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This still a thing around here?

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i recently shaved my face and left a pornstache and I fell in love with it, how do I dress to accentuate it?

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tracksuits headbands
Velour anything
velvet cropped anything
80s leather jackets
High rise jeans
Pleated wool pants.
Ferragamo shoes

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got some inspo?

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no use google or something if you find anything post it here for my enjoyment.

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sleazy art hoe b8

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what are these kind of shirts called

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floral prints

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yea but like specific name? what do I search up when looking for something like this

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Camp collar shirt with a floral print.

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Yes, buying personalities and lifestyles will always be a thing here

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you can't buy a personality

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That’s not a very /fa/ attitude of you

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you can only buy the clothes

the personality is in your heart.....

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No, personality is entirely what you wear and when you change clothes you change personalities


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sorry i felt personally attacked until i realized you were being meta

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Sure. I'm ugly and balding so sleazecore is the only style i can nail. It's also very comfy and the wide shirts and pants are nice for summer.

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>tfw tried to dress like this in high school and it was the cringiest point of my life in hindsight
Unless you are literally a low-level criminal with the confidence that comes with that, nobody here will ever pull this off.

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That's because being in highschool inherently makes you to some degree successful, not only that I doubt you had some essential things you start to get in your 20s like five o'clock shadow, a good sleazy mustache, disappointed parents, waking up "looking like shit" some days, ect.
You were probably young, fit, and healthy, giving you that "glow". You don't have to be a low level criminal, but you have to be lazy, vain, flirtatious, rude, and self centered (at least in appearance and mannerisms, don't let sleazecore make you a bad person)

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Just watch the sopranos and dress like that

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eddie cabot is a good reference point for sleazecore if youre young looking

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I really like that the sleazecore guy is asking so many questions about his own style in this trying to confirm it.

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Reminder that to pull off sleazecore you must be of Slavic, Mediterranean, or Latin descent

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This >>14284991 is good advice, but don't forget shiny silk shirts with the top three buttons undone, small gold medallions, hawaiian shirts, and cowboy boots (boots should be black leather or snakeskin)

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Mate I know a middle aged chap who started in the car trade, proper English bloke, Yorkshire, wears gold chains and watches, is a kingpin now with Rolexs, holidays in foreign countries lazing about in gaudy shirts around country clubs. He's sleazy as fuck.

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