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What are you carrying? Let’s see your cringy EDC multi-tools/knives, paisanos!

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i usually just keep a knife in my car, i don't see a point in carrying a knife/multitool on me because a gun is the ultimate multi-tool

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i keep that *shtick* on me boy, ya her me?

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Swiss army knife and an opinel. Thinking about carrying a fixed blade in my pants instead of the opinel. Thinking about either a ka-bar or a ontario pilot surivival knife, the later has a sheath which has a sharpening stone which may make it harder to wear concealed so Im leaning more to the kabar. Pic semi related.

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Today's gear. Carried the knife because I was going to be cooking at a friend's place but all my friends knives are always dull as fuck, I didn't want to bring my kitchen knife with me in a bag.>>14386156

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If you don't get a custom sheath for CC'ing the knife then you aren't serious about it.

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>Koss porta pro

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Canadian Tire has a pocket Buck for 80% off atm

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starts tomorrow

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cop or not

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$20 usd regular price. cheap shit, don't cop

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I have no idea how Buck can offer a lifetime warranty on a $10 knife.

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the vantage select large is much sweeter then whatever that one is

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its trash, do not cop. At that price point your best buying a sanrenmu 710 straight from china. If you're willing to spend a couple bux more there are other good sanrenmu and ganzo knives you can look into.

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>sanrenmu 710
Why would I buy cheap chink shit?

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anything at that price is cheap chink manufactured. Just cause the brand isn't Chinese doesn't mean jack. Sanrenmu is also chink and known on /k/ and across the boards for being good budget knives.

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Tasteless dude. I bet you drive a BMW or an Audi

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R8 and h8

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Ouch that’s cold. Mazda. But been eying up a nice A4 as my next one.

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end your life my dude.

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I carried an opinel around for a while but I only ever used it at work so now I just keep it there.

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Do yourself a favir, buy a handgrey or bau haud carabiner. That thing looks so out of place next to the rolex.

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>he collects knives
>he doesn't use them

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What’s the bottom left one? Nice collection my friend

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Otf's at least microtech otf's are amazing tools. Sharp, compact, and opens and closes in a snap. The only real downside is when you open one next to some random faggot like you who who shits his pants and starts babbling about "is that legal?"

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what do you do for a living? nice watch

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I wouldn't let that shit near food even if you threatened me with it. Although it would definitely be amusing to see.

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I don't cary any knife cause i'm no schizo and also live in a 1st world country.

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Why would I buy an $80 overdesigned tacticool carabiner that's the silliest shit I've ever seen.

I'm a process engineer/automation engineer.

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>Thinking knives are weapons
How's UK life

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Inb4 muzz n niggs

We all got them you just need to know how to tame them

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I carry/use all of them. Some more than others and mostly for menial tasks (eg cutting boxes). I have cut up a deer with the Essee and hacked through bone with it. That’s about as crazy as I’ve gotten.

Kershaw Launch 4

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Mr city slicker over here doesnt need to carry a knife

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Usually one of these, but I just have a drawer full of random folding knives I tuck in my pocket. I like to have variety and not get bored.

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>all blue
>watch says "green"

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>What are you carrying?
My bare fists and a pack of Marlboro.

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Tell me this isn't the most effay CC.

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Supreme autism, as always.

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Now that’s cringy

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You can't carry weapons in my country for "self defence". Cop my daily carry.

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Are you Australian?

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>I wouldn't let that shit near food even if you threatened me with it.
Congratulations you retarded autist?

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>Why would I buy an $80 overdesigned tacticool carabiner that's the silliest shit I've ever seen.
Says the guy with the most basic bitch rolex.

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I finally found one of those carabiners at an almost reasonable price. I gotta say, it's pretty nice.

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Well, this is me.

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you mean you carry a machete with you?

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I think any normal person would recoil at the idea of manipulating food with some random switchblade someone pulled out of their pockets. Like even if you wash it, you don't know where that shit has been and there's a lot of stuff soap and water won't remove.

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Not him, but you're overreacting here. There's a big chance you put food in your mouth with the same hand you wipe your ass with, water and soap does a perfectly fine job at making the whole thing sanitary. And you don't even put your knife up your ass, unless you're some kind of weirdo. That said, cutting something with a knife pulled straight out of your pocket and eating it (the food I mean) isn't super sanitary, but it's not like it will kill you if you do it rarely.

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So you think shit is the hardest thing to wash off? Do you know why barbers discard razors and doctors discard needles after one use into a hazmat container instead of just washing them off?

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Gerber dime is bad, the plier tension bar failed on me. Bought a leatherman instead.

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The only guy I know IRL who carries a knife outside is a schizo doomer

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>brings switchblade to friend's place to cook
>says the ""reason"" for that is their knives are supposedly not that sharp
>doesn't bring sharpener instead
>cooks with switchblade as it is the best solution
>doesn't waste any opportunity to use his tactical blade
>calls someone retarded autist

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You, sir, are man of Class.

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I need to take a new pic, this one is kind of ancient. I've since replaced the phone (with a Note 8) and switched back to a much more minimal wallet.

What gen is the Hinderer? I've been wanting to try one of the new ones with the bearings.

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Yeah but we also have decontamination machines which are really just glorified dishwashers.

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A folding knife isn't a switch blade. It's a regular fucking knife that I keep clean and obviously I fucking washed it before and after using it you fucking cavemen. I'm not going to bring my fucking tabletop sharpener or fucking stones with me when I don't even feel like carrying a bag for a kitchen knife. And do you know how long it actually takes to get a knife real sharp when you're used to actually sharp knives? Why would I waste time doing that? I've already sharpened my friend's knives before but they insist on fucking them up with a knife steels so I gave up. Anyways, you guys are a bunch of pansies.

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Gen 4.

>> No.14393914

Ah, nice. Are you running it on the bearings, then? How do you like it?

>> No.14394025

It’s on washers. It’s takes more effort to flick than the newer ones but if you use the button method instead of the light switch it will fly open.

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based and maczetapilled

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Oh, I thought Gen 4 WERE the newer ones. I guess the tri-way ones are Gen 5 or something? Hinderer doesn't make it very clear what's what, nor do their dealers as far as I can see.

>> No.14394331

Gen 5 should have bearings and steel lockbar insert.

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I.D. On watch pls?

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You found a whar biner in stock for a reasonable price? Where?!

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I have one like the one on the bottom left, except mine is a real WWII bringback.

Probably only costs them a couple of bucks to fulfill and, more importantly, they know that only a tiny fraction of buyers will ever bother.

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is this part of your EDC?

>> No.14395513

eBay dealer outta China, by the name of "edcworld". It's a knockoff, the finish is a little rough but otherwise an excellent piece of hardware.

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