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Are these effay?
I have a rectangular/heart face. Will I look like a bigger dork than I already am, if I wear these?

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what shape face are these meant for? I want good sunglasses but i got a very triangular face so not much looks good on it

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I've no idea. They're a variation of circular lenses. What type of triangle?

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I got them in gold and turtleshell... the temples are a bit short so I've straightened them into skull temples. Looks good

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Are they very large on the face, like aviators?

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Lens are 51 and bridge is 21, so smaller than some aviators, but still larger than most prescription glasses.

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How do i pull these off? I need new prescription glasses.
I guess im closer to oval than anything

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They also come in size 54
source: I own them

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What face shape fits this

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