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>under 5'11

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>tfw 5’4”

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saul goodman

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you guys need to read up on how the netherlands got from the shortest country in northern europe to the tallest.
it is... interesting

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>tfw 6'8"

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source me senpai

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All these tweets seem so sincere and not at all like bait

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>trying to make me feel over something I can’t control
Try again nigger

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basado unt redpilled. Proud of you brother

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>tfw 6'0.5
Just made it lads

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Seriously, make an argument as to why I should shed tears over something I have 0 control over.

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Because then you can join the exclusive club of the incels

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>manlet cope is the same as dicklet cope
really makes one think.....

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The stories I've heard thrown around are milk drinking and growth hormones in vegetables (in conjunction of course with better health and nutrition)

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If you want to live a life obsessed with things that are external to your control then that’s your prerogative. I still haven’t seen an actual argument as to why I should be ashamed or concerned over something that I can’t control.

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nah, it's just good ol' eugenics

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Height doesn't really matter unless you are super short 5'5 and under. But this argument that I hear stated all the time is if it's something unchangeable about yourself you should not care. You should care because those traits still do have effects on your life. You need to understand yourself to compesate when you need to and to know where your limits are.

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I’m 5’5”. How that affects my life is completely and entirely external to myself. Whether that be how people view me or if I can reach the top of the fridge, I can do absolutely nothing about it.
>know my limits
I know that I’m at an inherent disadvantage in hand to hand combat for instance, but I fail to see how being constantly concerned about my height is something that I should be doing.

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Forgot my Mishima pic

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>fail to see how being constantly concerned about my height is something that I should be doing.
I used the word kind of. I just making the argument for awareness and understanding. It's not a massive deal. The cut off I gave is for Americans since the average height of a woman here is like 5'4 5'5 or something. I will also point out that this board considers me a Manlet at 5'10 and a half. Which is above average in almost every county except a couple of places in Europe.

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Best height don't (You) me

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So we are in agreement. I’ve acknowledged my existence as a manlet and all the conditions that come with that a long time ago. I’m arguing that being autistically obsessed with it, or having any emotions at all on the matter is redundant and a waste of space in the mind.

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