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recent cops thread:^)

really excited for these pants, theyve been a grail since I first saw them .. post em pals :^}

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I finally found one on sale for under $300 and instantly copped

Those pants are definitely a meme but still a nice cop

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This exact Patagonia synchilla lol

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Just copped these! I’m hyped bros!

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got these reeboks, kinda hesitant to wear because of the green stripe, seems loud to me, cool pants if you can pull them off

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Interesting but I'm really curious to see a fit with these
Looks like something out of Bershka but not a bad shirt, I wouldn't pay 300$ though
Really nice
Literally a copy of adidas continentals but they look nice

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Travis Scott fanboy?

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Made a few acquisitions. Vitamix blender. This thing is a beast. And a basic Zojirushi rice cooker. Fucking love this little thing! Being used to cooking rice, buckwheat manually, this thing is such a pleasant experience! One button, no gimmicks, no AI, just set it and forget it!

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Made a few acquisitions. Vitamix blender. This thing is a beast. And a single-serve basic rice cooker. Fucking love this little thing! Being used to cooking rice, buckwheat manually, this thing is such a pleasant experience! One button, no gimmicks, no AI chips, just set it and forget it!

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>black tyrone jeans
does it have extra penis space

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id this? thats so sexy

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>tyrone pants

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Id on white and leopard print shirts?
Also pretty nice graphics except for the Japanese writing one

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wtc i like the hyena

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based igor

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Pretty good day of thrifting. The blotted out part of the half zip is my uni's logo.

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those are the gayest fucking pants I've ever seen in my life, please burn them.

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imagine the smelle

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The stuff from thrifts i go to usually don't smell too bad, just like shitty cheap laundry detergent. Obvi wash stuff once I get it.

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nice man, hope 2015 treats you well!
unironically solid purchase
has potential
not cool
not cool
solid normcore haul
are you arabic

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also bought this

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They are all the same brand which is visible on the necktag in the pictures

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Can't tell if thats vetements or a vetements rip off

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Got these for only 280 pretty hyped

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the poor people small, im good thx

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is this you laught you lose thread?

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Hell yeah anon, get one of those multi function pressure cookers. Literally put meat and random spices and you will have a read to eat restaurant quality dinner along the rice--which you can also make on this.

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pretty sure its actual vetements

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okay, everyone else do better, especially >>14338582

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amaze. good job

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I’m not fond of the stitching, but i haven’t seen it in an outfit

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anon did someone pee on your nikes?

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Fucckkkkkk you lucky bastard- I wanted these.

take care of them you faggot

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lucky bastard

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did someone piss on your trainers m8

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supreme / scar face

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thrifted this for 16 usd. really well kept

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first cop in a while
also got a plain black baseball cap and a small silver hoop earring

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-basicest, 1-button rice cooker
-basmati rice
-chicken broth (instead of water)
-ground cumin
-curry powder
-star anise

Throw in the ingredients, broth to the mark on the pot. Press button. Go away. Return in 20 minutes. Be amazed at your chef skills.

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you missed /ck/ a few boards back

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smells AAAAAmazing

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20 minutes, you just pour in the ingredients and fuck off

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like the other guy said, they look like the adidas, very unoriginal

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if you remove the dennis hopper photo, they look like walmart jeans

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nice doormat

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god someone needs to save denma

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Vetememes put Salomon on the map. It used to be a lame brand

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You mean BBS? Vetements does shit with Reebok...

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copped these for 300

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those things are vintage and probably came out before continental 80s, and adidas owns reebok anyway

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These are nice. I wanted them, but they wouldnt fit into my wardrobe.

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you coulda spent $10 on some stencils, paint and thrift store jeans and made something cooler

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My latest acquisition after the Vitamix E310. BUNN MCU single-serve coffee machine. I really love how it looks.

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My latest acquisition after the Vitamix E310. BUNN MCU single-serve coffee machine. Been looking for a single-serve coffeemaker. I just love how it looks. $217 cad shipped.

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can anyone id the pants here or type of pants?

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