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>go to the department store
>have a corner with huge mid-season sales
>get a bunch of jeans and trousers to try
>pick up this skinny Levi's denim at a great price
>where is the size?
>it says size 14
>ok whatever
>wear it
>look in the mirror
>really strange feeling
>have never went that tight before
>but the waist size is right, super comfortable
>just feels good and the tightness grew in me fast
>ask the guy outside about the size
>"lol, this is women's jeans Anon."
>oh ok....
>I'll keep it

Is it really weird that I liked it? It is so soft and reminds me of rock bands.
Did I do a mistake? Return it?
I tried another men's slim fit by Levi's and felt like a lumberjack..

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>waist 36

Post pic in said jeans

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you have effeminate soi legs so they are just the jeans for you

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Both ones are me at the fitting rooms with the said jeans.

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wear whatever if it works for you, just bear in mind i'm legally allowed to smack your arse on the tube now

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Size 14 is 36 inches, why does it not look that way?

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Because my waist is 30 in men's jeans.. This just says size 14.

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That doesn't make sense. If you are wearing womens 14 then shouldn't it be too big on you?

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You know what anon, fuck the haters, I wouldn’t have known those were girl jeans if you didn’t say it

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This says that womens 14 is 31"

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How should I handle that situation if someones tries to molest me on the tube?

Not sure, the guy there seemed positive.
They are a pair of 510 Levi's

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women's jeans are structured a bit differently due to their hip to waist ratio, the equivalent of the male waist on women's jeans would be more like partway between the listed waist and hip

no handling, you just stand there and take it

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>size 14
>"my waist is 30 in mens"

You should probably delete this, Anon.

If you were in the market for women's clothing, you would be subtracting 21 from your men's waist size. That would hypothetically make you a 9. But, women's clothing doesn't prioritize inseam like men's clothing does.

If those size 14 Levi's are "super comfortable" on you, then you're rocking something like a 32" waist and a 41.5" hip. Also, size 14 inseam is somewhere in the range of 31.5-32". So not only are you a manlet, but you also managed to squeeze those birthing hips into those pants.

I doubt you're a 30, maybe in sweatpants you choke your nuts into.

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Back In the mud 2000's I was a scene kid and had to shop exclusively in the women's section for jeans with tight fitting legs. God I was such a faggot. Thank God I was just going through a phase. Gave up skinny jeans by 2009 and never went back.

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What to tell you. I am 5'7 and 140 pounds or 65kg.
I think I meant I would expect something that tight to now be comfy, but it feels good in them. And all my jeans and trousers are 30. Sometimes I used to go 32 for a loose fit but had to wear a belt.

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Look at the materials, there's probably just more spandex in that cut compared to your regular jeans.

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>men wearing girl jeans
It really is the naughties all over again.

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Aren't women's pants notorious for being fucked sizing wise?

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Literally went through the same thing today. Take your waist, subtract 21, there you go. I'm a 10, and actually own 3 pairs of womens jeans. So damn comfy and holds my ass and love handles in a much more flattering way. They are not skinny jeans either so get that out of your head right now. Mid-Rise or die.

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my feeling is that if your legs are actually skinny and small enough to wear them comfortably, then go for it. I would say most males would not be able to wear such skinny jeans even the more skinny guys. and the crotch area will get uncomfortable after a while

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