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Starting a job in finance soon. What shoes can I wear that aren't gay but still work appropriate.

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Black oxfords if it's formal/strict, monk straps if it's relaxed.

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you'll always be gay and a square working in finance

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-Common Projects derbies
-Tricker's has done collabs with everyone under the sun

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This. I just copped pic related for 30% off which is a steal since there are hard af to find in the US.

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Finance where?

In most countries/cities you dont need to wear black oxfords... you can even wear brown no problem.

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Same here OP. Starting finance job in NYC soon

Do I go lace or no lace?

Also what are some good suit/shirt/tie color combos

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i feel like a cuck retard wearing brown shoes in a real city, i dont care if its accepted.

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white shirt and a dark grey suit is the only acceptable combo. Also splash a bit on a MTM suit if you can afford one. Thank me later.
Black Oxford. Anything else will stand out like a sore thumb.

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Hideous as sin. They look like soviet era shoes.

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I get the sense you feel like a cuck retard generally, so whats the problem?

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You are not mistaken. But really dark brown (coffee) shoes can make a difference.

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Welcome to the 21st century...

The "no brown in town" bs died everywhere south of the english channel like 70 years ago.

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Most people can barely tell the difference between an oxford and a derby. Derbies are more comfy so pick what you want.

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Most will see the difference on the spot. Black derbies are slightly associated with ill-fitted suit wearers. And formally speaking, oxfords would be the better choice.

>If the shoes were patent leather, noone would see the difference from 3 meters away, guaranteed.

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Most people working in a finance environment know the difference.
"comfy" doesn't apply to suits and associated shoes in a cut-throat finance business. You're meant to look crisp and sharp.

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I think everyone that knows what they're looking at can tell.
Derbies just look bad. Oxfords win every single time. If you're dressing up, wear oxfords always

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I work in finance in central London, it's probably a 50/50 mix of oxfords and derbies. My boss wears double monkstraps, his boss wears half brogues.
If you wear loafers, people will think you're Italian, if you wear brown shoes people will think you're American.
I started out wearing oxfords but will probably switch at some point because they're uncomfortable.

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Buy a pair or two at your local florsheim, dont listen to the larpers in this thread. no one cares about the difference

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Work at a larger law firm and tell me no one will notice the difference if you walk in wearing brown shoes of fucking derbies.
Black captoe oxfords are standard for a reason

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Bullshit. Anyone who knows an iota about mens shoes will spot your cheap ass $60 shoes and laugh you out of the building.

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Then don't buy brown shoes. Who said anything about buying brown shoes? I meant no one cares about the difference between oxfords and derbies

Who said anything about $60? Anyways no one above the low rung of the ladder employees CARES

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Oh I'm sorry. He should splurge for the $100 Florsheims. Only the HIGHEST quality for anon.

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somebody tell me where to find oxblood monk straps pls

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Fug that's pricey.

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I'm nervous as fuck as per how the fuck am I going to dress for that first job and first manager job after my internship, lmao

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Honestly anon everyone is fucking with you. Yes the higher up you get the more cut throat things get but chances are you aren't anywhere near that point yourself if you have to ask, so just make sure everything fits and looks ok and you'll be fine. You'll know when you need to do everything to inch out the competition but i doubt anybody here is

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Overdress the first day you're there. But take note of how the rest are dressed and just copy them. If they're wearing brown shoes then you can too. If they're all wearing oxfords then probably skip the derbies.
When in doubt just ask someone who does the same stuff you will

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Get a really nice looking tailored suit and you’ll probably be fine unless your office is run by uptight boomers. I personally like my dark brown bit loafers but I think I’m gonna get some lighter colored double monk straps with summer coming up. Oh and driving mocs for more business casual shit. And driving.

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I interned on a few trading desks in NYC. Most FT dudes came in sneakers which blew my mind, they then changed into brown Tod's or Ferragamos that they kept under their desk. As an intern I wore black Allen Edmonds Park Avenues the whole summer.

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Since every man should have a black captoe oxford in his wardrobe. You should get one regardless of anyone's opinions. Now's the time.

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>What shoes can I wear that aren't gay
Why is your masculinity so fragile?

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Don't listen to these retards.

Get black cap toe oxfords from allen edmonds.

I work for a bulge bracket bank in the front office. Don't take any chances as a newboy/FY/SA. Definitely dont wear monk straps. Second years can get deal sleds, but until then, black cap toe oxfords.

Oh, and you better have a navy or charcoal notch lapel suit and lots of white/light blue spread collar button cuff shirts, because thats the only thing that you should wear.

>monk straps
go back to the back office



Not awful but don't wear brown shoes

or navy

see what I said

Smart man. Gamo sleds have "size mover" written all over them. Slinging swaps

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can I only wear white shirts or would that be odd?

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>how do i dress for a job in finance
no problem senpai i got you

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In my case,

>light skin colour, brown hair, brown eyes

I'd always go for the white shirts. When I built my wardrobe, I chose equally the amount of white to light blue shirts. And I've come to dislike the blue ones. If you buy, buy a few but better pricier shirts. You can rotate 5 expensive shirts throughout the week.

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As an intern I only wore white shirts. This was a carry over from my fraternity pledge days. Then one of the female interns found out and started calling me "pledge" so I bought some blue ones.

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I nailed one of her friends in the end. Still have each other on instagram.

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T-Thanks guys.

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Wear derbies. You can wear them with anything basically

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>muh current year

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This. Absolutely based.

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The man knows what he's talking about.

You're welcome. Get ready to get hazed, unless youre in the back office, which is what this sounds like, based on the hyphens.

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Doesn't restore your honour, but good flex.

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one thing, get allen edmunds factory seconds, the defects on black ones arent noticeable (brown ones can have discoloration sometimes), and theyre more reasonably priced. also get an allen edmonds belt to go with them.

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I bought a pair, the stitching on the part keeping the derby flap on started falling apart a few months in.

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The new 350 v2 triple black

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>starting internship at optiver
>not wearint new balance

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