?

That's also answer to your question.

>> No.14412353

you can always tell a basedboy from the amount of useless "gizmos" and "gadgets" in their EDC. they love THINGS like women do.
the most based, realistic, and non-faggot EDC itt
s*ylent nigger
s*ylent nigger
s*ylent nigger

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Yes it is you fucking aus fag. MARTY LARGE PARTY HARD LIKE IT THE MARI GRAS. You git a fucking problem cunt?

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