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Can we have a thread of attractive people wearing what would be considered shit but being able to pull it off based on thier looks alone

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she isn't pulling anything off at all
you 're just a virgin blinded by the fact that she's attractive

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niglips on white people are attractive now?

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Someone is clearly ugly
Full lips have always been attractive

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why dont you hit up lookism anon? its like you are not even trying

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So, pic is not related then?

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can someone post the version with the swapped head?

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ITT: People who still look like shit

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That shirt is $3,000 USD


Also theres nothing wrong with that fit besides maybe the boots.

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Why do celebrities choose to spend that much on a shirt that looks worth no more than $30? It’s shit. I can pick up a better shirt at Topshop or Zara for $50-$100.

I get having the power trip of wealth but at least spend your money on something that looks worth the amount you’re spending.

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>I can pick up a better shirt at Topshop or Zara for $50-$100.
Want to know how I know you have shit taste?

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oh shut up the shirt is hideous

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How is this not a staple look? White t blue jeans is american as apple pie

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Those fucked up knees...

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>American as apple pie
Dosen't mean it looks good, Show me you're average person looking good in it?

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Can someone redpill me on Jonah? Why did he become a center of attention all of a sudden?
He's still fat and he looks as if he chooses his stuff randomly at goodwill.

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You just need to be in shape with a decent frame. Basically, not be a fat POS and it will look decent.

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this better be bait. You have no idea what that shirt actually looks like in reality, nor have you ever worn it, or even been physically close to it. Lux fashion is always going to be a mystery to those who have never experienced it irl.

Quality of Zara clothing....lmao. This has to be bait. omg. Zara is like a Pakistani flea market level of clothing and material

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People are making fun of him because hes a tryhard poser

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