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My orthodontist said that braces would only take three months? Have anyone here experienced good results that fast?

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The braces is said to be the 'ferarri' in the braces world. Still seems unbelievable

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Why not keep them longer? Even a year goes past quickly.

No one gives a shit about braces.

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Why keep them on if the teeth are fine

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it depends on the particular case, i had braces for 4 years 'cause my shit was really fucked up

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4 years holy shit, how bad was your teeth?

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I would think it mostly depends on the complexity of the treatment i.e. how fucked up your teeth are

Did your orthodontist mention anything about the retainers you'll have after?

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really bad, i had a fang almost sticking out., they had to remove some teeth too, basically i had too little space for all my teeth
If your orthodontist thinks 3 months is enough your problem is probably super mild

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damn! My teeth are not that bad but it is very noticeable. Maybe i have some sort of new type of "braces".I don't know if there are different technologies to different braces. As i earlier he called it the "ferarri" in the braces world lol.

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He did mention that i would have a string at the back of my teeth for stabilization. And i would wear some kind of container for 12 hours a day, for probably close to a year.

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i meant retainers

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Damn, i've been on and off with braces for like 8-10 years, don't sweat it OP, you'll get used to them

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I saw some video where you can just push some bubble gum against the top of your mouth. Someone may have the link but it will fix your teeth and give you a huge jaw.

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sounds cool and all

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GOD DAMN. I had braces and my brother got invisalign and it waas soooo much better. You could take them out And they were cheaper than my braces when I got them.

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well, just got braces so that would be too late

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Shill elsewhere

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Braces will btw fuck up your gums in their attachments point around teeth.

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The endlinks thst wrap around teeth in each corner, 4 in together.

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i worked for a dentist and its such a scam, all 20+ of the braces cost the clinic like 500 bucks and you end up paying 8 k

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Even with other braces your jaw needs to "heal" the cavity your teeth has moved from

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can it weaken my jaw? my jaw right now is really good so i dont want that to happend

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What do you mean by weaken it? Sure I guess physically it lowers durability temporarily but it will return to pre-bracer strength.

What happens with bracers is that the wires push and pulls on your teeth in different directions causing the body to remove bone in the direction the push is happening while filling the gap in the opposite direction. Thats why you have the retainers afterwards to avoid the teeth from creeping back.

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To add to this; I doubt it will have any noticeable difference however.

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Talk to your orthodontist if there's any concerns you have. I had braces for a year or 2 and it helped my chin.

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alright lads i hope for the best

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I’d get braces again for a whole year if I could experience “the big smooth” again when getting them off.

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i cant wait for this feel

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I had mine for maybe a two years??? I was really young when I had them put in so I can't say so for sure. Just trust your orthodontist, they go through eons of schooling and make bank so they're there to make sure your pearly whites turn out fine.

My teeth are straight and it feels nice knowing I can smile with pride.

Braces also make a great conversation starter, especially with the well-off kids who had them when they were young.
You get used to them real quick, anon, highly recommended

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im 20 with an overbite and crooked teeth, should I get braces? my mouth is 3/10 at best but idk if im based enough to rock braces at my age

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Mike Mew's orthotropic approach is better than fixed appliances. All hail Mew, God of forward growth.

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braces done wrong can fuck you up worse, some shady ass dentists will even remove teeth to apply them which will make your face sink as you age

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Ortho student here. Can you post what the braces may be called? Are you willing to post your grill? Curious about your case. It may also be that he will give you a separate appliance which massages the gums (you use it for 20-30 mins a day) which helps shift the teeth in half the time.

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Caring about your wellbeing is effay.

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Invisalign is more cosmetic than actually correcting dental issues like bite issues. It really is a case by case scenario. Also typically Invisalign is more.

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Get them asap if you can afford. It may be a 3 year freaking process for all you know. You won't regret it, but it will be a struggle. Watch people's testimonials. They will also make you appear younger so doing it younger is best.

Mewing doesn't correct crowding or already developed problems post-puberty though. I will raise my kids on Mewing though.

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OP, the pain on the 2nd/3rd day is pretty fucking bad take a painkiller and stick to soup until it’s tolerable

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Three months = One and a half year

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I will ask him what they are called, but doubt this thread will live to see the answer. I might post pic later. And yes after the three months i would have to wear something every day for 12 hours, dunno what its called

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hey im in my 20's and doing it, the earlier the better so do it now! you will not regret it

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>Mewing doesn't correct crowding
this, it might help your jaw a little but thats it i think (?) maybe the lack of mewing can cause crooked teeth

Yeah it fucking hurts, but i dont need painkillers. The worst is eating..

yeah i hope this won't be me

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do what i do and just pop an adderal so you don't need to eat lol

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My teeth aren't that bad, they are actually fairly straight except on my left half past the left front tooth all my teeth are in an underbite, I wouldn't normally mind this except for the fact that I'm almost certain this underbite has skewed my jaw and has made my face fairly uneven because of it.

Will braces also align my jaw too and make my face a bit more symmetrical? if not, what other options are there? pic related is my jaw

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>tfw braces and on accutane at the same time
next year will be nice

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eating oatmeal and omelettes atm

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>The braces is said to be the 'ferarri' in the braces world
as in "supposed to be the fastest yet slide into midefield" fast?

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i guess that is what he meant? i didn't even know there was a difference to these things

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I had to wear them for five years in secondary school.

My Ortho said the same

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it's just an F1 joke bro
the "ferrari of something" usually means it's the fastest thing around

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FYI for people getting braces for the first time; I hope you enjoy pain.
I've had mine since October last year (Need to get jaw surgery because my lower jaw is asymmetrical and juts out further than the top. Already got my wisdom teeth pulled for it in January.) and whenever they've replaced the wires, I can hardly eat anything for almost a week later. The first day with them on I woke up in pain because of how badly it hurt, and attempting to eat anything, even a banana, was far too painful. The best thing you'll be able to eat that doesn't require chewing is soup. Also, if you don't already have one, I highly recommend buying a waterpik to make your hygienic life with braces on a whole lot easier. You will not regret the purchase you've made, because it's by far the easiest way of getting shit out from your braces, which depending on what you eat, you'll find yourself getting food stuck between them often.

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did he really say that tho

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Well, my jaw is good but not asymmetrical. Hope i don't need surgery because of that.

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i embrace the pain

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I have had my braces for like 3 months and the pain is tolerable. People with braces exaggerate it so much, stop being a fucking pussy

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is it true if you keep your wisdom teeth, your front tooth gap will fix from them growing in??

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>The braces is said to be the 'ferarri' in the braces world
what did he mean by this

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idk, probably that they are the best

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i dont know about that, if you have a really bad underbite you might need to get that surgery where they break your jaw and put bits of metal between

i had the pain too, it was about 3 days after they replaced the wire but i could eat soft foods, just had to use my molars to break off bits of food.

i had mine for about 1,5 years, but my teeth weren't that bad beforehand.
still have the little metal wire behind my teeth, too. i don't think they're ever supposed to take that off.

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braces are cute. people do even more painful/uncomfortable things than that to be /fa/.

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my brother was done after 6 which I feel is the lowest (depending on the severity of your teeth)

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23 and getting braces. I’m ready to shoot my self

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better now than later

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Well i hope he is not bullshitting me with this, 3 months would be fucking perfect.

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Mewing, and it will take years, and even then you will only see results if you're extremely meticulous and consistent. Pretty much a lifestyle choice, but if you're looksmaxing than go for it.

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My teeth were fucked up and I had a mild headache for a couple of days. Let this toughen you up you pansy

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Im on year 9 with the retainer wire. They never remove them.

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You gonna put em on yourself?

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>year 9
are u ok man

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If it takes 3 months it must be so mild that it should not even matter to fix. Or your orthodontist is lying.

They said it would take 2-3 years, it took 4 for me.


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Probably depends on how bad they are. Braces weren't necessary but I wore them anyway, only took a few months. I barely even remember having them

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>4 years
my teeth took 7 years

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i fucking hope he is not lying to me

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