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Someone told me on the topic of attracting women "just buy a fake rolex and fuck basic bitches dude. If you want you can even rent a porsche for tinder pics".

Of course the thought of this working hurts. Besides that: Does it actually work? What other items would you need in order to not be spotted as actual bum that you are?

Initial thought would be to go cliche american psycho; but actually it might be better to be more "low key" aka wearing things that look cheap to the untrained eye but are expensive in the original (but you bought the fake chinese version of course since you can fast only for so long).

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this is autistic
you dont need this ti fuck basic thots
just go to a club lmao

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this has nothing to do with fashion

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Women don't care about watches. You'd need to have nice clothes and shoes

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Your friend is right anon.

You will need to google a “Noob Rolex” and buy one. They are amazing super fakes. Buy fake designer clothes or spend some coin at Ralph Lauren outlet stores. Get some Gucci shoes, fake of course, but make sure the design is based on the cheap Gucci stuff with the logo all over. The bitches will notice this. Now purchase a Porsche key fob on eBay and go to the club. Sit down at the bar and throw your wallet and “keys” down in front of you casually. Wait for a basic thot to approach. Get drunk and take an Uber to her place to avoid the car and house problem. I know a guy who fucks tons of bitches by taking pictures in front of huge mansions in random neighbourhoods and pretending like they are his house

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Way back in the day before everyone had smart phones, I used to always check ATMs for transaction slips with large account totals. When I’d go to a bar, if the girl I was talking to shot me down, I’d give her my number on one of the transaction slips, just in case she “changed her mind”. I’d get callbacks way more often than you’d think. I had fun with it, I’d treat them like shit, see what I could get away with. Turns out, a lot of girls will let you do damn near whatever you want if they think you’re rich.

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You're a magnificent bastard.

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What if I actually own a 1 million dollar condo, make lots of money, wear expensive (but not flashy) clothes, and high-end cologne, but am an introvert and too socially retarded to be able to even advertise that I have these things?

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you wake up from your dream

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If you want to get laid you just get a colourful, visible tattoo, some shoes that make you look taller and hit on girls who are travelling or on holiday abroad in clubs and shit. Easy, an endless stream of puss.

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That sucks lol. You'll probably end up being a total douche if you try to be an extrovert too.

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I’ve tried acting like an extrovert. Doesn’t work. It’s just awkward and I feel exhausted afterwards.

On the plus side, I can afford to see escorts pretty much whenever I want.

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kill yourself, your beta genes weren't meant to survive this long anyways. it's a fluke, correct it

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Just bee urself.

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maybe, but as soon as a girl approaches you you'll likely drop spaghetti so why bother.

read a book on psychology so you can have a real personality, and maybe even get rich for real instead of faking it like some coping dumbass

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>read a book on psychology so you can have a real personality

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social psychology I mean, and watch a YouTube video then if you're such a retard

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It works buy a used BMW tiny it out and a fake hypebeast clothes

It works but not on white women.

Black and Hispanics

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Then finally realize that all the anons who say that's all girls care about are just making excuses for themselves, and work on yourself until people genuinely enjoy being around you. Using some of that money on a therapist would be a good start.

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Congratulations that's the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. Like at least Chris-chan's love quest sign was genuine and didn't take money or effort

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Minus the trying to be extroverted part this is my dream life. Give me some cash or let's be non gay lovers that go shopping together.

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The only women you're going to attract doing this are gold diggers who will try to get pregnant to tie you down.

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Jokes on them I'm poor

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If you are into that level of autism you need fake "cool" friends.
You could literally pay people to act like your friends at the club or any other place.

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I live in a poor area and dress in button up and slacks and dress shoes. Think business casual Sundayschool core. Low status job.

People ask me all the time if I'm a doctor or lawyer. Starting to give me imposter syndrome. Anyone else have experience with this?

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No.. what’s funny is all my friends think I’m rich by how I dress. I literally just buy cheap shit at Target or Macy’s that looks elegant and low key. no branding on items, faux leather.

So I go for the low-key rich look, none of that nouveau riche shit with conspicuous branding. it works honestly.

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Rent an office lease and start a business. Women love that and also you have a place to smash them. Been there done that.

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practice social skills, workout, don't jack off. Swear to anything that will work.

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Wow that's sad.

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You're all sad and need to off yourselves jesus christ stop taking my oxygen.

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If it does work on a woman, do you think she's quality material? Would you marry her? Do you want to find someone to just fuck or to marry? There's nothing wrong with either. Just think critically about what you'll be attracting.

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Do steroids.

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Just think about the length of our lives, in the grand scope of the universe. How very finite it all is, how it could come to an end at literally any moment. You could that time creating beauty, or trying to make the world a better place for everyone else. Anon thinks it's worthwhile to spend that time putting on an elaborate ruse to trick dumb bimbos into thinking, "Maybe I can talk him into not wearing a condom so I can get pregnant and live off child support."

By the way, in most of the civilized world obtaining sex under false pretenses is legally considered rape. Ya, you probably won't get caught, but if you need any more reason not to do this it's worth thinking about.

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going to really burst everyone's bubble here, the time in my life i was most successful with women i was working a part time job, in debt & falling out of shape

i'm not even good looking or extroverted, just know how to hold conversation and be funny. the biggest thing is to realize how low the bar is set. women may play at having high standards, especially with dating apps skewed in their favor like tinder, but 99% of the conversations they have on there are the same jokes and horny shit over and over. you can buy designer clothes and a fancy car and hope to attract a golddigger or two but that isn't a personality. it's not even an effective way to get casual sex bc that type of woman will try to withhold it to trade it for gifts or commitment. if you have nothing to give but are fun to be around you get laid a lot no strings attached. you can have everything going for you but won't get laid if you're perceived as boring & desperate

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Do you think anyone here is quality material? (Maybe as fertilizer)


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Fuck off

But I am desparate (not boring though). The plan is to generate first-looks-attraction in at least some women to balance my own initial infatuation based on their ass, tiddies and makeup in order to talk more as equals then.

Also, I am an engineer living in an engineer's city so the sexual market is somewhat lopsided. Really feel the difference in female attention when traveling to other cities; ergo some cunning is justified.

But the point is not to adhere to some idiotic idealist standards but to get results and bootstrap from there.

Also: Friend of mine told me he was driving around with his fat old uncle in an expensive car and the women's behaviour noticeably changed. Which makes sense; if men are "hacked" by ass'n'tiddies why would simple status signaling not work on women too?

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is the point of this compilation of images that all of them are actually ugly if you look for more than 1 second?

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