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I got the "very hairy but going bald in my twenties" gene .

I can grow a beard but I don't want to overcompensate with it.

Any advice?

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I have a thick head of hair with no baldness in family but I think pic related type of baldness pattern makes people look very smart and manly.

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I noticed I had some recession and a bit of thinning on the crown around the age of 21. Took me like a year or two to start doing anything about it. Been applying peppermint oil mixed with castor oil a few times a week for the past few months and have noticed growth and thickening. It's sort of a natural form of rogaine because I don't want side effects. Praying routines like this will keep working long enough until I'm able to afford a hair transplant. I don't mess around with finasteride because I don't want to risk messing up my dick. There's a ton of things you can do including keeping masturbation to a minimum. Here's a good youtube channel with a ton of info on hair regrowth.

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Neat, I'll check it out.

Although I'm accepting of my soon-to-be baldness and am after some advice on integrating that into my look.

But if it helps even it out I'm down.

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people only think you´re overcompensating if it looks bad lol

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>There's a ton of things you can do including keeping masturbation to a minimum.
Stop it with this meme

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i'd kill to be able to grow a mustache like that.

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>I can grow a beard
people will only think you're overcompensating if you have a shit beard. Do grow a Joe Rogan Stubble though (if you don't have the chin of a god) you'll usually look weird otherwise.

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What is shaved can never bald

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You are a fucking dunce. I have that condition. I would strangle you with my own hands if I could.

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Going bald in your 20s is normal. For baldlets. You aren't special.

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This entire post is pseud.

The cause of most men's baldness is due to a biproduct of testosterone and genetic predisposition.
Your hair's root dries, shrivels, and falls out, the pore then closes up.
It's permanent unless you insert a new root which is an expensive operation.
Repeat: It's permanent.

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Try re-writing this post but everything you say has to be backed by several credible studies and see how much there's left friend.

Glad it's supposedly working for you though

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Jesus this is the most retarded thing I've ever read. Don't listen to this OP but get on drugs like finasteride or minoxdil. Or save for a HT.

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Don't you have to be on finasteride for at least a few years before you make a transplant though?

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i know that a lot of transplant docs wont perform the transplant if you arent committed to finasteride and/or minoxidil. because even after the transplant, your existing hairs that are susceptible to DHT will eventually go out and they dont want you looking patchy and shitty and ruining their reputation

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you take finasteride

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