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>tfw short but also ugly and balding
Is there even a point to trying? I feel like being fashionable will just come off as overcompensating. Has it ever been pulled off, I'm interested in examples.

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Not ugly, but other two checked out.

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Embrace the sleaze >>14340043

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I know a person who is short, stocky, and balding.

He is a kind person who cares about his friends. Despite him being quiet and generally reserved, I've always seen him with a group of people. No one would say a bad word about him.

He wears modest, well-fitted clothing. Earthy, subdued colors to suit his complexion and energy. Maintains a neat appearance without vanity. Dude pulls it off so I know it's possible!

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>Letting this effay boy down
The problem is you want fashion to get laid. True fashion is most impressive when it makes an ugly person elegant.

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Baudelaire wasn’t even ugly, look at those piercing eyes.

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just start dressing in the style you like and eventually you will get used to it and stop feeling out of place and insecure. people care less than you think and once you are confident in yourself, people will respond positively to that.

also you can just use it as an excuse to use a hat if the balding bothers you

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I don't think that he would be considered ugly in the standards of his time

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Fair. It seems like the first picture is evocative because he has handsome features which he wore down with alchohol, opium, and syphelus. Turns out the naturally ugly need not apply :(

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How's it going in dating world? Did fashion help?

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Just do it for fun. People will like your style, you will look better and feel better about yourself. The only people that say overcompensating are insecure people on this board.

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kinda off topic but why is the glasses + bald combo so ugly? Add a shitty beard and it gets even worse. Idk it's just so plain ugly and boring. Why is that?

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baldness is associated with wisdom
glasses are associated with wisdom
together they nullify each other's because they diminish eachother's symbolism

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it's the glasses, if you're bald/buzzed you need to go rimless

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i can see it now. but why?

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Just what they’re associated with. The glasses in >>14343868 are worn a lot by hipsters, and beards have become increasingly related to the same group. The rimless glasses make it seem like they’re not just a fashion choice

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bald + glasses is fine, it's the beard which creates the basedboy trifecta

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These guys are buzzed and not bald, gigantic difference, plus they have fantastic face aesthetics

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he still looks bad desu

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Where to cop the shoes Goose is wearing?

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His black gf cucked him

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yeah it's the comical beard and stupid expression

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I haven't bothered dating. Need to work on my confidence more to even attempt it, and fashion is more of a personal hobby for myself.

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