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I’ll start
Pants like these under $100?

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Where can I find 100% cotton black trousers with a mid to high rise (at least 10.5") for under 100 USD? So far, I've found these Wranglers, and on the website, they say that the rise is high, but they don't give any measurements.

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What are these shoes anons? Seen on levis website. Why dont they list the items the models are wearing?

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Cheap chink techwear brands, check aliexpress
I'd just search for derbies with combat soles, I've seen lots of designs like this

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Dries had one extremely similar, as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi0-AyYUjcs

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W2C button down shirt like pic rel

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try uniqlo i saw some exactly like that last time i went

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bump for this

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id on hoodie?

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shirt with pattern like this

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a shirt with wide stripes?

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An affordable version of these?

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functional clothing taobao

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w2c rig like this or similar?

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W2C cute Punpun back?

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w2c overalls like these or with a similar loose tapered fit that arent shit tier china quality?

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w2c scoop neck black/white stripe t shirt that ain't sold out

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Massimo dutti have loads of those

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W2c rugby shirts a la pic related in the UK? Don't want to spend more than £50

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