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i hate getting laid too

>> No.14392425

Anyone know if he has an ig? I liked his fits

>> No.14392429

his haircut is fucked up but otherwise this is good

>> No.14392615

Nice rockstar fit dude.

>> No.14392698

Hahahah...getting laid in a Homo Club.

>> No.14392970

Not bad actually

>> No.14392976

i came to this thread to clown dude but that fit isnt actually bad

>> No.14393130

this fire tho

>> No.14393143

Stand up straight and look like a man. Good good no one will look twice at you if you look like someone forced you into those clothes.

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I'm getting some real vibes from your fit, dude.

>> No.14393287

The fuck happened to your pants

>> No.14393304

I dig

>> No.14393778

*pumped up kicks starts to play*

>> No.14393781

The dudes curved finger

>> No.14394505

lol wtf is up with that guy's skull?

>> No.14394515

You look like the kind of person that claims he loves Jimi Hendrix but doesn't even listen to music.

>> No.14394518

he doesn't really post fits but:

he has more fits on his tumblr:

>> No.14394522

Rockstar Vibes ....

>> No.14394866

>no punk patches
el momento de bruh

>> No.14395009

unironically decent, would be great if he was whote and had a better>>14392287

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