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Where can I buy patches this size of other countries flags to replace these?

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kill yourself dork

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What's wrong with the German flag?

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I'm not german

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you first

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if your not okay with the german flags might as well buy a jacket with a different camo??? flecktarn is as german as german gets.

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This was the first picture I could find, I'm just looking for flag patches roughly this size.

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at your local flag store

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Ask in the /k/ /patch/ thread, there are guys there that can make them for you or point you to retailers.

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this is funny to me because I threw away all the german flag patches that came with my fleck stuff

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haha. funny

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honestly just cop this
looks great on flecktarn


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All those incel places sell those, check out airsoft or military surplus stores

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This. Most of the vendors that sell to /k/ also do /o/, /pol/, /tg/, and /out/ patches as well.

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this is the most autistic fucking shite i've read all day.
buy another country's camo if you want a different flag and quit being an insufferable little faggot.

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just google "morale patch" you can find anything from flags to memes

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