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How to look like a straight male pornstar?

I'd say it's a cross between sleazecore and /fit/

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Johnny Sins

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How to look like a fucking retard that is profiting off an industry that gets cash off weaking societies and supports promiscuity.
The guys who you post sold their souls to the devil and contribute nothing to society. Shame on you.

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You sound like the biggest retard out of everyone you mentioned.

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Just be a gymbro.

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For me, it's Christian XXX.

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He looks like he'd crush a small animal if he caught one.

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For me, it's this guy

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Why does every straight male pornstar shave their head? Is it to hide the receding hairline from juicing or just to make themselves look more like the head of a penis?

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its for the scenes where they have to insert their entire head into the girl, feels way better when the guys bald

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>hide the receding hairline
It's better to go full baldie at this point, since letting those shitty surviving hair grow would only delay the inevitable, and it would look even worse

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Johnny took the shavepill. He said he started balding at his 20's

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I heard its cause it makes it easier for the viewer to imagine himself in the guys position when hes bald

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Not straight.

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>pornstar agent 47

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everyone is gay

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R8 this fit

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I like the boots, I like boots with suits in general, looks less pansy than dress shoes.

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Damn.. imagine Johnny with hair

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>zipper boots


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>weed socks
>zipper boots
>gaudy watch
>loud shirt
>tie clip with something on it
terrible outfit. nice suit though and good looking guy ofc

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good, but clean shaven is more pornstar, a solid color shirt I think too. Maybe a cheaper looking tie, the material looks nice on that one.

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>dress shoes
stop larping as a masculine man you retard

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I'm not, I just perceive dress shoes to be pansy because they are primarily worn by pansies in my anecdotal experience. Kill yourself.

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He’d probably get less pussy

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Ron jeremy = sleaze/jewcore
Johnny sins = all-american chadcore
J-mac = working class chadcore
danny D = retardcore with a british refinement
jordi = thispo + twink-core

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Cringe but redpilled

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Super based. Everyday is closer that we remove the cum brain atmosphere

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dios mio...

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Whats his name?

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Specially you, you retarded faggot.

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Have a dark triad personality

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My guess is they're all former nightclub/stripclub bouncers and that's just the look

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Just lift, be bi(because the majority are), and dress like a boomer

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Ah and be at least 7 inches

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what even is sleazecore? whenever i hear sleazecore i think of micheal hutchence from INXS

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been doing that for a couple years now and it's super comfy. wearing jeans tight enough that you don't need a belt is pretty sleazecore too

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Danny D trully is retardcore

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Have you taken the Waxenegger-pill yet?

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Basically just dressing like a flashy/sleazy low level mafioso or something. Good examples can be found in The Sopranos, GTA: Vice City, Miami Vice, etc.

Think hawaiian shirts, wifebeaters, tracksuits, gold chains, stubble or pornstaches, and hair with too much pomade in it.

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Unironically based.
Every day we become a little less wholesome.

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Looks nice aside from the gay socks. Boots are manly as fuck.

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>Laces AND zipper
Is this the shoe equivalent of wearing both a belt and suspenders?

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This is now a Charles Dera thread.

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>no Rocco

are you guys even trying?

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being bald isnt /fa/ fuck off

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He's a cool guy, but cliched and not in a cool ironic way. Nacho Vidal is a spicier Rocco, much more to my taste.

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I like Jean Val Jean.
/fa/ porn name too.

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