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>he doesn’t own a Stetson

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They're hard to pull off, what do you wear them with?

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I'm European and an urbanite, so I'm not allowed to own/wear one.

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One of the western/outback like in the OP pic is pretty versatile and can be worn with nearly anything Americana or outdoors related. If you stayed with something with a pinch front or teardrop crease and a shorter brim then you can get away with a lot, you have to be careful to stay out of fedora territory though.
Nonsense, the guy in this image lived in France and Germany for years. You could completely embrace the urban cowboy look if you wanted or go with something more subtle like I said earlier.

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Stetson doesn't make any hats in my size.

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What size would that be?

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Beyond the furthest setting I've ever seen on an adjustable baseball hat.

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My god. Are you deformed?

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I own one of these. An Open Road hat is a little smaller brimmed than most cowboy hats, but the cattleman's crease unmistakably marks it as a style akin to them. They look good with everything from suits, to leather jackets, to cotton or denim jackets, or even just the shirt.

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You have to be over 50 or you look like a virgin

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Stop projecting, you lack confidence.

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but I do

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Dude, it's floating... Copperfield hat mother fucker

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>open road is the most popular Stetson of /fa/
I’m not surprised but I’m not ashamed either.

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I have an Open Road in the silverbelly color, which is off-white beige. They are very nice hats.

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Post fits.

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anyone who wears anything other than a casual baseball hat/snapback or isn't an outdoorsman who is allowed to wear a bucket hat is a LARPing tryhard faggot, prove me wrong.

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here you go

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Looks good. Is that a 1903 Springfield on the wall?
LARPing as what, a person with a hat?

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you be lookin' mad homosexual dawg.

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You’re on a fashion board, everyone looks gay. Stop typing like a nigger.

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I have an akubra instead

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Holy shit

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I own Akubra hats, too. My favorite is an Akubra Bushman, which most resembles a 19th and early 20th century western hat. It has around a 3 1/4" brim, a 5 1/2" open crown unshaped when you first get it, and I telescope creased mine and mostly wear the brim up like the one on the left in this picture.

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I have a tiny head and hats always look weird on me

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It seems that a smaller brim and a shorter, more tapered crown might be your thing.

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we demand pics, quasimodo

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this guy looks like a smelly chode

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I'm fat.

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I have Akubras
>better quality
>more styles
>I'm not a seppo

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They do hold up better in the rain. I am an American that owns both Akubra and Stetson hats.

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People that say shit like this are why closeted homosexuality is a thing.
Also if you're into fashion and homophobic, you are going to be miserable. Piece of shit.

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I have the Akubra territory. I dont really like the height of the crown but it does allow me to pull it down to secure it a little more. Currently i've fucked up the whole shape due to crushing it a few times but I don't mind too much.

Mine is in the 'Santone Fawn' colour which only the Cattleman has as well I think, everything else was too brown, too olive, or too light, i think this was a nice middle ground.

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just finished fucking my girlfriend into oblivion, thanks my man

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For a time in the 20th century, Stetson allowed Akubra the license to make Stetson hat styles for the Australian market.

Nice! I thought about getting a black Territory, but I ended up buying a nice looking used black Snowy River hat, instead.

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whats the bomber?

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as a fucking wannabe indiana jones or "le epic gentleman"

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Texas here

Stetsons are entry level.

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Resistol is the only way to go. My daily driver takes a beating from the heavy rain down here in East Texas. Probably won't get another one for a couple more years.

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>T. 16 year old edgelord

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As a Texan I do hereby give you permission to wear a cowboy hat.
I own a stetson with the cattleman crease, and to be real, there's nothing special about them. It's a brand name, and they're nice, but there's nothing really special about their western line. I found that felt hats in general get hotter, and the modern post-tom mix crowns just feel like ovens after a few minutes in the sun.

side note- histoical cowboys wore whatever hat they could afford, be it a bowler, slouch hat, boss of the plains, and especially sombreros - of which I own two. The hat was a tool, and got crumpled and messed over time. There was not pride in the hat as much as the hat band. This practise of bands as the main individualism item comes from the galone on a sombrero. The cowboy image is 90% hollywood invention, with a core of mexican charro reality that gets ignored.

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>Beyond the furthest setting
Which way?

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We have found him

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