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I want that
"yeah this guy listens to techno"

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A penis on a shirt

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Name a couple of your favorite artists/labels

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iron heart

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I listen to techno and probably don't look it at all, so I dunno how to help you but have this bump

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What does a techno/electronic/edm listener really look like?

There’s so many different kinds. raver, cyberpunk, metrosexual etc. I usually associate an exclusively mainstream edm listener to looking basically like Cristiano Ronaldo or some other eurotrash douchebag like pic related

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just do an autechre-core fit

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I dress like I listen to Stereolab and Red House Painters but really I listen to shit like Alter Bridge. Fuck, I wish I can like something cooler. Everytime I try listening to obscure /mu/ shit, I yawn. Fuck fuck fuck. How do I change my taste? I end up redirecting my taste to something like hipster metal, like Full of Hell or Oathbreaker. Still, I shouldn’t listen to metal, it’s embarassing.

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Basically gaycore

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is that arca?

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Saying "techno" like its a very easily definable Genre is like saying "rock" as a definable genre despite the fact there is hard rock, blues rock, punk rock, metal, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, art rock, experimental rock and tons of others.

Then imagine if you said all "rock" listeners dressed the same. Every style of Techno and variation attracts tons of different styles of fashion so maybe you should be a bit more specific next time OP

t. someone who goes to techno clubs every weekend

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>I wish I can like something cooler
>How do I change my taste
>I end up redirecting my taste
>I shouldn't listen to metal, it's embarassing
I truly feel fucking sorry for you that you're so fucking pathetic and insecure and incapable of appreciating things that you're trying to manipulate your tastes in art in order to gain recognition from people who will somehow think you're such a cool dude because you listen to some obscure stupid shit posted on a thai cartoon board
At least you blantatly admit it, a huge majority of /mu/ exclusively listens to music and builds its taste for listening to that music to be used as a fucking personality trait of theirs
fuck off you pretentious cunt techno is 10x more easily definable than fucking rock music

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t. i dont listen to techno, 25 years ago you could define techno easily, now its grown and morph and shifted through styles, speed, sounds, techniques and audiences its very different if you actually listen to it.

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yeah just like metal or punk or any other fucking subgenre has different subsubgenres and an evolving sound but its still very recognizable as metal and someone wearing any kind of subculture related clothing will instantly be recognized as such
But then again maybe you got me if techno has
>grown and morph and shifted through styles, speed, sounds, techniques and audiences

Your little genre of music isn't that special and unique, but you're
>t. someone who goes to techno clubs every weekend
that means you must know what you're talking about

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Techno has evolved and morphed since the 90's you retard. there are many variations from underground small scenes, to big million dollar artists. Live acts, DJ's and hybrids with slower music to borderline hardcore styles.

My point is saying Techno now is as stupid as saying Rock because its very different and people who enjoy certain styles of Techno despise other styles of Techno, just like some people who like certain styles of Rock hate certain styles of other Rock. It's not a unifying term, so asking for people to post "Techno" outfits is as dumb as asking for people to post "Rock" outfits because there is such a wide range of scenes, sounds and fashion styles.

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W2C pants

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pre-gentrification 00's berlin-core

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