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Jordan 4 fire red vs Jordan 4 bred

>> No.14264541

they both look terrible, unless you actually play basketball or something, but even then im sure there's better looking bball shoes

>> No.14264555

Jordan's are trash

>> No.14264566

gotta go wit da breds fo today

>> No.14264742

i like the fire reds more

>> No.14264757

I thought they were called Mars IV's

>> No.14265160


They're Fire Red IVs, I guess the Mars IVs could be a nickname but the actual Mars IV's has a Spike Lee pic near the back of the wings. Jordan nicknames are trash sometimes though, like I don't know where calling the Black Cement IVs "Bred IVs" came from... I understand that it's from the color blocking, but no one referred to them as that back in the day.

>> No.14265177

Fires look better, black 4s and 5s look like trash imo. There are much better colorways for 4s though, even the new infrared is better.

>> No.14265198

both colorways kinda really mediocre

>> No.14265380

4's look cool but I feel like there are few good colorways

>> No.14265402

every jordan looks like shit

>> No.14265953

6s, & 7s are pretty decent

>> No.14265961

4s are garbage tier. 1s, 3s, 11s, and the new 33s are all pretty good.

>> No.14265975

Jordan 1 bred is the only bred that matters.

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