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Hairstyles you hate, and don't understand why some people have them.
For me it's pic related, I've mostly just seen Japanese girls wear this style, and I hate it. The hair pulled back, combined with the bangs just make it look like they have a glaring bald spot on the sides of their heads. It's hideous.

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Agree anon. Pic related is hideous too.

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This absolutely. OP's hairstyle can look good once the bangs and the likes are fully covering the head, think, Ena Kadic (R.I.P.).

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this is cute

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Fuck off, Thotenabler.

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I agree, I don't understand why so many jap girls have it. The front look like typical gopnik hairstyle

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Fuck, I wear my hair like this 90% of the time because it’s crazy long and too much maintenance

Buzzcuts make me wanna puke
Don’t ever fall for the buzzpill anons

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no taste

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What should i do with my hair, never been to a hairsalon

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in all seriousness just get it cut and straightened to collarbone length, will look a hell of a lot better. if you're feeling adventurous ask for layers, brow length bangs. Also, if you're really feeling adventurous you could go a few shades darker or lighter in color.

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let me cum on your hair

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this hairstyle is cute

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Sometimes, I think it works, but much of the time it looks rather like a receded hairline when the sides of the forehead are exposed like that, despite having a fringe going down the front. It works for some foreheads, and not for others, I would say.

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It works when they have the very thick Asian hair but the one in your picture looks like she she thin stringy hair.

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