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How to even pull off terrorwave irl without actual weaponry?

At least this man looks manly. You, otoh, are a bunch of scrawny faggots. How do you expect to pull it off?

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Say something about the decor, faggot.

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If I bumped into these fat sacks of shit irl without their ski masks and guns, I'd just perceive them as pathetic retards.

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These just look like clothes from Wal-Mart. Not everything has to be a “core,” you braindead zoomer.

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That was not the question, you braindead faggot.

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Btw how come when you faggots get critiqued for your fits, you don't lash out or try to get back at the troll? You just crawl away like a beaten dog without saying anything or you even agree with the critic. Why are you all such faggots?

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