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Thoughts on Burberry

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GOAT trenchcoats. Rather shitty everything else.

>> No.14402667

Haven’t done anything noteworthy after stealing the trenchcoat from Aquascutum.

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ugly bags and rucksacks

>> No.14402688

another great brand cheapened by chink boomer women

>> No.14402702

oh come on, it was cheapened by British trash/the90s long before that

>> No.14402708

ugliest bags wore by boomers

>> No.14402710

Vintage trenches are great, can find them on ebay. Now most of their stuff is made in China and of inferior quality.

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Still uses real fur from farms than skin alive.

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Good items, specially in scarves, fragrances and coats

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Trying to come back from being chav core

>> No.14402862

chav core is great tho

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Another designer brand I can't afford.

>> No.14403200

lost my respect when they didn't hold on to their value of burning old clothes and gave in to the social media SJWs crying about them

>> No.14403226

Based, I'm off to buy as much burberry furs as I can. Think I'll throw a Canada Goose parka on top

>> No.14403250

Pretty good but I prefer guccis monogram items for the same price

>> No.14403262

their frag Burberry London is sehr gut

>> No.14403365

Decent heritage brand with mediocre quality sportswear and knitwear. You’re really only paying for the branding

Their leather goods hold up pretty well, just don’t get anything with vinyl

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Was in Philly chinatown last weekend and every single FOB asian was wearing Burberry

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such edgy wow

>> No.14403453

They shouldnt be riding the streetwear shit hype train in my opinion.
Tisci is a fucking hack, fuck him.

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I like their Prosum stuff.

>> No.14403554

its worn by chinks so its automatically cringe

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