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Are patches effay?

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Is constantly seeking validation from others pathetic?

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is this one cool?


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I had a blue jansport backpack and removed their logo and replaced it with an autobot patch. People liked it. It was like a transformer disguised as a backpack. To each of it’s owned. Some bastard stole it

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I want to substitute the stone island patch on a hoodie I have with something else.
Anybody has some cool rectangular patches to suggest?

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why would you want that on anything else than on an alpha industries jacket?

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I have this one

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that's what this whole board is based on retard

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Was thinking about putting it on an h&m jacket

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not sure but i think that's illegal

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Any new patches worth checking?

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I have this one on my bag. Because fuck the pigs!

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references = no good
original patches = the good shit

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thats one shitty patch

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anyone know where i can buy some legit fa patches

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It’s from mgs you brainlet

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I have an Australian flag patch on my jacket. It looks pretty cool.

Yes I hate mudslimes

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>playing video games
You’re the brainlet

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>not knowing without playing the game
You don't deserve the internet

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Based nazi poster

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>Help police someone broke into my house!

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I wouldn't need to do that if it was just legal for me to defend my property.

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I'm trying to browse /fa/ but I keep getting held up in OPs shitty threads...

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Your logic is sound but your example is still shit.
This ever get restocked? Remember I wanted it 2 years ago.

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That one isn't.

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says the gay!

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no you autist

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people like you make me sick

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I wear a jolly roger patch and a crusader cross on my windbreaker. I use it only for walking in the hills/mountains though, wearing that shit in public would be cringe

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>Are patches effay?
Only in jr high, it starts being cringe in high school. You should be over it before entering your twenties. Any older than that and you will come off as an emotionally under developed, immature, growth challenged, MLP larper, stuck in their teenage school years.
Age gracefully, leaving behind the toys of youth. It's unbecoming as an adult.

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what are guns for phag

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I guess, if not wearing video game stuff makes me gay then I'm a fucking flamer.

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Yeah more like
>hey guys I have a body for you to come get.

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