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Thoughts on Chanel Antaeus and Mugler Pure Havane?

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Pure Havane is decent but some people find it a bit synthetic smelling. It's good for the price but it's very much a cold weather scent.

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Whichever one you believe is real, anon :^)

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Anyone here likes VIW?

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Nothing but ambroxan, what an uninspired fragrance. Thank God I only bought a sample

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>Thoughts on Chanel Antaeus
Very animalic, bitter, leathery, 80's style power scent. It's brilliant but it's hard to pull off in anything other than cold weather.

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That's not even true though. "Nothing but ambroxan" is Molecule 02 / Not a Perfume. There's a lot more to Dylan Blue and if you knew what ambroxan smelled like you'd be embarrassed to make such a post.

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What's the correct way to apply fragance?

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You have very strong opinions on perfume.

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He’s not wrong. Dylan Blue is like a stinky musky 80s fougere with a lot of patchouli, and the ambroxan/norlimbanol in the base lends it a modern sort of smell. It’s not bad.

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Is Oxford Bleu the better version of Eros to get if I hate how sweet and cloying Eros is?

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So i ask the same question, because nobody fucking answer in the last thread. So has somebody tried Parfums de Marly Layton and pic related? how the performance and longevity overall ?

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*ahem* Fragrance One: Office for Men.

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Step aside, plebs.

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Not allowed to talk about it.

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step aside, pseud

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sure thing, pajeet.

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Sampled Kouros finally. The opening was a bit strong but the drydown was a nice musky warmth. I like it. Is there anything similar that was released more recently? Like a modernized Kouros?

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In all seriousness though, I’m investigating more fragrances with paradisone since the molecule does smell fucking amazing. I blind bought cK All since it’s cheap and has citrus, paradisone, and ambroxan, so I’ll let you guys know how it is. Off of the top of my head, Acqua di Gio Absolu was pretty similar to F1OFM but it’s expensive.

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In the designer realm not really. I’m sure some of the nichefags here can help you out, alot of niche nowadays is just rehashing classic designer from 30+ years ago ie look at what Tom Ford is putting out now.

Apparently Amouage Gold is in the same vein as Kouros, and probably many other middle eastern shits that sell for a lot too. You’ll realize Kouros is a gem and even moreso because it can be had for like 50 bucks or less.

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Apparently Dior's Leather Oud is often described as being Kouros on steroids. I personally don't smell the similarities. LO is very skanky and a bit fecal so maybe it's the association with piss and shit. Love both to bits though.

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bought the LDDM candle for my place. has anyone here smelled the tauer candles yet? i found out picking just one candle to scent your apartment for months+ is a lot harder than picking fragrances

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Ye just spray it on breh.

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months had passed without kouros being seen. in a way i was thankful and relieved. i could sleep again, and i was comfortable enough to walk without the endless rolling of my eyes. i took an afternoon to lay in the sun. from my street there was a footpath that led to a serene clearing with a small field and some trees. i walked toward one, my shadow widening and finally trampled into the shade of the trunk. i sat and in a moment's reflection i thought good thoughts. from here then shortly gave way to a long, dark passage. a deep blue turned black, thick with mist and stone, and this moment's rest now along a silent descent. still in this dense tranquility i could feel a low rumble, something beneath the grass, deep and shifting, cold. a contracting so wide and consolidated that it too quaked but cradled the heart. i came to and the sun had set, but i was still strangely calm. i stood beneath the maw of the beech crown and the sun rose suddenly. across the field a lone tree was standing upon a branch of a bramble bush shone brightly in the sunlight before i was sure it saw me. "come, douse," said kouros, the voice so loud and pealing it shook loose the leaves of the trees.

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Layton is almost-nuclear. It lasts all day and projects very strongly. That's one of the PdM house strengths. Nothing they sell is weak or watered down.

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Wore a sample of it last week. I agree it’s animalic. Very herbal but not oppressively bitter. Tried it side by side with kouros and I would call Antaeus a darker more green version. I went from “meh” to “wait, I like this” in an hour. Polarizing to females but I can see it being a good fuck/sexcore scent. It was chad in its day

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faggot fake kourosposter

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Based Kourosposter

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I started by getting what I like from Jerememe's suggestions, ie pleb tier, but then I went my own way. I guess rate and post ur own collections anons

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Forgot to add pic

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Post more feet

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Fahrenheit and Invictus Aqua are the best ones you've got.

Volumes of the mind, not perversions of the feet.

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These unironically make me wanna soak myself in Kouros and fuck everybody.

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Red Tobacco and Layton, nice
What are those Montales and are they any good?

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Montales are Intense So Iris, combo with Prada L'Homme is amazing. On it's own it is very tame. Other one is Fougeres Marine, great performance but I dont really like it from up close but from afar it is a great summer scent

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I got the Montale Soleil De Capri and it smelled like cheap fragrance used for easter holidays. I'd personally rate it more feminine because of this.

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Iris is quite feminine but still definitely unisex, avoid it if you are looking for a masculine frag, but an amazing floral on it's own. FM is def synthetic smelling

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Gross dude

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I ordered dior savage on amazon sold directly by amazon. Any chance it may be fake? Some comments saying its fake but i know 25% of all reviewers are clinically retarded. Wish i had waited, the mall had it for the exact same price when i was there today and i havent got my order yet

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Incorrect. Tabac Rouge and Prada l'homme are the best there.

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Potentially. It's less time do with it being sold by Amazon and more to do with Amazon not being particularly diligent with who they source from. Hell even big retailers can get caught out now and again by not checking their suppliers properly.

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Guess i will see. The box and bottle is pretty hard to fake correctly with all the minor details so i imagine i would be able to tell if it is a fake

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A lot of fakes are just using legit bottles people fished out of the garbage and refilled with fake juice. Don’t count on being able to tell a fake from the bottle.

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Everyone: What are your three most complimented fragrances of all time? Put a little blurb how/why it is. (Even if they are boring and expected)

1. Eros ( I wish it wasnt true but I would be lying if I didnt put it here)

2. TF Noir Extreme (10/10 scent, poor performance though. If up close girls gush over it)

3. Nasomatto Pardon (Im the only Pardon poster here but I'm telling you its good, people can tell its different and not mall tier)

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I smelled it at the mall i will be able to tell if by smell or if the box was resealed, i am not retarded. Also its unlikely any large production will rely on buying an authentic product for ever fake one they produce, because no one is going to buy the real product in a random jar for enough to make them create margin on their fake

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1. Creed MI. It’s my go-to date scent and also the one I bring whenever I travel. Gotten a ton of comments on that one.

2. YSL Tuxedo. Only had my bottle since November, but this one’s a huge up and comer. Gotten a ton of positive comments. Women seem to love it.

3. Roja Enigma. One of my favorite frags ever, but I don’t wear it that often since it’s so expensive and not super versatile. Almost every time I wear it, someone will comment on it, though.

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Do any stores carry I Hate Perfume, or am I stuck to playing roulette with samples?

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They don’t buy full bottles and fill them with fake juice, they usually buy empty bottles in bulk. It’s usually slavs who do this. Not all fakes do this, of course, but it’s not uncommon. They usually will re-wrap the boxes, too. You will likely be able to tell from the smell, that’s true. Just saying, don’t count on being able to tell a fake from the bottle, because the bottle may be legit.

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Whats the point of all these?

>> No.14330413

It’s fun. Relax.

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Gotcha. I know they have serials so i will be checking smell, wrap, box, and matching serials. Ive never had issues with amazon so i am not too concerned i just want to be prepaired.

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I meant other than those listed, I live in a small town so I assumed I'm SOL.
Any reviews of To See a Flower or A Room with a View?

>> No.14330426

Yeah, you’ll likely be fine. Amazon’s quality control is questionable, but it’s still much more likely to be real than not.

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Wasn't criticizing just asking cause didn't know if there was a reason these were being posted.

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1. Ultra Male, literally had girls telling me I smell so good they can't stand it, or can I cut of your head and take it with me
2. Prada L'Homme most inoffensive complimented scent I have
3. Dior Sauvage unironically, but bought it when it came out without knowing anything about frags

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If you've ever worn 3+ sprays of Kouros for any extended period of time you would understand. It's actually horrifying to imagine being haunted by that bottle no matter how much I love the smell.


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Based douseposter

They are cautionary tales from an anon who has danced with the devil, Kouros, and how he came to both love and fear The Great One. We refer to him simply as: Kourosposter.

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>To See a Flower
Does not smell particularly floral despite the name. To me it smells like if you've ever been in a greenhouse where someone has just watered the tomatoes. It's like damp compost, wet leaves, cut grass and being outside in the summer. It's an interesting scent but very different.

>> No.14330455

Yes it has a 4.5 star rating they cant all be fake. Thanks for the responses. I will likely post in a future thread when i receive it

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So what did you wear to Mother's Day brunch? Did you scentmog anyone? What scents did you smell on other people?

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i'm a big dumb fag for vintage/original formulation designer fragrances. i wish there was a way to guarantee authenticity/accuracy for ebay listings (even if they include codes, checkfresh only works well sometimes)

i got an OG envy for men (pale green, not the reformulated neon bright green) and it's honestly one of the best masculine smells ever

i want an original givenchy INSENSÉ next

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should i buy 100mL of Jubilation XXV or 1.5L of Grey Flannel?

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damn son, why don't you write a book irl instead of meme posts?

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Ordered Tom Ford noir extreme and Dior farenheit, I know how both of them smell. But, what to expect from other people? What are their reactions going to be?

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Insense has a good opening but the dry down totally blows. Smells like hand lotion.

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Demi Rawling is so fine bros

>> No.14330623

Based and redpilled. Reminds me a lot of Cormac McCarthy books.

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I always wear Guerlain Vetiver when around family. It would feel weird to visit my parents smelling like Aventus or Sauvage or something in that category. Vetiver feels polite and classical and grown up.

>> No.14330646

Good choice. I wore Terre D'Hermes and really enjoyed it. I think vetiver scents really are perfect for family reunions, they just give off a put-together professional vibe.

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Interesting description, I'll give the other a try then. For a first foray into that line would you reccomend the water based or oil based? I'm quite interested by the absolute and appreciate a smaller form factor.

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Anyone else excited for this? North America release June 1

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I have TF Noir Extreme. You can see my post of top three fragrances higher up in the thread... 10/10 scent. Pantry dropper and I'm not kidding....But PLAGUED by low performance and projection. 3 hours total if you're lucky. This is one I'd decant and carry. Date/sex scent. Absolutely lethal in very close range. But worthless out of the bedroom, literally only place I wear it

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gorgeous bottle. Notes look meh. Not paying amouage prices for that. Really trying to sample Jubilation though

>> No.14330809

Wow, I had no idea this existed. I’m slipping. I’ll have to try it for sure. Looks like something I’d love.

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After trying a bunch of samples of various summer fragrances I first narrowed my might buys for a signature summer scent down to:

#1 Thierry Mugler A*Men Ultra Zest
#2 Byrdo Bal D'Afrique
#3 Creed Aventus

Ultra Zest has been discontinued and is impossible to find. Going for $275+ on ebay. Yikes. Byredo Bal D'Afrique is $170.. hmm not sure if it's worth it because of its less than average projection. Creed Aventus is $300. Ended up going down the rabbit hole of bad batches vs good batches. Fuck this shit.

After all of this sampling of fragrances I've come to the realization that fragrances are just not worth these absurd amounts of $. Ironically ended up blind buying Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche the discounted edt version off a reputable eBay seller for $100.

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That black shit is toenail fungus. Get that treated or your toenails will get fubr.

>> No.14330970

not really

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>thinks Kouros is a joke

Never gonna make it.

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>quotation marks
fuck outta here, son

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Help me anons, I'm a weirdo and dislike the "fun" frags like invictus, dylan blue, BDC, eros and sauvage. But I really wanna buy a bottle of some juice for my GF's bro whos about to turn 15. What will get him smelling good without giving out "that guy who wears his dad cologne" vibe?

Also, I miss dreamerposting, what are your thoughts on the GOAT Dreamer?

>> No.14331170

Water I think but I didn't get mine from CB's website but rather a sample website.

>> No.14331217 [DELETED] 

left is bottles I have right is a mix of 10ml decants I bought and bottles I sold and kept a 10ml.

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Left is bottles I have right is a mix of 10ml decants I bought and bottles I sold and kept a 10ml.

>> No.14331243

I just wanna say that Kiehl's Original Musk is one of my favorite frags of all time and one I think is super underrated.

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>Original Musk when fresh out of the shower

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Does anyone have experience with Teatro Fragranze Tabacco?
Or should I stay with tom ford for tobacco?

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Peridot Armaf
If I were buying for a young guy I would buy him something green, white maybe sweet.
Or go balls to the wall and instead of making him smell like his dad, make him smell like his deceased grandpa with beaufort london frags.

>> No.14331282

cdg have the stupidest looking bottles I've ever seen.

>> No.14331283

im intrigued by this one, does it hold water?

>> No.14331315

depends on the bladder?

>> No.14331322

Since I can manage to wear Individuel and Spicebomb Fraiche at work in a restaurant with literally no complaints from customers, would Bleu Issey be a good choice for a work bottle?
Looking at around £20 for a 75ml.

>> No.14331352

I'd go for Diptyque Volutes, Phaedon Tabac Rouge or Parfums de Marly Herod for tobacco over those.

>> No.14331364

in other words, does it fuck? Is it nice? Does it drive the sexy senioritas loco?

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amazingreen smells like green pepper so I am sure some segnoritas might mistake u for an ingridient and put u in their tacos

>> No.14331392

beaufort london, is the frag that will make the richiest cutchies wet jeremy

>> No.14331400

Get the little man Versace Pour Homme for the upcoming summer. Lil nig will be slaying pussy with that on him.

>> No.14331401

can you explain that filename, bit spooked desu

didnt ask about the L O N D O N one but thanks

>> No.14331422

Polo Red intense is fruity and ambery, definitely a good scent for a teenager to get compliments at any time. Can be worn in the day more than 1 million

>> No.14331476

>Nasomatto Pardon
Noice. I'm about to buy a sample. What am I in for? Any particular impressions you could share?

>> No.14331485

For like 10 minutes you fucking mong

>> No.14331512

Get the little fucker Curve by Liz Claiborne. I pimped so much pussy with this when I was 15.

>> No.14331522

You didn't though did you.

>> No.14331528

What did you anons wear for mammys day? I wore an indie daffodil scent.

>> No.14331537

You guys are seriously making me consider buying a bottle of Kouros despite the fact I hate it.
Please don't meme me

>> No.14331541

Yeah. Even had a hot ass substitute teacher that wanted the nutsack. She would come to my lacrosse games and watch me play. Never making a move on her was one of my biggest regrets because years later we all found out she was a huge slut and fucked other teachers in their classrooms.

>> No.14331546

You're not supposed to smell like your mom on mother's Day

>> No.14331550

Seems legit.

>> No.14331563


Its an extrait so amazing longevity. I had above average projection but its not at all beast mode. It is a woody chocolate with some vanilla/cinnamon So somewhat gourmand but balanced with the woods, then gentle whifs of flowers. I cannot understand why it isnt talked about more I am obsessed with it, so good. Understandably though it is expensive juice but I got amazingly lucky and got a new bottle for 115 which is a steal.

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how's prada, Marly Layton and Fahrenheit ? in term of performance, longevity etc

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Welcome anon! Glad you're not banned

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Why the fuck his frags are so expensive? Private bland frags cost more than Chanel Les Exclusifs frags ffs.

>> No.14331847


his clothes are expensive too


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Why tho

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his clother are also fucking expensive, a shity belt cost 700$, some shity pants 1.3k $, you can find pants from cashmere for less than 300$, but i guess the brand sells

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What do you guys think of Boucheron pour homme? For a 25yo

>> No.14331898

The premise sounds good, anon. I'm eager to try it.
Do you think it might fit cold rainy summer days? Or should I rather wait until fall?

>> No.14331923

wait till the end of the season
those will be half off

>> No.14331939

damn, I didn't even think about it! thanks

>> No.14331955

especially if you have a tom ford boutique nearby
every black friday they have a huge sale
i think there’s one more but i can’t remember when that one is

t. they send me an email every year

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So what kind of perfumes are popular among black people?

>> No.14331962

Because people buy them at those prices, brainlet.

>> No.14331981

Yeah but why tho

>> No.14331985

why does anyone buy most high fashion products
flaunting wealth(or lack thereof sometimes)

>> No.14331995


Cool/Cold weather only. Not sure where in the world you are but im in southeast US so its shelved until fall. Beautiful scent and the warm weather wont change that so maybe half a spray or one spray on a cooler summer day...This is definitely a seductive date night scent or upscale event. Dont waste the juice by yourself in your home. Needs to be used going out. Very social fragrance 2-3 sprays max in the cold winter, definitely potent juice.

>> No.14332002

You tell me. I don’t buy it

>> No.14332003

Because people are dumb. It’s the same reason a famous artist can put a single dot on a canvas and sell it for millions. People want to have expensive shit to show off, because they have that “expensive = good” nigger mentality.

>> No.14332010
File: 72 KB, 370x800, axe-dark-temptation-shower-gel-for-men-250-ml___23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14332012

Daaamn, word?

>> No.14332118

>bond #9
>Paco Rebanne
It gets much worse the CDG

>> No.14332133

lalique white

>> No.14332139

except TFPB can be found on discounters and CLE cannot.

>> No.14332149
File: 124 KB, 680x680, 8A4C41FE-0FF2-4413-A0E4-F7D2F5EE168B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14332158

This has got to be a joke. Teens don't want to smell like lemon pepper

>> No.14332160

cmon anon
he was just trying to show that you don’t have to dole out a liver to afford tfpb

worthless cope

>> No.14332196

If you are a mother, then Kouros is the wolf and it will eat your lamb.

>> No.14332227
File: 82 KB, 1000x677, 56D228A1-3F8B-414F-9E8E-089F7C249083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know. it’s just not that often that I can use this pic

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What cologne would she use?

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Latest get. A much more sensual and sumptuous leather than last months get Tom Ford Ombré Leather, which is really just car seat leather

>> No.14332311

Kill yourself

>> No.14332339

My favorite leather so far has been Commodity's Leather. It's like a much more refined Varvatos Dark Rebel Rider.

>> No.14332349

Yes I also really like the Commodity leather. If I didn't already own the Commodity Vetiver I would purchase it because I want a small and non-redundant looking collection.

>> No.14332353

fahrenheit, duh

>> No.14332354

BBC pheromones

>> No.14332358

interesting, i didnt really pick up pepper. It was mostly a citrus freshy on me with some wood. Its cheap AF and doesnt smell like everything else kids his age will be wearing.

>> No.14332411

Do it faggot

>> No.14332462



>> No.14332899

Red Tobacco and Layton is some good shit.

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Balenciaga Pour Homme is on the classier end of manly 80s/90s frags, get that if you can still find it

>> No.14332942

Prada is decent, 6 7 hours, projects for about 2 3 hours rather well, then dies down but it is still noticeable. Layton lasts a long time so go easy on the sprayer, projects a lot too. Fahrenheit is the uber masculine gasoline car mechanic vibe, lasts 7 8 hours but projects for max 2 hours, not many people like it though. Also since 1988 it was destroyed by reformulafions

>> No.14332947

Forgot to add Pardon from Nasomatto, that stuff is monstrous

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so far my warm weather rotation looks like this:

Etat Libre d'Orange Fils de Dieu du Riz et des Agrumes
Acqua di Parma Essenza di Colonia
Guerlain Vetiver eau de toilette (also used year-round)

i kinda want to get an unsweet floral heavy scent without (too much) of a typically masculine vibe, leaning toward a soliflore as that would be easiest to pull off imo. From what I've tried, currently considering Penhaligon's Peoneve.

Any other suggestions? btw, so far in my experience, tuberose is not a note I can get behind usually

>> No.14333169

I bought some Kouros.

>> No.14333179


>> No.14333210

he's giving advice to women in that video

>> No.14333235


>> No.14333238


>> No.14333246


>> No.14333250

the pulse points are the same

>> No.14333270
File: 55 KB, 669x1034, acqua.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AdP colonia club is a nice kind of minty one, IMO it's one of their best along with essenza and oud

>> No.14333419
File: 648 KB, 3840x3840, 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people buy stuff because they have the brand on them
>apple, adidas, nike, samsung, dior etc
or because youtube/instagram/twitter meme celebrities shill for the product, watch this if you want to know more

Anyway, have somebody tried pic related or is just another meme shilled by youtubers?

>> No.14333421

tried it a few times, smells like lemon floor cleaner.

>> No.14333440

really makes you think if these retards know about quality markers.

>> No.14333531


I blind bought a 100ml but not the EDP version because I've been told it smells like this
>>14333421 instead I picked up the EDT version which has the original hyped up gourmand lemon meringue pie vibe. I'll post about it when I get it.

>> No.14333546

Is Le Labo just a meme?

>> No.14333577

Do I cop a decant of Oud Wood if Wonderwood would be my signature in the autumn/winter if it lasted more than 3 hours?

>> No.14333585

hipster trash.

>> No.14333627

I want a spring/summer frag a bit different from aquatics/citrus.
Is there anything that's a burst of berries with some clean musk/woods as a base? Like a can of blue Monster ultra/powerade?

>> No.14333631
File: 59 KB, 1000x1000, i-yves-saint-laurent-opium-pour-homme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what would you think of a girl using those?

>> No.14333634

Smw maybe. I love it.

>> No.14333709

That’s an awesome suggestion for younger dudes

>> No.14333721


>> No.14333732

Should I sample Dreamer or cop a bottle for like £25?

>> No.14333823


hipsters wear CdG

>> No.14333848

>dont rub or you will "bruise" / "damage" the fragrance

now how does that work? is the mechanical force of RUBBING WRISTS TOGETHER strong enough to physically pull the molecules apart? lmao what a charlatan

>> No.14333901

Might try out Prada L'homme on card on Friday, that or Versace Eau Fraiche and grab a bottle of whatever I prefer for a cheap work frag this summer.
Since I'm almost donw with my sample hoard for work, I'll be back to wearing Leau Dissey or CK Truth again which , whilst nice scents, are a bit tiring after wearing weeks on end

>> No.14333915

Prada L'homme is good. Eau Fraiche is okay, but it's generic as fuck. The projection is non existent.

>> No.14333921

You dont need a lot of force to pull apart a single molecule bro.

>> No.14333925

Guess I'll simply try L'homme then and give it a couple hours to develop, then snag a deal online
If Chanel did 30ml bottles of BDC, AHS etc at reasonable prices I'd just use them instead. Sure you get a better deal with bigger bottles but it's how often I'd use them in my rotation that counts

>> No.14333957

friction creates heat and heat changes perfume. also burns through it, hurting longevity. like notice how much more you project if you do something mildly strenuous, like moving boxes around at work or rushing to make the train or something

>> No.14333960

Being a Paco Rabbane frag, does Invictus Aqua (2018) project like mad when it's super cold out, or is it strictly for warmer weather? Just that given how potent 1 million, Black XS and the like are, I was assuming it'd be the same.
Just that it seems like a different scent to wear when it's cold than some leather or tobacco heavy frag.

>> No.14333965

thanks, but i tried it and it didn't seem that floral to me. i'm basically looking for something that smells like natural fresh-cut flowers and little to nothing else >>14333033

>> No.14333982

found this nifty page at theperfumedcourt
worth looking over as an explanation of the types of fragrances


>> No.14334011

many hipster store I'm in selling shoes randomly has only the fragrance CdG

>> No.14334018



>> No.14334049

what's this guy's deal? I can tell he's a trust fund baby, or might even be someone from a small town who won a lottery.

he has like everything Guerlain (wtf) has ever made, and hundreds of bottles of Chanel.

>> No.14334065

Pure Xs, Ultra Male or Noir Extreme for an overly sweet date/club frag?

>> No.14334077

The kek about it is that he's a real blue collar guy, who works in a mechanic shop(?) and talks about buying work boots and entering Guerlain in a hoodie and dirty work clothes. Even discussed turning down a raise for years.

My favourite part about that video is how he explains he hates Le Labo but can't stop himself from buying the whole collection

>> No.14334138
File: 3.05 MB, 1609x1005, 7567567657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haha. i dont understand the character at all

>> No.14334141

Disgusting, just the way he dresses....

>> No.14334160


Noir Extreme is a great scent but pitiful performance. You can see what I had to say about it further up the thread. Would not use it for clubbing.

>> No.14334169

99% of fragrance reviews on youtube (and fragrance posters on forums) dress awful, not effay at all. They're either complete autists or le dapper gentlemen. We need to remind ourselves of this on our fashion board.

>> No.14334172

Thoughts on Acqua Di Gio profumo? Just want something I can use everyday anywhere

>> No.14334177
File: 53 KB, 860x494, autism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>collecting things he doesn't like because just because he's a "collector"
doing it way fucking wrong

>> No.14334241

Tried it recently. Can’t recommend it desu

>> No.14334242

He can't stop buying because he's a fucking addict. That's how pathetic this leaf is.

>> No.14334271

Pretty decent.

>> No.14334274

Alternative to discontinued Ultra Zest?

>> No.14334295


or is it just a meme?

>> No.14334299

would also like to know, I can get a bottle for 20 euros

>> No.14334310

pretty sure most people here buy small decants first before buying a full bottle (unless the perfume is super cheap and seems like a safe bet)

>> No.14334315


>> No.14334317

Eros, no question

>> No.14334343

Kryptomint smells like an Andes mint in the opening and has the exact same drydown as Ultra Zest. Own both, prefer Kryptomint.

>> No.14334346
File: 152 KB, 515x913, House of Spongebob.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posted this in an older thread, but what do you guys do if you're allergic to one of your favorite frags aside from not using it entirely? I love Millesime Imperial and Ambre Sultan but I get an itchy rash after a day of spraying these on my skin (along with a lot of strong/dark frags I've sampled over the years). The only way I get the rash off is with cortisone cream. Pic unrelated

>> No.14334356

No it’s not

>> No.14334365
File: 417 KB, 4288x2848, patchouli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14334368

yes it is.

>> No.14334386
File: 2.10 MB, 3072x2048, vetiver.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14334400

Real niggas dab patchouli oil behind their ears and go about their day.

>> No.14334424

the "I want to attract cougars" note starter pack

>> No.14334428

lurk more

>> No.14334443


>> No.14334445
File: 144 KB, 794x874, il_794xN.1841977067_3hmi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14334454

*clones Office For Men, adds some pineapple, releases it as the third Aventus flanker next year*

>> No.14334459
File: 56 KB, 375x500, aramis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Redpill me on Aramis calligraphy

>> No.14334477
File: 171 KB, 398x504, 1557784670777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Acqua di gio profumo or sauvage edp? I want to use it every season

>> No.14334483
File: 27 KB, 350x466, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally all of frag community eternal btfo

>> No.14334502

I hope so

>> No.14334520

unwearable by incels

>> No.14334536

lmao Erwin came off looking like the alpha in this video despite how much of a kook he looks like. He just nonchalantly smells the shit and is like "okay, cool" and Jeremy is trying to get him to pull more out of it. Dude doesn't even look at jeremy in the eyes while jerememe leans forward in his seat like an anxious schoolgirl.

>> No.14334563


But that's not Tuscan Leather

>> No.14334568

Do leather scents give anyone else headaches?

>> No.14334608

Only when sprayed on blotters.

>> No.14334646


>> No.14334657

you’re retarded anon

>> No.14334670

blind bought cool water and it’s clones
no regrets

>> No.14334680

get some taste first

>> No.14334796
File: 5 KB, 243x250, wojak 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hello frens
I don't know if it's okay for me to post this question here but I'm trying to find a vanilla fragrance for women.
I don't know much about fragrances so I would need help

>> No.14334812

Dior Poison Girl, Mon Guerlain and Ellie Saab Girl of Now.

>> No.14334816

Ysl opium. The new ones idk which is exactly look them up on Fragrantica

>> No.14334832

Is there anything like Invictus but with a touch of salt to offset the sweetness of it?

>> No.14334870

Dylan Blue, Aventus, Office for Men

>> No.14334872

Lol, Creed literally mogged poor Jerememe here. Also he looks very slim and weak borderline anorexic here.

>> No.14334873

I forgot to mention frens, but I've tried on some perfumes in the past

>Vanilla Fields
Not a fan; it smelled really powdery. I don't know if I was putting it wrong, but it smelled a lot like alcohol too...

>Black Opium
>15+ versions of the perfume with the same name
>wh y
I really liked the sweetness of the fragrance. I could also smell *some* vanilla, but it felt... very far away. I could never obtain or grasp the vanilla and that made me sad.

>Lacoste pour Elle
This was before I was trying to find a vanilla fragrance. I was searching for something sweet. While I did get what I asked for, the smell was very weak and unmemorable.

Will try them out when I have the money
Thanks for the feedback!
Will do, I think I found a version that seems promising: https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Yves-Saint-Laurent/Black-Opium-25324.html

>> No.14334895

Yes black opium is very good.

>> No.14334909

This is such a delicious video symbolically for Europeans. Germans trying to qualify as an equal nation to French, Italians or Brits and the latter giving them a patronising pad on the shoulder saying “we think you must go now back to work on your GDP my boy”. Him mentioning Prince Charles was the cherry on the cake.

>> No.14334959

Mancera Vanille Exclusif

>> No.14335032


>> No.14335049
File: 18 KB, 336x550, 61D3dkTT88L._SY550_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I get thoughts on pic related?

>> No.14335061

Valentino Donna smells really strongly of vanilla for me. However, its also marked as a powdery scent so you may not be a fan?

>> No.14335064


>> No.14335073

take the b e l c a m p i l l

>> No.14335090

thanks for the suggestion!
if i can find samples in store then i'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Thank you for the suggestion!

>> No.14335286

If dads in the 80s didn't wear Drakkar Noir, they wore this, like mine did

>> No.14335293

>tfw dad wore kouros and was the wolf of the 80s

>> No.14335301

I'd second this, but these faggots are unappreciative whenever we mention Belcam and say "stop shilling that cheap clone, faggot" so let's just keep it to ourselves. No Blue Depths or Classic Match for you faggots. Especially eurocucks, the worst.

In other news, La Collection Rive Gauche pour Homme is discontinued and replaced by a La Nuit de L'Homme flanker.

>> No.14335476

Thoughts about Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Lumiere?

>> No.14335659


She's perfect

>> No.14335702

what’s a good citrusy/aquatic frag for a 21 y/o if I’m going to spend the summer in cali? was thinking of voyage d hermes/terre d hermes but want something a little less expensive. maybe adp colonia?

>> No.14335912

Lmao this is so true but inexplicable at the same time for everyone who has spent some time in educated international spheres. I remember a conference I attended long time ago at Nantes, France. We went for a posh dinner after the first day of the conference. There was me, a few Italian colleagues, a few frenchies and some other randoms. One of these randoms was German. We had a typical light hearted dinner chit chat talking about history, where are we from a bit of culture etc. The German guy didn’t contribute anyhow and just sat there silently laughing at our jokes. At some point one of the organisers asked him “and zoo are you??”. It was his time to shine. He said: “Bonn.”. Everyone was looking at him nodding heads waiting for him to tell something more about the city or himself or whatever. He probably realised that and said “That’s where Haribos originate from! Do you know what Haribo stands from?”. “Hans-Riegel-Bonn”. Silence. He apparently thought that no one has understood his wittiness so he decided to explain it “HAns-RIegel-BOnn!”. Everyone was cringiying at hiding their laughter, so one of the frenchies said “clazzik German creativiti” to make the atmosphere bearable again. Everyone burst with laughter and the German guy understood that we’re laughing at him not with him. The rest is history. He started some autistic screeching rant about great German composers and philosophers to show how creative the German nation can be. Everyone was getting more and more amused listening to him - it was like watching a circus. Then he moved to conclusions about modern times and how EU is only a thing because of German taxpayers and how this conference couldn’t happen without their money. I’m sure that if you wanted to you could hear crickets playing their sweet Nachtmusik on the other side of the window it was so silent at our table. But me and, I think, everyone enjoyed the show severely. It was almost unreal conversation

>> No.14335918

The same Frenchie who triggered him broke the silence and said nonchalantly “well, letz make a toazt for Angela” everyone burst with laughter again and we came back to our chit chat ignoring the German guy. He left soon after. I really loved the Jeremy’s video with Creed for the same reasons. His behaviour stems from the very same dark spot in German soul that the rant of this autist during the dinner came from.

>> No.14335937
File: 1.69 MB, 517x328, 1557763349035.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So does he like the perfume or said he like it to get rid of Jeremy ? Anyway who is fucking crazy to buy a 175 euro ( 200$) fragrance from literaly who ? you could buy something really good like Terre Hermes, Marly Layton, Tuscan Leather etc, at that price

>> No.14335948
File: 34 KB, 456x456, 6477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So i have a question, can i wear a Winter Fragrance like dior homme intense or Parfum in Summer ? Where i live in Summer is hot and high humidity.

>> No.14335953

You can do whatever you want. You’re a free person.

>> No.14335957

>clazzik German creativiti
>literaly who
I wouldn't really call Alberto Morillas a literal who. The fact that he doesn't want to sell samples is worse.
You could, I wouldn't though.

>> No.14335970

>fragrance one office for men
>clazzik German creativiti

>> No.14335978

>great German composers and philosophers.

he's not wrong tho

>> No.14336069

Try Bvlgari Aqua Amara or Aqua Atlantique.

>> No.14336075

What do with 3/4 filled samples? Sell or just keep them? Got like 70 of them.

>> No.14336096 [DELETED] 
File: 58 KB, 1000x1018, paco-rabanne-1-million-eau-de-toilette-edt-zerstauber-50-ml-en-7891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being a european and would like to know niggers typical wear as a fragrance in the US? Arabs and turks here typical wear Paco Rabanne One Million or Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male.

>> No.14336100
File: 58 KB, 1000x1018, paco-rabanne-1-million-eau-de-toilette-edt-zerstauber-50-ml-en-7891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being a european and would like to know what niggers typical wear as a fragrance in the US? Arabs and turks here typical wear Paco Rabanne One Million or Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male.

>> No.14336103

I hate the reputation 1 million gets cause it's a scent I really enjoy.

>> No.14336107

I enjoyed this story

>> No.14336108

Try Dior Homme sport

>> No.14336110

The new version? It’s not very good tho..

>> No.14336114

>He started some autistic screeching rant about great German composers and philosophers to show how creative the German nation can be.
I missed the part where these doesn’t qualify for originality and creativity of a nation. Kant literally changed the way we think and make decisions. I am not even mentioning German composers and film directors. I am not German by the way

>> No.14336229

You also missed the point of this story my kraut friend.

>> No.14336237

I am not German!

>> No.14336242

if you enjoy it wear it. who gives a fuck about what someone thinks or says.

>> No.14336244


>> No.14336249

Yeah but Kant was an autistic manlet. you could have picked another kraut philosopher like based Schopenhauer.

>> No.14336250

I don’t get anything here. What was so funny about haribo? Who’s Angela?

>> No.14336251

do it the jeremy way lol

>> No.14336257

Are you American by any chance?

>> No.14336259

What a formidable and comprehensive piece of critique you just provided

>> No.14336264

Thank you for recognizing.

>> No.14336310

No excuse, I’m American and understood everything in that story. He must be like 12 lol

>> No.14336336

bro. that larp was r9k lvl. good cringe, cheers

>> No.14336345

doesnt matter. there are like 4 great nations in all of europe which contributed like 90%. but since nobody knows the blakan shithole they come from they larp as bongs and start making fun of frenchies and germans.

>> No.14336392

idk, maybe if you can figure out a way to do half a spray

>> No.14336647

if i can buy 1 fragrance, which should it be? im spoilt for choice

>> No.14336678

Fragrance One, obviously. It’s right there in the name.

>> No.14336757 [DELETED] 


>> No.14336767

That's the brand name, the fragrance is called Office. He will release stuff named like Date and Club etc.

>> No.14336780

I don’t understand what you are writing but happy to stay that way to be fair.

>> No.14336784


>> No.14336793

If you are going for the lipsticky notes there are iris fragrances suited for summer: Atelier Cologne Silver Iris or Iris Rebelle also Prada L'Homme L'eau.

>> No.14336804


>> No.14336812
File: 111 KB, 765x1080, jeremy-fragrance--1-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God bless his little autistic jams

>> No.14336853
File: 21 KB, 700x700, 514E4CEA-7E20-4915-826E-63651D08C63E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14336900

Is Jeremy an anime?

>> No.14336972

>Aqua Amara
I swear to god it's only because of Jerememe that this is almost always recommended as a great spring/summer frag. It's way too heavy for that shit and smells a bit weird. Not bad, but I don't think it's a great spring/summer frag.
Get the Voyage. It's a great summer scent, fresh and clean.

>> No.14336977

> “clazzik German creativiti”
top kek

fukken saved as a potential pasta

>> No.14337010

She's mediocre at best, rehashing Jerememe frags from two three years ago.

>> No.14337070

Nah, she mentions Fahrenheit and TDH as two of the best men’s frags, which Jerememe says explicitly to avoid.

>> No.14337186

ja, me neither ^^

>> No.14337211
File: 72 KB, 586x577, AAEA5C96-5255-40B9-8529-11C075A4A7F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing their sweet Nachtmusik

>> No.14337214

Sup lads, I have a colonoscopy tomorrow. What frag should I wear? I already checked Jeremy’s site and it doesn’t look like he has a Fragrance One: Colonoscopy for Men, so I’m feeling pretty lost.

>> No.14337223
File: 68 KB, 640x460, 19B5A9B4-C049-4356-9971-025F4504AED3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Put me in ze screencap

>> No.14337232

Just one big cope right here.

>> No.14337284

A nice musk/civet combo to get you mentally prepared

>> No.14337354
File: 194 KB, 466x606, gentlegoiste.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jeremy actually hides his power level, there is a video where he names Chanel Égoïste as one of his favorite fragrances that he wears just for himself. Sometimes I actually think he lurks these forums.

>> No.14337355

Kouros and reverse roles.

>> No.14337374

Well I had guessed he was an autistic faggot so I guess you're right, anon

>> No.14337463
File: 16 KB, 526x141, 1543176602592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go

>> No.14337559


>> No.14337571

You’re not based catposter!

>> No.14337584
File: 37 KB, 900x974, 1555787847624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry, 'fraid not. i found that image from the early days of /frag/ in my /fa/ folder and wanted to make an OP with it.

>> No.14337614

Guys, I just bit the bullet on a cool fragrance I heard about, it’s called “Sauvage”. I saw a video on it where it featured the man himself, Johnny Depp. His cool and alternative rock star vibes really worked with the video and the desert scenes. “Sauvage Eau De Parfum” matches my rock star vibes, try it out.

>> No.14337791

gtfo. Based catposter ONLY

>> No.14337878

have some respect, kid. /frag/ wouldn't be what it is today if not for me

>> No.14337885
File: 2.78 MB, 1648x2048, Screenshot_20190417-085518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was late this time, thanks substitute OP.
Here's cats. I'll be more prompt in the future.

>> No.14338060

Based catposter.

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