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first for kouros just smells like soap

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Aventus is based. I might wear it tomorrow or try out my sample of viw for a second time.

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What are the best middle eastern scents? I don't mean the western fragrance clones they make but their own stuff. What houses and specific fragrances are good for a typical oud/rose/other typical notes like saffron

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Guys, I just bit the bullet on a cool fragrance I heard about, it’s called “Sauvage”. I saw a video on it where it featured the man himself, Johnny Depp. His cool and alternative rock star vibes really worked with the video and the desert scenes. “Sauvage Eau De Parfum” matches my rock star vibes, try it out. I posted this in the old thread by mistake, forgiveness.

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Guys, I just bit the bullet on a cool fragrance I heard about, it’s called “Sauvage”. I saw a video on it where it featured the man himself, Johnny Depp. His cool and alternative rock star vibes really worked with the video and the desert scenes. “Sauvage Eau De Parfum” matches my rock star vibes, try it out. I posted this in the old thread by mistake.

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Le Kebabo

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what fragrances fit best with SEXcore fits?

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it's finally been added to Fragrantica


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Step aside, SummerPlebs®.

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So i got got my dior off amazon and its real and performs and smells gud so ye

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I finally got to sample Versace Eros Flame. Very nice! Like a toned down Individuel with a nice juicy cover. Not bad.
Is it still inexplicably considered a cuck frag here, though?

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Cheap axe

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My mom bought me the normal eros and i had sex a few time while wearing it so ye

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What's going to be your 'go-to' frag this summer

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obviously Kouros

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ELDO Fils de Dieu... and Penhaligon's Peoneve

summer for me means >90F/32C temps with high humidity, so i need really light and bright scents

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ciao darlings, /ourguy/ with a new video


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Recently copped YSL Y edp; it's solid. Pretty good performance

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Sauvage, Aventus

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Now that the dust has settled... are Germans an equal European nation?

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Anyone got this? Looking for a less popular signature

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Based af to call out his favorite niche house on a shit fragrance

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if you want unique, pay more, not less

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SO somebody who is under 25 can pull off this in summer ?

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tom ford noir extreme and farenheit arrived today
what to expect

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noir extreme very good but silage is a joke

belcam and classic match
which ones should i look for
i already got CW, blue depths, and aspen

i don’t know why but i just have this fascination for cheap fragrances maybe just bcus summer is rolling around and i don’t feel bad for liberal applications

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the shade of the branch was cool and the oak bole wide with sediment was still warm to the touch under the sun. beyond the shrub the pitch of the hill fell out a mid-day swale rolling with humidity. i walked along the deep green and thought of another view of the world, a trip of simplicity where a man can eat and sleep without a tremor, can find his next step where he wills it and not at the helm of some omen that augers in the dark drop of day. i was angry and didn't know where i was going, but knew i was going in the the right direction. "he needs me," i whispered to myself. "why me," i continued. looking down as i walked i reached a spread of dusty ratchel, shattered in irregularity. i kept walking. "why do you carry your rage," kouros asked, it's voice reverberating over the stone path. "i'm tired, kouros," i said. "why do you continue to walk," it asked. "i can feel you pushing me," i said. "i wish to light the flame, but not the fire. all great men journey." i came upon a dolmen and laid under the stone to rest. "i hate traveling," i said. "it sickens me. i've already seen what i've not seen. these hills all look the same, this trail i've walked before. i've smelled the air and seen the sun set here and there. you're not showing me anything new. you're tiring me. i used to waver between inattentions and i was happy and now you push me to find meaning that isn't there. you're losing by choosing me because i'm nothing special. don't you get it? haven't you seen the emptiness? you fill me with intent but all there is is an endless drowsiness that never completes, never lets me sleep." my eyes welled up and my tears scorched trails to my ears. "sleep, my son," said kouros. and i slept.

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since only french, english and germans are real europeans.yes. rest is almost african tier.

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That lavender opening is sharp, but boy does it smell good afterwards

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frickin sweet.

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It's a spicy aldehydic fragrance, so for summer, it's going to be nauseating.
If you live in Australia tho, it's going to be gentle and kind. A true gentleman fragrance.

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To the anon that was asking about pic related.

Finally arrived. It reminds me of a more refined version of the original Burberry for Men. Maybe its the bergamot, sandalwood, amber combination which triggers the comparison. I do get a creamy lemon, but I don't get much of the lemon meringue pie gourmand vibe. I looked into the batch I received and it's and EDT from 2014 which is the year they changed from EDT to EDP. I really think the gourmand vibe was in the earlier EDT batch's (2012 and earlier). I get a creamy lemon with pepper, sandalwood, bergamot and amber but it doesn't smell edible. I'd be really curious to try the EDP and see the differences.

Overall I really like it, and the sillage smells great around you but then again I really liked the original Burberry so if you don't like that you probably won't like this.

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I get free shipping over £50 with a perfume click order in the UK.
Do I upgrade my bottle of Prada L'homme to a 100ml, or should I grab a little bottle of something like Paco Rabanne PH as a blind buy?

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I'm the anon from the last thread, how is longevity/performance compared to extreme allure? i tried allure extreme, i like it, but the performance was not that good to be honest, only 4-5 hours.

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Is the Allure homme line worth getting as a set for a collection? I love AHS/EE for their own uses in summer/winter. Wondering where Edition Blanche and the Og allure homme would fit in my rotation though

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Do you like old school barbershop fragrances like Rive Gauche or Azzaro Pour Homme? Paco rabanne pour homme is in the same style. I would suggest buying a few samples of niche fragrances for the price of a new Prada bottle. Maybe sample Infusion D'Iris if you want more borderline unisex fragrances. Or some of Atelier Cologne fragrances with Iris in the name. Or some niche barbershop styles like Acqua di Parma Colonia, Colonia Essenza, etc. Or the juniper ones from the blue line.
Sure some designers are nice but once you start getting into niche fragrances there is no stopping this ride.

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I would say its about average as well, which is fine for me because this will be my summer work fragrance. I don't need anything beastmode in the office. First spray on my hand lasted around 6 hours. I took a shower and I could smell it on my hand which surprised me. Going to wear it out and will better judge its longevity.

I could see edition blanche being worn in any season, just like the rest of the allure line. I think it's great for work and as signature daytime frag. It's like yls l'homme vs la nuit de l'homme, where edition blanche is l'homme and ahsee is la nuit de l'homme. One for daytime one for nighttime.

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Has anyone tried Torn by Henry Rose? What about the others by them?

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I got a tester of by the fireplace and jazz club and after setting for a couple of minutes i like the smell of both but especially jazz club has so bad performance, like 7 sprays and you can hardly smell it an hour later
Bad batch or is it like that with Margiela? Im hesitant to buy either now but despite liking jazz club better i lean towards fireplace just because Its actually there after applying

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I'm sure you won't be able to answer this.

I want to use a woman's fragrance. I don't like leather and such but flowers and citrics. I want an elegant touch. Yes I am a fag.


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Ive pretty much never worn any kind of fragrance in adult life. I'm reading the posted links now.

What do you usually aim for when selecting a fragrance?

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>what occasion do you want to wear it
>notes you like/want but you probably dont know what you like right now

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Byredo Bal D'Afrique if you ain't a poor poof.

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Byredo Bal D'Afrique. It's unisex but leans feminine. I'm straight and was seriously thinking about getting it because it smells that good, but it was just a bit too feminine.


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how much money do you want to spend ? 50$ ? 100$ ? 200$?
>where and what occasion to wear fragrance
in the office, on the street, going in a club, going out, an event, etc
>notes you like
what do you like ? dark chocolate , vanilla, wood, floral, etc.
So just go to a shop and try fragrance. if you like one, ask for a sample, if they don't give you, buy online, is not a good idea to drop 150$ for a fragrance and after 2 weeks, you don't like it anymore.

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If we all just went to the nearest mall and grabbed the generic shit on the shelf as our only fragrance there would be no /frag/ threads

I just want to say as the Replica poster that this wasn't me. One of my fav things about this dude is he rips on anything he wants, just saw someone else rip on House of Oud on youtube (FragranceView) then watched a shill praise it. Youtube is truly dead.



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>going in a club
who the fuck goes to a club, especially here bars are way better, chill, and not full of wasted normies jumping up and down acting like drugged-up desperately horny children

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Read the last bit of the last sentence you wrote.

That’s why people go to clubs.

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Give it to me raw. I came here back in like 2012-2013 and asked for a cologne. I got recommended Polo Black. It's the only cologne I've ever boughten and used and it got me compliments which was the whole point. I've never had another cologne and I only give a fuck about bitches. Looking for another recommendation that will help me slay pussy. My friend wears Versace En Fraiche(dunno how spelled). I recently bought tom ford grey vetiver because i was at the mall but i feel it makes me smell like an old man?

>I'm lost with out your advice

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Dior Sauvage edp

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yes, I really loved it, waiting for the weather to warm up to see how it's performing in heat.
If I were gay I would basically just wear Chanel fragrances, from Allure to Paris line, and also splurge on Les Exclusifs. I'm also very keen on every female fragrance Narciso Rodriguez put out.

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>it makes me smell like an old man
that's what vetiver usually does. If you just want compliments get sauvage or try any of these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAvv3BajbjQ.

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Unironically this. Went to the Dior boutique and the ladies were in awe. Even skanky Privée frags like Oud Ispahan didn't stand a chance.
> confirmed chad miasma tier

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I see it, i also didnt like fireplace at first but now just the performance is off and the smell is nice but a dude in the commends said something about Noir Exquis so i might try that

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probably versace eros

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Rasasi Hawas

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Based Kourosposter with the feels.

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thank you man writing it down
not yet but thanks m8
fuck yes thank you!
thank yoU! normie tier ftw
wrote it down will check out boo

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Based politeposter

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if someone gives me the time to reply to my question when they could be doing anything else or ignore it i should take the time to say thank you my nigga

>me after spraying my new cologne recommendations

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Has anyone tried Rock Rose? I love how it smells but I’m wondering if it is worth the price. Does it last long?

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Pic related

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why are normies so stupid baka

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INGREDIENTS: Alcohol, Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Limonene, Benzyl Salicylate, Linalool, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Coumarin, BHT, Citral, Benzyl Benzoate, Geraniol, Eugenol, Farnesol, Benzyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Citronellol, CI 14700 (Red 4), CI 19140 (Yellow 5), CI 42090 (Blue 1)

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Don’t have to be a normie to enjoy drunkenly jumping around. Alcohol makes internet people closer to normies for a night.

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...so he gonna make it?

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I’m a regular Kouros wearer. Is it in any way conceivable to add Amouage Interlude to my collection as an 26 year old? Want to wear it semi regularly for evening, and bars. I live in Central Europe and dress rather traditionally.

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Unironically yes. Apparently the preorders for the official Office for Men are going really well.
Frag community is literally retarded complaining all the damn time. He is just a starving young man trying to become someone. He tried becoming an idol with autism pop dance music but he missed the mark by 10 years. Now he is on top of what the modern fragrance industry is leading into and he is going to seize the opportunity with all he has.

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Unironically good desu

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>> No.14339568

Rock Rose is incredible. Longevity is middling, I’d say, I get usually 6 hours or so out of it. Not the best, but enough for a date night or an evening out. Check fragrancebuy and fragrancenet, they get bottles on occasion. I got mine from fragrancenet for like half retail.

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ELDO fat electrician is just daymn special. Like wearing olive oil creme with some nut roundness

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Sauvage edt, sauvage edp or invictus aqua? Pls help friends.

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even more cringe

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>> No.14339712

Invictus Legend, smells like the OG Invictus Aqua on roids.

>> No.14339713

Epic man might be better suited

>> No.14339727

good stuff

>> No.14339728

I know they’re kind of a meme but what do you guys think of the Ralph Lauren or Polo colognes? Are they any good? Any specific recommendations?

>> No.14339736

which sauvage man? plz reply

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Got a sample of this, it's goat. Not nauseating sweet vanilla but more powdery/dry/slightly smokey. I get a raspberry note that reminded me of Tuscan Leather a bit, very nice the oud pair really well with it. Worth a try.
Wasn't this really cheap a few years back? I can only find them for like 80-100$ right now.
EDT is more citrusy EDP is has vanilla, depends what you prefer they are pretty close so it doesn't really matter much. I dont have a lot of experience with them because I dont like the scent. The EDT is probably more versatile.

>> No.14339777

wow thank you <3

>> No.14339817

Which Creed do you guys prefer ? VIW or Aventus ?
Without counting the price

>> No.14339820

Millésime Impérial


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Damn, I honestly kind of love this but I dont think I'm confident enough to wear it. It smells like a grandma most of the time but the late drydown is so clean and pretty.

>tfw no qt gf to enjoy beautiful feminine perfume on

>> No.14340425

Tried some of those highly regarded/respected frags today.

Killian- Black Phantom: Yummy gourmand, thot slayer no doubt. However, way way overpriced. Should be 130, not 250-300. There are just as good for less, but it is admittedly good. Id pass unless it was given to me....
Portrait of a lady: Much more masculine than I thought. Too complex and niche. An enthusiast will enjoy but youll never get compliments with something that artistic and strange....
Musc Ravageur: Breddy Gud. I liked it but I wouldnt buy it for FM prices. (Can you tell im picky?)....
TF Noir de Noir: Will be buying. Based. Surprised it isnt talked about more. Dry down for 5 minutes was fantastic....
TF Black orchid: Kind of bleh, its alright. Dont see the hype, I was expecting more sweet and seductive....
TF Soleil Blanc: Apparently TF new best seller. Good for summer only but its good. Best warm weather TF besides neroli portofino. But I dont buy expensive warm weather scents because shit longevity. ...
Plum Japonais: Really good. Leans Feminine but great oriental. Considering buying.

>> No.14340482

I love Egoiste but it's so expensive. Are there any perfumes out there that's similar to Egoiste but a bit less expensive?

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Anybody know where I can buy legit decants of Kilian? Tried a sample of this and it smells like GOD. Even better than the original Straight to Heaven. But am too poor to drop $400+ maplebucks for 50 ml

>> No.14340498

Ah this is on my test list (but now I'm a bit weary because I prefer more youthful florals). I feel for you anon, I enjoy sharing with and smelling things on my gf. Just rock it though, what's the worst that could happen? Maybe at the very least just underspray it so it's only for you.

Or maybe search out some more unisex jasmines, take a look at this: http://www.basenotes.net/threads/448259-Masculine-Jasmine-Fragrances

>> No.14340502

Silver Mountain Water, Himalaya, and Original Santal are my favorites from Creed

>> No.14340542

>Just rock it though, what's the worst that could happen?

I feel ya, I'm not opposed to wearing something traditionally feminine, my collection is still small though, so I feel like my purchases need to be more versatile - same reason I'm holding of on a bottle of CDG Hinoki, which I adore. I recently tried Kilian Imperial Tea and Hermes Cedre Sambac which seem more unisex and masculine, respectively, but I'm not sold yet. I also really like Reflection Man but the jasmine isn't so noticeable.

Definitely still try it, the dry down I mention actually smells quite youthful to me; soapy jasmine. Dont let my impression of it influence your own - its all relative.

>> No.14340564

Kilians prices suck. The perfumed court should have decants of it though.

>> No.14340647

Any thoughts on Armani Code or Mistral Teak Wood?

>> No.14340665

The thing l like about creeds is the base. People call them glorified designers and I agree for the opening but their musky base is on another level. I like smw aventus and RO the most.
Ndn isn't really super versatile and some may think it's a grandma scent.
You can get the 50ml refills for 100$ no?

>> No.14340682

my top 5 Creeds:
1. Green Irish Tweed
2. Virgin Island Water
4. Silver Mountain Water
5. Himalaya

>> No.14340716

imo no rotation is complete without a fresh, realistic soliflore

>> No.14340723

nigga u gay

>> No.14340734

Im strugling because the autistic part of me is like
>10/10 signature scents only
>minimalism, a scent or 2 for each season
>must fit into woody genre to fit my a e s t h e t i c
and the other part of me is like
>fuck, this smells like a grandma but I love it
>fuck, I want this but its redundant
>fuck, this is gorgeous doesn't fit my woody a e s t h e t i c

I need to get over it and wear what I like but for some reason I like the idea of a small collection of scents that have the same vibe more than I like the idea of a large diverse collection.
Can anyone relate?

>> No.14340737

Whats yours, desu?

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How can lalique be so based desu?? Pic related is at the very least an 8/10. What should my next lalique purchase be?

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>> No.14340869

i always felt that this smelled a bit like vomit... but i always seem to be the only one who thought this way

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i'm not that anon, but i see a lot of faggots on Fragrantica don't like Invictus Legend, why ? the performance/longevity is shit ? or Fragrantica are just a bunch of hipsters?

>> No.14340961

its literally 60 pounds for 50ml on notino, could be even cheaper.
Fragrantica is full on autist faggots, even more than this board. When the dislike bar is just as high as the like bar the fragrance is generally good, its just the autism squad doing their bidding and actual people that have tried it and wore them evening the score.

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Anyone tried this? Used it in airport and was impressed by longelivety. My go to ATM is Armani Eau de Nuit which is similar but fades fairly quickly

>> No.14341148

I love hommage a lhomme voyageur

>> No.14341305


1. Royal oud
2. Bois du portugal
3. GIT
4. Aventus
5. Viking

>> No.14341307

Frags that'll get me at least a handjob?

>> No.14341317

Fragrance One: Handjob for Men

>> No.14341371

Try chloroform

>> No.14341392

iirc when fragrances first became a common thing among the masses in the West in the 19th century, men originally wore stuff like soliflores and women wore the fougeres and "barbershop" scents, etc.

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>> No.14341432

Dudes also used to wear high heels back in the day. Still gay af for a dude to be wearing heels today.

>> No.14341450

Meeting my long distance gf somewhen this year, should I wear something that'll remind her of her dad like Paco PH?
Or am I better off with something like Burberry the Beat?

>> No.14341471

Maybe try out the Amouage women's line. I've heard good things. Malle is expensive, but worth trying. Maybe something from Serge Lutens? (A la Nuit/Fleurs d'Oranger)?

I'll post my little mini collection when I have a chance. I'm a minimalist so I mostly do decants/samples but find myself wanting to explore diverse stuff and I got bored of my only full bottle.

My gf just mentioned she loves peony. Saw you post this last thread too, off to search peony scents.

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The Supreme of the Fragrance World

>> No.14341559

CreedxSupreme when?

>> No.14341569

>Creed is already popular with hypebeasts, joining brands like Rolex and Goyard that combine exclusivity and history. The brand is borrowing a page from the streetwear community with its latest launch, with a surprise “drop” of 50 bottles on Thursday at an event co-hosted by Highsnobiety in Brooklyn.

>With the addition of the cologne, the trilogy is expected to comprise half of all North American sales by next year, from 40 percent currently.

>Taino said there are limits to his love for Creed, however. “I’m probably done with Aventus. New batches just aren’t good enough without ageing.”

>a super-collector who goes by "Taha" “lives and breathes Aventus,” allegedly owning nearly 70 percent of batches made since 2012.
>in a private Facebook forum and marketplace, The Aventus Lounge, evangelists track batch codes and every small difference in scent or longevity. And there are rules: the group’s 4,480 members are prohibited from bashing prices or talking about clones (unless it’s to bash them).

>Courtney Elms, a rock climbing instructor in Texas, hopes to be among the first to get his hands on the new Cologne. He owns 10 bottles of Aventus from numerous batches and said he could discern even the most subtle nuances between the juices in 14MO1 and 16CG2 (the former has more pineapple). He recently did a “respray” of his entire collection to identify is favourite. “It covers my soul in a plume of mother nature’s finest aromas. The collection of black currant mixing with the Italian Bergamot instantly brings me close to Igor Stravinsky and his vision of ‘Adoration of the Earth,’” Elms said of the winner, batch 14MO1. “Ambergris is gripping, wrapping itself around me like a canvas being stretched out. [It’s a] scene only reminiscent of a Monet painting as the scent dips into the sunset and lets me know I have arrived.”

>> No.14341617

What fragrance suits best someone with a technician course in railroads?

>> No.14341758

Cedrat Boise

>> No.14341773

>Aventus accounts for nearly half of all Creed sales in America
holy shit

>> No.14341803

Fragrance One: Railroad Technician for Men

>> No.14341807

>I wear something that'll remind her of her dad
Elektra complex that much? I'd honestly sugest something else, did she have any spotted preferences? What you feel confident and enjoy wearing?

>> No.14341832
File: 12 KB, 554x554, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did someone have opnions on Naxos?

1- Royal Mayfair

>> No.14341844

I wish i had a place to go smell the entire malle line, I have tried 4 and while they didnt wow me I did enjoy them. There are several I am interested in. Reflection man is the only amouage I have tried. I'll explore the notes of some of the womens line. So much to try so little time/money.

>> No.14341853

Is this satire or what?
Doesn't really seem suprising to me.

>> No.14341855

Based anon, kek'd

>> No.14342036
File: 31 KB, 375x500, 421142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is it compared to EdT version? I tried EdT but I did not like it was too much black pepper.

>> No.14342038

idk, guess i just thought the popularity of GIT, VIW, and MI could make a bigger dent

>> No.14342166

Buy black phantom or go see 9/10 escort?

>> No.14342177


Honestly very similar but a little more oriental, smoother and a little sweeter. I own it and prefer it. Projection isn’t as loud admittedly but I can’t see how people prefer the EDT scent.

>> No.14342231

That hoe must have a golden snatch to be worth a Rolls-Royce

>> No.14342244


>> No.14342527

these went from pretty amusing to sad

>> No.14342724

brb dumping my bottle of Aventus into the toilet

>> No.14342915

Thanks for your input. I had a sample of Rock Rose and one thing I noticed is that it doesn't last as long as what I expect a $550 fragrance to last.

desu I've never ordered perfume from websites because I'm too sketched out; I've heard a few bad stories. Are those websites pretty reliable?

>> No.14342997

Rasasi Hawas is A-tier. IDK about S-tier, but man does that stuff smell good. It's so incredibly fresh through and through, but is there delightful sweetness all the way, a sweetness that isn't cloying and man you just can't get enough of it.

>> No.14343000

What are some good tobacco based colognes?

>> No.14343057
File: 48 KB, 540x675, 28AAC3E7-9C8A-493A-BA66-1C6D255C7129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much stolen testers go for?

Anyone got some Tom Ford Amber Absolute?

>> No.14343172

Diptyque Volutes

>> No.14343261
File: 64 KB, 595x483, whichone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

need help, /fa/...

>> No.14343344

Parfums de Marly Herod, Phaedon Tabac Rouge, Serge Lutens Chergui, Tobacco Vanille. Tobacco is one of my favourite notes.

>> No.14343347

Parfums de Marly Herod
Its cheap as f even retail, discounters have it for even cheaper
Apples and oranges, buy samples of both

>> No.14343443

Do I give Acqua di Parma a chance with sampling? Or is it all mature scents and over the top leather/oud frags?

>> No.14343454

Took a liking to Polo Red recently. Works great for this time of year; but now I need to decide what I'd like for summer.
Last year was Versace Eau Fraiche, but...I saw a it being sold in the area's shittiest Walmart so I don't wanna use it anymore.
>winter was Bleu De Chanel EDP

>> No.14343547


Idk about you by my skin literally eats up every cologne, yet Rasasi Hawas is absolutely beast mode for projection and longevity on me. And It just smells so good. It's the most complimented frag I have. I get compliments on first dates all the time and even some ladies at the office say it's the perfect frag for a man and I've worn all kinds of frags to work without any compliments. ASHEE, Dior Savauge, YSL L'homme, Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey, Prada L'homme, CH Men (original), ADG, Polo Blue ect.

>> No.14343550

Their blue line is very accesible, try Ginepro di Sardinia, Mandarine and Fico di Amalfi to see if you like what they got.
Versace is piss poor, and the memes are pretty much on point. Chanel hasn't released anything interesting in a lot of time. Time to move on to the bigger boys like Guerlain (try l'homme ideal cologne) or entry level niche (see post above for Acqua di Parma) or Mancera (chad miasma Cedrat Boise, easy soapy lemon that is very office friendly Lemon Line)

>> No.14343570

I can get a good deal on Montblanc Explorer.
Is it the best Aventus like frag out there for the price?
Really skeptical to try CDNIM and stuff like Pinapple Vintage is a bit pricey for a frag I'd only really wear on dates

>> No.14343580

AdP's lineup is like 80% light citrus scents

>> No.14343677

It's pretty weak for a Aventus like fragrance. Best clone for the price with nuclear projection and longevity is Al haramain's L'aventure. It's like 30 bucks on notino. I would personally stay away from anything Aventus, check out the post above about Aventus in the USA -looks like the meme really outplayed itself. If I would have had the chance I would sample less know Creeds like Erolfa and go from there.

>> No.14343684

Haven't tried explorer yet but I'd get a decant off basenotes or something or just get another fragrance and stay away from clones. They dont have whatever creed does to make aventus good and just try to copy the top notes.
Cedrat boise isn't a clone but is aventus-like and also very nice.

>> No.14343686

Do we, collectively, put too much emphasis on longevity and projection? Sometimes I wonder if the line has been crossed between
>I like to smell nice
>I am Persian

>> No.14343688

>Cedrat boise isn't a clone but is aventus-like and also very nice.
Cedrat Boise is great. Imagine Aventus with actual QC. Tone down the smokiness, replace the pineapple with blackcurrant, and make the drydown a little softer and creamier.
It's still got fantastic longevity, though. One spritz on my neck can be detected as a skin scent 18hours after applying.

>> No.14343707


I wanted to like cedrat boise much but all I get is old cedar on my skin.

>> No.14343757

Seems like that is what the trend was around 2013 when these kind of fragrances got popular. It seems like quality and longevity are not something that is easy to achieve. Performance is caused by the quality of ingredients and blend.

>> No.14343771

If I want a cheap dumb reach summer night/fall/winter frag should I blind buy The One EDP?
It's cheap enough at a 50ml to get for a now and again frag I can just wear on afternoons out and such

>> No.14343797

Fragrancebuy and fragrancenet are both very reputable. I’ve used both dozens of times and never had a problem. They’re considered the go-to sites here for buying full bottles.

>> No.14343932

Sandalo or Leather is better than both of those

>> No.14344007

I tried it the other day and hated it. The ambery smell gives me a headache, but that's just me in particular

>> No.14344023


>> No.14344056

LDDM might be the GOAT. masculine and ambery but somehow fresh at the same time

>> No.14344128

Blind buy a vintage fahrenheit?

>> No.14344132

if you have the funds and the price isn't too crazy, yes. also if it's a confirmed vintage (checkfresh is pretty much the only resource but that's not always accurate, codes can repeat). worst case if you don't like it for yourself you can just resell it for higher than you bought it down the line

>> No.14344194

i'm familiar with or can figure out most frag acronyms that pop up itt, but what's this?

>> No.14344205


i got the candle of it from tauer. perfect apartment smell

>> No.14344395

I'll try it on skin somewhen then, I love amber and tobacco so it seems to be a frag I should like.
not keen on the idea of it fading after 4 hours like people say it does. That's the reason I haven't bought a bottle of La nuit either

>> No.14344460 [DELETED] 

This is my current collection, /frag/. I'd like to explore some niche brands but most of them are not really available where I live. What type of fragrance should I consider buying?

>> No.14344462
File: 1.62 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my current collection, /frag/. I'd like to explore some niche brands but most of them are not really available where I live. What type of fragrance should I consider buying?

>> No.14344479
File: 40 KB, 400x517, o.2363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on 4711?

>> No.14344498

I like to wear it to go to the grocery store and this kind of stuff. Smells very fresh but doesn't perform at all.

>> No.14344502

Any suggestions for a similar scent with more longevity, that's not gonna break the bank?

>> No.14344506

The Body Shop White Musk is incredible but is probably the worst preforming frag I've ever used. Shame.

>> No.14344511

Ferari bright neroli

>> No.14344598

CDNIM is unironically the most complimented frag I've ever worn, including aventus, just don't go out in public until it has dried down for 30+min because the opening is obscene

>> No.14344610

Anyone tried Ferrari Silver Essence?

>> No.14345029
File: 83 KB, 774x718, Tiziana Terenzi Ursa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, unfortunately they don't have STH Extreme, only the original
>You can get the 50ml refills for 100$ no?
Yeah, but again, I can't find any place that sells Extreme

Prob gonna try Ursa to see if it's similar like what they say on Fragrantica and buy that instead

>> No.14345095

seems like Tauer use to have a much higher profile. L'Air du Desert Marocain and Lonestar Memories were major scents when they came out.

>> No.14345300

LDDM came out in 2005 bro there was no internet fragrance community

>> No.14345356

Yesss yall going to nordstrom with a pocket full of cash tomorrow. Probably just gonna reup on tam dao honestly, but gonna sample the fuck out of everything I can.

>> No.14345735

Dior Homme Cologne

Ginepro Di Sardegna

Versace Pour Homme (as always)

>> No.14345742

>no internet fragrance community
so? who said anything about that? L'Air still had a very positive reception upon release

>> No.14345744

Despite the fact it was obviously going to happen it’s a shame to see people shitting on Jeremy’s fragrance just because it’s him.

>> No.14345775

Should I blind buy Leather essence if it's super cheap for a big bottle? Or is it a cheap frag for a reason?

>> No.14345825

wtf kouros is actually amazing

used to hate it, tried it again yesterday because of the memes and I actually love it now.
probably getting a 10ml decant soon (full bottle is too much and i'd probably chase down a vintage one in the future)

>> No.14345856
File: 689 KB, 1734x2046, 381015C0-BCE4-45A3-976F-0090E3D52FA7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My fucking dad uses kouros so it’s ruined for me

Also gf just got me this little sampler, already had fireplace for a while but jazz club is a nice night fragrance

>> No.14345866

You hate your dad?

>> No.14345884

I know it's a complete normie frag but there's something about basic scents like ADG and Le Male that are easily wearable, even if it makes me smell like everyone else.
I'm kinda tempted to cop bottles of both for my work rotation but I dunno, feel like I could save up and get something better

>> No.14345889

No but I’m not going to wear a fragrance that smells how he’s always smelled

Would feel weird

>> No.14345897

at least you'll be able to remember how he smelt when he is long gone

>> No.14345898

carry the torch anon

>> No.14345920

>What's going to be your 'go-to' frag this summer
Mugler Cologne for the hottest days.
Xerjoff Uden for date nights.
YSL Rive Gauche PH when I'm stuck in my air-conditioned office.

>> No.14345927

Fucking nonsense

>> No.14345930

Why are you surprised. It's basically the safest, crowd-pleasingest fragrance out there, and the high price tag makes buyers think they're getting a luxury product.

>> No.14345966
File: 3.06 MB, 4032x3024, 70DC6991-F55A-4031-8BB4-CC0A9301BB2D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got Rive Gauche PH, you know even the square glass ones from La Collection are discontinued in the US now right? If you love it you might want to stock up, that is if you’re in the US. If you’re in yurop you lucked out.

Love it so far, it’s basically a super upscale classy Drakkar Noir. Not loud and creates a nice hazy blue-green soapy aura around the wearer. I’m gonna be wearing it a lot.

>> No.14346094

should I blind buy L'aventure? Seems very nice.

>> No.14346105

>Ginepro Di Sardegna
this one looks nice
I might get a sample

>> No.14346106

Yeah, I know I did. I first smelled L'aventure and then smelled Aventus and was really disappointed that it smelled really the same, Aventus only has that pineappple opening that is making it different

>> No.14346108

Nautica Voyage and Versace Pour Homme

>> No.14346143

Some other lad here put me on to it and I’ll be forever grateful. Surprisingly good performance for something so light.

>> No.14346192
File: 228 KB, 1125x774, EB72B75E-6F80-4536-9AFA-C9879D922B4A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HOLY SHIT are there any other fragrances that he knows? Jesus these two fucking scents are always on his shitty lists cuz muh bitchezzz luv dem what a stupid fucking Npc holy fuck. I literally cannot fathom why people watch his vids cuz THEY ARE ALL THE SAME THEY ALL HACE THE SAME FUCKING FRAGS

>> No.14346200

He wont stop making them as long as Pajeet Polo Shirt and Hard Part Pedro keep buying the frags. And there are a shit ton of Pajeet Polo Shirt and Hard Part Pedros out there.

>> No.14346280

His newest video is already and quite amusing (he fucked up not knowing a cream was a tanning lotion and his camera falls over) and there are some fragrances he doesn’t usually mention. When he does a good video, I really like him, but so often he can fuck it up.

>> No.14346295

Alright, not “already”.

It’s a bit of an odd topic (rainy days) but you can apply it to other situations I think.

>> No.14346462

He puts loads of different scents in his videos. You probably dont even watch him.

>> No.14346489

Yes but these are the ones he mentions nearly in all his videos. Along with other designer pajeet tier garbage

>> No.14346501

Eros is pretty good tho, probably the best versace I've smelled, ADG I don't really get the hype, smells like lalique white aka chicken spices

>> No.14346527

>Eros is pretty good tho
You shitting me? It’s a fucking synthetic garbage. It can hardly be called perfumery
>b-but all frags are synthetic
Yes. But there are different components at different price and quality levels. Compare this shit to Chanel or Tom Ford

>> No.14346612

>You shitting me? It’s a fucking synthetic garbage.
I like it and most non-austists also like it, good for a date or a party and lasts long, sweet but on the fresh side

>> No.14346616

Im usually Mennen or Rexona Cobalt body spray. Also hmmmm Reuzel after shave

>> No.14346626

Not him but Tom Ford is overpriced trash. It's literally just rehashed vintage designer concepts marked up at like 5-6x the price, and he single handedly ended the aromatic fougere as something designers do and now monopolizes on it and sells it to aforementioned Pajeet Poloshirt and Hard Part Pedro. FUCK Tom Ford.

>> No.14346733

Thanks. I'm wondering about these unisex fragrances. Am I being insecure?

>> No.14346741

Do you mean could a woman wear them? Yeah probably. Might be seen as a bit daring but why not. The Diptyque in particular is pretty unisex, and Chergui probably is too.

>> No.14346754

What the actual fuck is a polo shirt pajeet or a hard part pedro?

>> No.14346776
File: 84 KB, 1300x957, R0B5DN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Polo Shirt Pajeet

>> No.14346779
File: 73 KB, 650x773, Hard-Part-Haircut-51-650x773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hard Part Pedro

I can smell the Eros and Tom Ford Tuscan Leather through the screen.

>> No.14346794
File: 33 KB, 600x450, 8D91D176-F323-4187-A596-C0AFA0762AA7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14346799

Gotcha. Yeah, that’s Jeremy’s demographic alright.

>> No.14346824

These people had better not be ruining Tuscan Leather for me.

I live in England so I should be fine but don’t want to take any chances.

>> No.14346846

Are you kidding? Tuscan Leather is as NPC as it gets, (((Drake))) even namedrops it.

>> No.14346874

Yeah, but most people don’t have £160 to spend on smelly water.

>> No.14346892

And? Who gives a fuck if some rapper namedrops it? If you like it, wear it. Caring about what other people think is NPC as fuck, though given your use of the /pol/ cult buzzwords, it shouldn’t surprise me much.

>> No.14346910
File: 35 KB, 375x500, bright neroli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What up lads, I'm thinking of buying bright neroli.
I already have nautica voyage and I need another cheapie for summer.
How does bright neroli smell? Never smelled neroli portofino, so I can't really imagine the smell, any anons tried it?
I'm looking mainly for cheapies because I'm not big on freshies and enjoy spending my frag money on heavier scents

>> No.14346989

I don't like it.
>complaining about /pol/
Hard Part Pedro detected

>> No.14346998
File: 111 KB, 765x1080, jeremy-fragrance--1-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God bless his autistic heart
I know you browse here Jeremy, keep it up buddy

>> No.14347005

I got my wording wrong because I actually intended that first part to be making fun of him but reading it back it sounds like a terrible shilling attempt. Oh well.

>> No.14347016

I can’t really help, but there are slight similarities between NP and Mugler Cologne if that helps. They’re not identical at all, but serve a similar purpose.

I’m looking at Bright Neroli as well but the only place I can see it in the U.K. is Notino. I assume they’re reputable enough?

>> No.14347027

Ok, but that dude does, so Drake namedropping it is meaningless. I don’t give a fuck about /pol/, I just don’t like when you dipshits interject /pol/ shit in places where it doesn’t belong.

>> No.14347028
File: 519 KB, 921x683, 195883.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey man, I'm not calling you out on anything. I actually like him, my response was to your description of his latest video

>> No.14347036

Haven't really smelled Bright Neroli, but I did smell TF NP. It's a very nice clean pleasant scent, only slightly citrusy. Not sure about the performance.

>> No.14347045
File: 697 KB, 1024x576, bdcvsofm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my man ain't doing too hot right now
She might be hotter than Demi Rawlings

>> No.14347053

Really? I never smelt any neroli heavy scents either (as I said, not a fan of freshies) and I thought it is going to be a fucking citrus and bergamot clusterfuck combo

Notino is one of the biggest companies when it comes to fragrance in europe from my experience. I was also checking out mugler cologne together with encre noire sport for my summer rotation, so I might give them a shot

Thanks for help anons, will probably cop in a month or so, so if I remember, I'll post an update about the scent

>> No.14347057

Recommend me some dark, mysterious, melancholic, deep, strange, odd but not goofy fragrances.

>> No.14347084

thanks bros. Ordered a 30 ml bottle of L'aventure and a 5 ml sample of Ginepro Di Sardegna. Will post when I get them.

>> No.14347099

So Black Saffron is a less potent version of Tuscan Leather, right?

>> No.14347104

Unironically this

>> No.14347113

Notino are ok but you can pick it up on allbeauty too. They have the others in that line as well, radiant bergamot and pure lavander.

>> No.14347123


>> No.14347124

She's ok. The main part is that she acknowledges that Fahrenheit is one of the best ever, whereas pretty much everyone else passes over it.

>> No.14347126

Not him, but I own that, and I don’t find it dark at all. It smells like that cassis soda they have everywhere in Europe.

>> No.14347131

I use it as an aftershave sometimes. Or I'll pour a few drops into a warm or cold bath after a long day

>> No.14347283

Ask her how much that costs pls

>> No.14347310

Any recommended odourless shower gels?

I use a sandalwood one but it’s strong as fuck and ruins fragrances. I was thinking of Bull Dog but I’m sure there are alternatives. I’m in the U.K. if it matters.

>> No.14347314

You know shower gel isn't soap, right? It's perfumed gel with no antibacterial or cleansing properties. Just use Dove bar soap.

>> No.14347315

What one do you use currently?
Since I bathe after morning shifts and have 4-5 hours before I'm back at night I don't mind a strong shower gel for lounging at home

>> No.14347321

Y-y-yes, I knew that...

Surely it must do something?

>> No.14347324

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood.

It’s been reformulated now and it’s much stronger and more synthetic smelling so it’s time for a change.

>> No.14347396

Dove sensitive skin bar soap is what I use. Unscented and based.

>> No.14347422
File: 50 KB, 800x1024, salvador-dali-salvador-dali-dali-pour-homme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14347585
File: 114 KB, 750x744, 17532291a273da9be9673bf61c4ac625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What fragrance do they wear?

>> No.14347591

I've got over 50 fragrances and am considering sticking to only three in the future. Kouros, Sauvage, and OG Allure Homme.

>> No.14347675

"Jeremy Williams" is a complete fraud. He's a fame chaser and is paid by frag companies to promote them. All he cares about is $$$

His real name is Daniel Schütz and he's an Ashkenazi Jew.

>> No.14347696

Can you /pol/fags not? This is a fragrance thread, it has nothing to do with da joos.

And yes, we all know about Jeremy, we all read the same reddit post you did.

>> No.14347709

I've read no such thread, I know him from living in the same area and his previous career.

Why are you automatically trying to associate my post with pol and negatively because I said he is a Jew. I'm merely pointing out the fact he isn't some German guy called Jeremy and therefore he is disingenuous.

If I said some so called British guy was in fact an American would you tell me to go to pol? Your associate with Jew equates to something negative is simply antisemitism. You might want to try and keep that in check.

>> No.14347722

I'd know my kind if I saw them and Jeremy is about as goy as it gets

>> No.14347727


I'm a German Ashkenazi Jew myself and like I said, I grew up in the same area as Daniel. One of my friends attended his Bar Mitzvah.

>> No.14347733

The tone of your post was overall negative, and it’s not unreasonable when someone calls someone a Jew on 4chan to assume that they’re a /pol/fag because, we’ll, c’mon... it’s kind of their thing.

If that was not your intention, I apologize, but I’m certainly sceptical.

>> No.14347737

>trying to associate my post with pol

Cause these threads are filled with nothing but fallacious dipshits who try to poison the well whenever something legitimate comes up. Watch, somebody will chime in a reply that I need to go back to "MuH ConTaiNmEnt bOarD hurr" I don't even go on /pol/ lmao.

>> No.14347740

M8, we get /pol/ dipshits in here screeching about da joos all the time. Remember that one midget nazi-larping autist with rotten teeth who was spamming these threads a while back? Not super unreasonable when someone comes into the thread talking about Jews to think they come from /pol/. Once again, I apologize if that’s not what he was doing.

>> No.14347744

>accusing me of a thought crime to cover up your antisemitism

Of course one part of my post was negative because this guy is a fraud. He does not care about fragrances and is only out to get fame and money. He is pushing fragrances for fragrance companies to pay him. He's not neutral.

Watch that video of him in New York, I believe. In which he approaches people in the street. He's a sociopath. His whole way of speaking to people is off which is why he puts girls in his videos to come across as some great guy with a vibrant personality to attract women. He's a total fake.

I mention he is a Jew because I don't want to say he just uses a fake name but he presents himself as some blonde haired German guy when he's not that. It's all fake.

>> No.14347750

Well, I apologize then. I jumped the gun. Again, not unusual for us to get /pol/ autists in here.. we are aware of Jeremy’s past. Not a whole ton of fans of the guy here, he’s mostly a meme.

>> No.14347751

That guy was an obvious troll who was racking up the body count. He was getting endless replies. They feed off that shit. Same with the "niche vs designer" troll. The guy was baiting the fuck outta everybody. It's insane how much people get into their feeling about this shit that they can't tell a troll post if it sucked their cock. You're all insufferable desu. Except Kourosposter. That guy is pretty based.

>> No.14347755

Yeah. My point was simply that he's not some German guy called Jeremy and every part of him is fake. Why is that? Just a warning to anons who think he is some German model who attracts women all the time and you should totally buy every frag he recommends.

Then people just try and pass it off:

>hurr go to pol

If I had said he isn't called Sven and isn't Swedish but is actually Pierre and a Frenchman nobody would have said anything, Probably questioned why is lying and has a fake persona.

As soon as I mention he is Jewish suddenly they are in shock and assume it must be bad because of their their own internalized antisemitism that when "Jew" is mentioned they think something negative. Then they play the savior role of protecting the poor inept Jewish people and try and discredit you and say go back to pol. Really vile.

>> No.14347768
File: 382 KB, 483x714, u mad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Remember that one midget nazi-larping autist with rotten teeth who was spamming these threads a while back?

HI THERE. Happy I'm still on your mind, just like I am on yo mommas mind. I'm not a larper and I engage in actual fragrance discussions, not trolling.

>> No.14347772

Well, OP, might as well start a new thread. This one’s fucked.

>> No.14347774

Yo, Cecil. You still pining over that 19 year old who looks like Alfred Molina in a wig who dumped you? The one you moved halfway across the country for and stayed because you’re convinced she’ll totally take you back one day when she realizes how much you love her?

>> No.14347781
File: 451 KB, 439x591, desire lust love obsession.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey dude. Yes I still love Huey. I moved here a few years ago after she invited me and paid for my bus ticket. We were in a relationship for a few weeks until the trolls got to her and tried to shame her for dating an older guy, especially one vile troll named Kathy Larraz who also uses the name LOLI CHAN.

I like this place though so I am staying here. If Huey sees the light and releases herself from the bad forces keeping her away then it will be a bonus. I'll always love her. I am sure one day she will find her way back to me.

>> No.14347783

Well, you know what they say: tragedy + time = comedy.

This one just didn’t take very long at all.

>> No.14347794
File: 678 KB, 471x590, huey fa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll wait until the end of time for her.

It's funny how people shit talk me here though when I was dating a girl who has better fashion style than 99% of fa.

>> No.14347795


>> No.14347798

Wonder if we should tell Niki you’re posting her pics on 4chan...?

>> No.14347806

How do you know I am? I could be Gayleb Robertson. Her account isn't private, her pics are open for all to see. I have done nothing wrong.

>> No.14347812

Mmmmmhmmmmm. Well, I guess we’ll just see what she thinks about all this. Have a good night.

>> No.14347813

anyone who frequents /pol/ and takes it seriously is a faggot of the highest order

>> No.14347817

You are either Caleb, Jeffrey, Clowntown or that autist Fubar. Huey has you all on ignore.

>> No.14347822

Dude, you are trying to be edgy going against pol which makes you left wing while at the same time using homophobic slurs. Dumb.

>> No.14347824

Nope. Just a random on the internet who doesn’t like you.

Probably don’t post pics that link back to her social media next time. Too late now, of course.

>> No.14347825


>> No.14347842
File: 1.36 MB, 1242x716, mad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nope. Just a random on the internet

Sure, sure you are Caleb or Jeffrey.

>who doesn’t like you

Based on what reasons? Oh yeah, you don't have any. Maybe you do, maybe it was that night I spent with yo momma. Sorry if we woke you up.

>Too late now, of course.

Hurr durr I think I can threaten him! You trolls are so obvious.

Yo momma.

>> No.14347851

i want a strange avant garde smell, not sexy chad smell or basedboy floral. pls recc.

>> No.14347856

>nichefag detected
just fucking kys pencilneck lmao

>> No.14347859

We don't do avant garde here. Chad smells only.

>> No.14347878

swallow my secretions magnifiques, noselets

>> No.14347880

actually you were really annoying some months ago on that thread, but somehow it is comforting to actually see someone who's always around like you or based kourosposter or hookerfag, it makes /frag/ feel like some kind of shelter, for me at least, btw do any of you know what happened to jeremyposter?

>> No.14347885

Fireplace music festival and lipstick on are the best out the bunch

>> No.14347888

At least you spelled it correctly, even if you enjoy smelling unpleasant and unwelcoming.

>> No.14347893

I'm not that experienced with fragrances but I have bright neroli and for me it doesn't smell as light and citrusy as the name might suggest, I think about it more as a light floral/aromatic fragrance than as something zesty and sparkly like Mugler Cologne or DHC. Anyway I think t's a good pick for the summer, even though the performance for me is kinda bad, for a cheapie you should be good.

>> No.14347899
File: 167 KB, 325x309, BRUH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, it's kinda cool when things are familiar rather than random strangers all the time.

I'm annoying I guess when people shit talk me. I'm a 40 year old single dishwasher and yet people still feel threatened by me. They should really be asking themselves if I can make videos and be open about who I am, then what do they have the power to do?

Yes, I am right wing which to me is just about a healthy outlook on life. 7 years ago I was in California getting high all day and being a degenerate. Now I am drug free and try to live a good life.

This was me back then high as fuck..


>> No.14347932


>> No.14348056


>> No.14348080

Based Douseposter

>> No.14348123
File: 34 KB, 480x360, jerememe2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm always here anon :)
That's cool and all, you might accuse him of being fake and a joo planted by the Fragrance industry to increase the declining sales of YSL and JPG but anyone who knows what millennial 'autism' and social awkwardness looks like, you'd see that he is just trying to become someone. He is pretty much very relatable to everyone on this board. Also isn't Schütz a 'as German' as it gets name?
Tiziana Terenzi - Laudano Nero

>> No.14348144

This might shock you, but one can be German and Jewish.

>> No.14348145

isn't hitler a jew

>> No.14348179
File: 20 KB, 375x500, 2145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone tried Prada L'Homme Intense? how is it compared to normal Prada? can be weared in hot environment like the previous one ?

>> No.14348225

Do Hugo Boss do any frags worth owning?
Bottled Oud sounds interesting since the apple is a bit different from the usual rose/oud bombs in the likes of Montale and even John Varvatos Oud.
Since I'd like an oud frag but without the association of smelling Arabic.

>> No.14348237

Half Jew; also Austrian not German.

>> No.14348266

Yeah I tired it. Idk why but my first impression was that it smells very much like Chanel egoiste platinum. Then I changed my mind because it’s way sweeter. But that initial sharp freshness is very interesting and reminiscent of platinum. Idk maybe it’s just me. Also don’t over spray it cuz it’s really long lasting. I remember I decided to wear it to a poker game with my lads and they immediately asked “welp, someone totally overdid his frag lol”

>> No.14348588

generally speaking:
designer frags are like a well-fitting piece of clothing
niche frags are art

>> No.14348590
File: 40 KB, 730x372, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

IDK what would be my summer scent, help me decide

>> No.14348608

Layer all of them.

>> No.14348627

Take the Belcam pill

>> No.14348645
File: 53 KB, 1020x520, pj_25_21_7e_b7_discover_cpcd_cvr283822627151679938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14348651
File: 95 KB, 1489x1260, 152b0ed8ae6835889fccb3e337729789 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14348659
File: 64 KB, 646x960, D6DYC-SUEAE_Vet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New thread:

>> No.14348718

not even memeing, I've got a similar rexona deodorant which I use in the morning and it smells pretty fucking good. Two quick sprays under each armpit and I can smell myself smelling really damn fresh and pleasant. I think I might get few more bottles for this summer.

>> No.14348975

Based catposter. Welcome back.

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