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now that Paris is a little less effay, what is the most effay city in the world?

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Wow this actually made me sad, and I was just about to jerk off too.

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why are there so many Somali's in Minnesota? makes no sense

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It is and has been Milan

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>why are there so many Somali's in Minnesota?

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This is the truth

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got over run with 3rd world shitskins. what a shame such a beautiful city has gone to shit. barely see any true french when I was there on a 10 day holiday last spring.

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>not NYC

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That's correct

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> t. heard Milan is a fashion capital but has never been there
milan is incredibly boring. just because they have a fashion week doesnt make it /fa you clueless trend hopper.
I have two runway model friends who both loath milan for shooting. boring, industrial, nothing city. incredibly overrated

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I know right

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Berlin is the only real answer

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okay zoomers

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I mean it's nice and all but pretty boring desu

People look okay though, better than Germany at least

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paris hasn't been effay in decades dude

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I remember a trip to Italy and I planned a whole fay for Milan, and you're right. Literally nothing, not even tourist shit. I was really disappointed as I ran out of shit to do before noon. Should've stayed in Rome

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you people are the worst kind of tourist
>what??? i came to paris got off the train at gare du nord and went and hung out at chatelet and montmartre with the rest of the fucking tourists and i didnt meet a single french person!!
yeah no shit we're hiding from the permanent fucking horde of tourists.

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milan is awesome if you have a friends from there. honestly the same could be said about any /fa/ city.

you're not just gonna waltz in and stumble on cool venues and stuff, and the people are pretty private (like paris) but if you have a few friends they will accept you pretty quickly and you'll get to see it. it's kind of boring but the people are incredibly nice and the lifestyle is amazing

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I hope you're aware that notre dame will be restored completely. It's crazy how a lot of people out there is raging, thinking it will remain burnt, and 'lost'.

What about Milan?

You're an American, right?

There's some amazing places in Paris. It is and will be one of the most /fa/ cities in the world (even though it's stupid to just label a city as /fa/).


Pic related is one of the most /fa/ cities imho.

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>unironically posting san mike
are you an american retiree or the kid of american hippies who built a ranch there in the 90s
either way lmao

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Traveling is shit unless:

A) You know the language


B) Have a friend that's a local

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I dislike Berlin because it's been bombed to shit.

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Aesthetic ruins are effay as fuck

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As a swede berlin is fucking amazing, and so amazingly close. its a perfect city and extremely effay. Also Copenhagen is great

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Traditionalism is not and will never be effay. It reeks repression and lacks liberalism. Everything is church controlled, etc. Not different from sharia. That’s how all religions are the same, they say no to cool and fun things we want to do. And if you’re not “young wild and free” you’re not effay. Go out have friends get drunk get wasted fuck chicks, those are neither traditional nor christian but they’re fun.

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Minnesota took in a bunch of refugees in the 90s during their civil war, now Minneapolis is little Somalia

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so by your logic tradition is religion?

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Berlin is many good things but it sure as fuck is not a "perfect city", the urbanism sucks major dick.

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Did it take all two of your brain cells to manage to write that sentence?

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dont pretend you're not flooded with nignogs, Pierre.

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nigga you dumb

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I'm not american and I think the only con of it is that it's filled with them. There's a lot of independent designers / artists making their way over there, though. Buildings over there are amazing.

>inb4 Guanajuato is better
Lived there for 1 1/2 years, It is a beautiful place but with a lot of unexplored opportunities: there's a lot of decay and no one is willing to do shit for it.

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Guanajuatofag here.
What are some effay places/bars to go to in Guanajuato city or San Miguel?

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Europe isnt effay anymore.

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it's why bombed-out 40s Berlin was GOAT

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Evolution and survival is effay.
Religion is an evolutionary strategy that promotes both positive(believing your in-group is special) and negative(out-group distrust, disdain, and rejection) ethnocentrism as well as giving collective morals(morality is just what you feel strongly about and everyone's morals are a bit different, so religion unifies this for the betterment of society)

No one gives a fuck how you looked if you're conquered by a people with religion.

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Yes, same thing. Both hate minorities and freedom. Both are strict and nothing in life should be strict.

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please dont talk about copenhagen or these posers will start going there

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damn that's pretty aesthetic

Paris is now /fa/ again.

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good to know everyone on this board is a manlet so I can feel better about myself. Everyone on the right is 100% >5'6

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C) rent a small apartment for six months and hire a language tutor, spend your copious free time befriending the elderly/homeless at local parks and screwing cheap prostitutes

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Varg is orgasming now.

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>"fashion is buildings and shit..." - t. /fa/

church burning doesn't affect the fashion scene btw. your logic is failing.

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>selling degeneracy as a virtue

go the fuck away.

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it is naples, no other answer

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1) buildings are like a city's clothing
2) homes can be an extension of a person's style through decor and interior design, and so can the place a person chooses to place that home

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>People trashing Milano but never went there or only as tourists
Yeah no shit you didn’t like it you probably did what the tour guide / internet told you, of course it was bad. But you can’t judge a city you’re not part of

>muhh no monuments all industrial all grey
Duomo, Monumentale, the whole Brera district, the literal ton of museums (public or private) rendered accessible by FAI and other organisms ? Endless churches ? The navigli district at dawn ? Vittorio Emanuele ? La scala ?

Besides, if you come to Italy for the historical part, then you stick to Firenze or Roma. However if you’re more into contemporary Italy you can come to the Design capital that is Milan and visit the ton of exhibitions, wait for the Design week, and so on. Just because your dream of Italy being all singing Pizzaioli with violins and your classic Roman architecture didn’t come true in Milan doesn’t give you the right to shit on this city. You come for the lifestyle, the ambiance, experiencing a derby in San Siro, enjoying an aperetivo on a terrace

I’m not even from Milano but people judging without knowing piss me off.

>runway models

1st chose one, 2nd they might be bitches because I’ve never heard a single model complain about this town. Usually they hate NYC.

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1) Istanbul
2) Milan
3) Paris
4) Tokyo

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More or less yeah

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based fellow europoster btfoing that mutt

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1. You are an individual
2. Your home is in your control. A church isn’t. You probably don’t go to church, you’re just racist. Church is muh white culture well guess what, it wasn’t your culture. Watch Varg. Church people are one of the worst, they don’t represent white culture.

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then stop eating traditional food
stop taking advantage of anything related to your local tradition

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the real answer is that the Clinton administration intentionally resettled refugees there after US involvement in the Somali Civil War

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Huh? Not knowing the language has its advantages too. For example university students of the opposite sex will endlessly line up to take you out to """study""" and """help teach you""". Every time I go out in a foreign city (and I've spent the last 3 years backpacking mind you) at least 1 cute girl invites me to her house.

That's not to say it wouldn't happen if I didn't speak the language, but not speaking the languages never caused a problem for me.

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Even steak is modern. Traditional western food would be some random tasteless soup. Also I mostly eat chinese and fast food. It’s effay.

Going home bringing chinese dinner, live in a small aesthetic apartment, dimly lit, with neons and shit, depressive Lil Peep in the background music, raining outside in NYC, watching Netflix, so effay uwu

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>watch Varg

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Enjoy your paedophilia. The church is paedophiliac, so is christianity.

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>after US involvement in the Somali Civil War
after US clusterfuck involvement and embarrasing retreat caused Somali Civil War that has been on for 30 years

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No European is going to LARP with you.
In fact recently there was a small group of White Supremacist pagans who were busted in the UK for pedophilia.
The Chad White Nationalist on the other hand is well read and understands two things: 1.That paganism is dead and not coming back ever and 2. That all Religion promotes an increase in both positive(in-group exceptionallism) and negative(out-group rejection) ethnocentrism.
It is much easier to promote Christianity as a unifying evolutionary strategy for Europeans than it is to create a brand new religion.

Pagan larpers have room temperature IQ's, so I never expect them to actually pan over studies and comprehend the data presented.

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As someone who lives so close to NYC it’s a daytrip, most of the city only dresses slightly better than the rest of the United States (poorly dressed country) and the only fashionable area is SoHo anymore and still half of that is gaudy new money fashion. Business districts were nice until business casual and the “midtown uniform” ruined it.

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None of the /fa/ places there are free of hipsters / jews / rich pretentious people, but...

In Guanajuato, I love walking near la Presa, no place in particular. There's also always something going on downtown that may only last a few months. For drinking (the best you can do there) there's a new terrace on Alonso that looks kind of nice, also, Golem changed up to a new place that I really liked: lots of qts, nice music, the right ambiance for meeting new people. I also like to hang around La Inundación down in San Fernando.

I really like walking down the stores in San Miguel, but as I said before, most people visiting are pretentious, rich pricks. (Or gringo tourists). Doce Dieciocho and Quince are a great places aside from that, which is ALWAYS happening, but if you don't mind, you can enjoy a drink, eat, buy something, or even stay (at L'Otel in Doce Dieciocho, EXTREMELY overpriced). I would recommend to just walk around, and, if you're going on weekdays, you may find some art / gastronomy students hanging around.

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So, my top bars in Guanajuato:
>La Inundación
>La Antigua

San Miguel
>The bar at Rosewood, idk what's it called
>La Cucaracha

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paris hasn't been "the most effay place in the worls" for a long time buddy

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False flagging
Yhey gonna make up bullshit story that muslims did it and then they gonna wait for the hate and then rebuild notre dame to a moske in the name of telerance

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>Design capital that is Milan and visit the ton of exhibitions, wait for the Design week, and so on
>You come for the lifestyle

Design/fashion weeks doesn't related to lifestyle. That's events for making money by people coming for a few days into city. I mean it's definitelly effay to visit or participate there but since everything ends here comes the "normal" lifestyle which is not that great.

>experiencing a derby in San Siro
Apart it's the worst European derby modern big football in general is NFL/MLB tier commercial shit and not effay anymore since there are no original fan groups/hooligans in action like it was in 80's and early 90's

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>worst European derby
that would be Man City v. Man United

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This picture will never get old

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Did you ever partake in either a derby or a design week here ? Or a derby ?

Judging by your answers I’d say you didn’t.

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I'm too lazy to google the actual name of the city, but Singapore. By far the most effay location on the entire planet.

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I have seen some brainless posts on 4chan over the years, but this one has got to be in the top three worst posts I've ever come across.

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>posts a pic
>doesn't say where or what it is

People like you shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

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Paris will only remain effay if we rebuild Notre Dame for the new wave of enlightened immigrants.

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Literally became effay when living in Copenhagen because everyone else was lmao. Glad I did

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Yeah its great, i live in the city opposite of copenhagen so i could just take the train via öresund. perfect city ily it

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