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Does anyone else wear Morrissey t-shirts to trigger libtards? I don't even like the dude and the Smiths fucking suck. Such a gay band. Only one good song and that's how soon is now or what ever it's called.

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Sorry to tell you pal but all of their fans are libtard art hoes and dirty stoner guys

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You could but i'm pretty sure Morrissey is one of those guys people love/hate so you'd end up with more people coming up to you and saying they're also a fan of The Smiths or Morrissey instead of giving you dirty looks
The Smiths were literally the second coming of The Beatles in terms of musical influence so not only does your taste suck, your perception of the world is also fucked

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you're all insane

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Not after the shit he has been spewing the past year or so. He's canceled.

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Morrissey somehow seems to have gotten a pass. People still love him despite his right wing statements.

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Well here in Toronto hes cancelled hard. My friend that works at urban outfitters says they stopped stocking his gear so I got her to grab me some shirts when they took them away.

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Probably because zoomers have no idea whomst've he is

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my artho lib gf in helsinki still likes the smiths even tho she hates morrisey now. im on the same opinion too though

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kinda hard to dislike them

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Extremely cringe. I only wear Morrissey shirts because I love his 80s/90s albums. I could really give a shit about whatever has gotten him in tabloids these days.

Pic related is my shirt from 1989

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Correct orientation

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Mega-cringe ironically or not. You should consider suicide

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Literally what right wing statements, he's insanely left

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he hates pakis and supports ukip

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also it is kinda similar to black people still supporting kanye

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Are you FUCKING retarded

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Wild, all I knew him for was being a radical vegetarian, hating the monarchy, wanting Dubya dead, hating Trump, and liking Hillary and Bernie

Great post mouthbreather

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To each his own. I support gay rights but I hate niggers and pakis and I also think trannies should be killed or get the mental help they need and not transition desu senpai

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fuck off you gay, I would rather have niggers and pakis than you faggot loving kind

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underrated post

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You’re not, apparently

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>He's canceled.
based bait poster

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Have fun getting murdered or pooped on

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I wear a Joy Division shirt every time I go to any concert. It is a compliment generating machine. I don't even have any of their music.

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Literally no one cares what you think.

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>radical left wing vegetarian is now far right because even saying “you shouldn’t eat dogs” is racist fascist bigoted filth

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>I suppose it all goes back to when we were investigated by the taxman because of the Haçienda and foolishly we went to meet them. You don't have to go but our accountant let us. It wasn't a great meeting. The taxman tore us apart. Rob was shaking. One thing that did come out in the meeting was them saying, 'We've looked through all your accounts and can't seem to see any receipt of monies for Joy Division T-shirts. Why is that?'
>We went to great lengths to explain ourselves: how we didn't believe in self-promotion; we didn't believe in ripping off our fans; we didn't do merchandise because we thought it was blatant profiteering, the work of the devil, ect., ect. He listened patiently then said, 'How come wherever i go i see Joy Division T-shirts, then?'
>We were stumped, struck dumb, and after what seemed like an eternity he said, 'I don't believe you and I'm fining you accordingly'.
>The only band ever to get fined for not doing their own T-shirts. £20,000. Bang!
>t. Peter Hook

Joy division t-shirts are a meme and always have been.

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I think it has more to do with calling all Chinese people scum lol. A vegan would surely understand that orders of magnitude more animals are slaughtered for US or European consumers and that making a special exception for dogs is retarded.
I think Morrisey is just a regular racist, a social nationalist with vegan characteristics if you will.
Maybe one day he will ascend to NazBol gang.

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morsiey shirts are for homos

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Two points: The chinese aren’t a race, he didn’t categorize east asians all in the same light, and anyway he clearly was exaggerating for attention. Next the cruelty in the meat industries in china and some other highly populated non western countries is incomparably cruel, they don’t have a single animal cruelty law in china and not only are they indifferent to the suffering they cause to animals, they delight in it and believe it makes the meat taste better. Anyway, only a fat meat eater would ever think ANYTHING Morrissey says could cause more harm than they do in a single week eating pounds of animal flesh

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>triggering the libtards

what's it like having not grown in 3 years anon?

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wtf how can a single person like both hillary and bernie

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joy div shirt is the most basic shit ever. the people who compliment u are either social climbers or philistines lmao

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moz is a nationalist, and likely a cryptofascist. this is fact, not a value statement. those types tend not to side with the neoliberal establishment and just want the muzzies and coloureds the fuck out, doesnt matter their orientation or dietary preferences. those might be cultural signifiers of a left wing individual, but moz is a singular person. personally i think its fucking funny that he triggers libs

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>social climbers
i love social climbers more than anything else. that are adorbs

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Listening to the Smiths right now. My favorite band, stay mad :^)

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honestly. most of the ppl who hate moz are tumblr thots with major social anxiety that they will wait until they get home(safe space) to say something about you wearing that shirt

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You are retarded and haven't interacted with teenagers in years if you actually think this. The Smiths is still insanely popular among sjw teens but they usually say "yeah he's kinda problematic but..."

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He supports "For Britain" which is run by the wingnut who lost the UKIP leadership, its farther right than UKIP.

Even so hes still a prat and the smiths suck

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Morrissey is perceive similarly to the way Kanye is, which is that he's a crazy guy with weird ideas who happens to make good music. In addition, hipsters understand that The Smiths is perhaps the most important band in the history of indie music so they give him a pass.

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>the most important band in the history of indie music
The Velvet Underground, Television, R.E.M., Pavement, and Sonic Youth, are more important.

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Isn't he a libtard himself, retard? And no, being for British independence doesn't automatically make you right wing

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You're probably too left leaning for Morissey anyways

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no theyre not

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>Dressing to anger teenagers and brag about it in a vientamese bobsled chatroom
Sounds like you should get a hobby and have some sex

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cant be a libtard and nationalist at the same time. moz has always been a hilarious racist and thats fine. the libs who hate him now, especially the lib boomers who were fucking alive when he was in his heyday making the exact same dogwhistle comments, are only outing themselves as craven cynics using their own shitty politics to boost their image because wokeness has cultural currency now. moz is right wing, but who fucking cares he doesnt make policy.

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if you think Morrissey gives a shit or this will ruin him then you're out of your mind

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Not really good if all you need to counter it is a Cure shirt and a burger

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>comparing the smiths to the beatles in terms of influence
holy fuck LMAO

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you're insane. Morrissey/The Smiths aren't influential at all outside of certain strains of 90s and 00s indie pop.

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>certain strains
you mean the entire genre

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He called the Chinese a subspecies which is still not racist. It’s also true. How can you be racist against a nationality?

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The smiths are my favorite band but he's correct

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I eat burgers while I cry to morrissey albums

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anyone who doesnt like the smiths should he hunted down and beaten with a rusty spanner

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unironically listened to meat is murder while eating a pepperoni pizza. sorry Moz, meat is too fucking delicious.

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