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Are mohawks in style in 2019?

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Mohawks are never supposed to be in style, that's their whole fucking point, poser.

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this. also if you do commit fully commit

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Whys that? Why never in style?

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holy shit

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can you envision a world where a majority of people rock mohawks? i wont go into whether they are effay or not but they have traditionally been a statement/symbol for rebellion and anti-establishment. even though those sentiments have been watered down, most people dont commit to a mohawk unless they are sure of what they feel to be is true. there are tons of uggos with mohawks or faux hawks or whatever though so like anything else make sure you are attractive before getting one

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So were tattoos and but every wagie and conformist and mother has them

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ehh really just dependent on the general look of a person. mohawks can be pretty effay in some situations

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they were in 2015 or so , faggot

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no u

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