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How should I dress to convey my music taste? Like merge all the aesthetics from my music
I listen to shit like Kate Bush, cocteau twins, my bloody valentine, slowdive, for against, joy division, Depeche Mode, the sisters of mercy, Chelsea Wolfe, alcest, burzum, summoning, etc.
Brands I wear include Imogene + Willie, jungmaven, occasional hype beast stuff like obey and fear of god, billykirk, DSTLD, schott nyc, oak street bootmakers, Norse Projects, Everlane, and ZARA/MUJI for basics

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With Taste like that people can probably already tell you're a massive faggot, no need to wear anything in particular.

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just wear merch?

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you are not your music taste. dress like your self larper

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people (normies) are dumb with associating fashion with music so it's a wasted effort.

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Can't go wrong dressing like Mc Ride

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