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>sleaze is so 2018

Fuck you if you feel this way. Sleaze is life.

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>tfw going to bed 8 beers in and not feeling drunk

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*tips hawaiian shirt*

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>sleaze is so 2018
except it's so 2014

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How? I've blacked out on 9 once. (Only once though.)

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Some people are just different bro.
I'm a skinny dude and I have no problem knocking back a 24 pack all night with a fren. Not shotgunning em or nothing. Just kicking back, having a good time.

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I prefer slacker

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0.5 L is kind of justifiable but if you managed to black out on .33 I'm jealous of how low your tolerance is

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where the fuck can i cop a jacket like pic related? that shit is fucking based.

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im also a lightweight, never drank more than 5 shots. not really into beer though. all beer tastes like piss water. liquor and wine only as far as alcohol goes.

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sleaze lighter?

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That’s a vintage Abercrombie patchwork Safari jacket. I think it’s from the 60s. Ultra rare and had matching pants.

Alternatively there is the LL Bean Rainbow Lake.

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Eh, I'd prefer a zippo with a red love heart on it

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peak sleaze

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Is being frustrated part of the look?

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Same;-; but a quarter solo of tequila also played a big part. Went back for the bottle and they had to take it away from me lol

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It is an acid-trip freak out rather than garden-variety frustration
Not where are my car keys rather what the fuck have i done with my life?

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Imagine wanting to dress like a piece of shit

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fact: 100% of "sleazecore" fetishists are former fedora wearers. same impulse.

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more like im seeing fractrals and i dont know dimension i'm in because the last five minutes past by like five years and whats wrong with your face bro??

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Okay fartknocker

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>sleaze is so 2018
>Fuck you if you feel this way
Correct. Sleaze is not 2018 because it was just as shit then as it is now. It has never been good

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Its sunday and I'm drunk as fuck. I took the train home and tried to hit on an italian MILF tourist who was in the restaurant car with her friends. I feel like I might have slipped into the sleazy side.

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slacker is life

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So how the fuck do you wear sleazecore in the winter?

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When will we find the synthesis of sleazecore and hobocore? It's inevitable. Both express a postironic, nihilist attitude in response to the contemporary enforcement of fashion norms upon people. Sleaze/hobocare are the ultimate anti hypebeast statements.

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Sleazelite sounds good for this summer.

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sleaze is so 2015

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this is peak sleaze

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>not a hawaiian shirt
gay and unsleaze

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Members only jackets, those shitty secondhand LL Bean ones you find in thrift stores for like 10 bucks... basically if you look like a ginzo you're already halfway there.

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semi-related question, what's the policy for wearing hawaiian shirts in public? can you wear the same one several days in a row or do people expect you to change them out on a daily basis?

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I switch mine on a daily basis for cleanliness' sake. You do whatever you want, but I'd assume people would be somewhat grossed out if you wear the same shirt multiple days in a row. You can be sleazy and "clean" simultaneously, or at least not offensively smelly. Fortunately Hawaiian shirts are fairly cheap so buying them isn't a problem if you dig through second hand stores.

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Vintage suede jackets work well, specially when they're 1970s stuff with big collars.

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Lol you can’t

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damn, id on the shirt?

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Someone post the pic of the Tony soprano-esq sleaze core, it has a cigar, gold watch, loafers wife beater, etc

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It's a vintage Jason Alexander that I randomly found at a thrift store. Sleeves run quite short, but a real sleazebag rolls them up anyway.

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Not sleaze, just dweeb

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Fake gold watches are sleazy by default, especially when they're cheap knockoffs of actual luxury timepieces.

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>always the most drunk person in the room
>suspended due to sexual harassment
>fucked up more times that I can count, yet manages go keep friends
>frequently visits dive bars alone and make new one time friends with 50yo losers
>beer hut
Could I pull this look off or would I be a poser?

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>Jason Alexander

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Sleaze is my natural state. I have to try my best to hide it.

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judging from your entire post you should just stop being such a fuck up

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Just copped the ultimate Sleaze footwear

You mirin'?

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It pisses me off how perfectly distributed his face is.

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Hey anons.
Any tips on wearing oversized button-ups?

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Sleaze for life

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this is how i dress
i've been told on multiple occasions that i look like a hobo and other times like a drug dealer in the 70s/80s

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sleezecore is for guys that smoke Indian reservation cigs and free ball it when they run errands.

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You write that like it’s an insult.

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yeah my bad senpai I wrote that defensively.Full disclosure..I am a sleezeball

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Id on watch Anon?


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Invicta 8930OB, a popular Submariner knockoff from a shitty brand known for making over-the-top gaudy watches.

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Thanks man

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what movie is this? red dragon?

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anyone got slacker core inspo

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Come on man youve never seen Fight Club

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Two years old and y'all are still posting Raoul Duke thinking that fit is sleaze. This is why we still have daily sleaze threads; you still have no idea what it is.

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sleaze or no sleaze?

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Are these frames sleaze?

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A real sleaze travels constantly and stays only in the sun

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Sleaze is more 60's - 70's inspired. Really fucking great movie tho

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sleaze is alright, but i'm more of a /bumcore/ kinda guy

damn, i wish my tolerance was that low

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Could be, plastic aviators are better. Which tint should I put in these? Preferably something colorful, I was thinking cyan or a black gradient to clear green with a gold flash.

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Carrera frames are good too.

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You americans are pathetic

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You're sounding like an American who's bragging about how many more hamburgers he can stuff in his mouth than you.

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wrong im from eastern yurop but live in US

american drinking culture is dumb, only Americans drink beer to get as drunk as possible so they can go "BRO i shotgunned 6 beers and didnt feel a thing"

like drinking light, low abv drink is more "badass" than just taking shots of hard liquor

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Omg rebel without a cause is my favourite sam hyde movie!!

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Matthew McConaughey courtside with jack nicholson

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