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Barbara Palvin was also announced as angel mars 14

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Looks pretty good for nearing 30, a bit lacking in the hip department though.

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nice bulge

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Is that a penis?

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I still don't agree with Barbara being made an angel but Alexina is a good choice. She actually has a nice body (though not skinny enough for me) compared to Barbara. Barbara is just a fatty with a nice face.

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I mean just look at Barbara, she looks like a plus-sized model - not angel material at all.

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And Alexina, again she could be more skinnier.

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VS peaked with Candice and Elsa

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What VS needs is younger models, not older. They're slowly losing sales and these older models just doesn't connect with the younger generation. If I were to decide, I'd make Nadine and girls like her an angel. Fresh faces and bodies.

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Is this a transgender? Fucking degenerates.

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She's not.

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Nobody has a dick that flat you utter faggots, like have you virgins never seen a fat pussy lip before in the stupid anime cartoon porn you watch

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trans can tuck the balls and dick with tape it looks like a pussy

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Keep em coming boys

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no dude you don't get it, they just contract it into their bodies like a snail would it's antennae
there it lies in wait among the folds of their skin like a cobra, ready to strike at any heterosexual male, traumatising him for life

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Why tf my pp hard

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if this turned you on, be sure to watch Naked Lunch - you'll have a blast

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>wide shoulders
>narrow hips
She looks like a tranny.

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post sexy model feet please

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If only VS would put effort in selling quality panties

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They need to have a dark skin angel. Fuck these racists.

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They already do, you dork.

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No, what they need to do is bring Sanne back and make her an angel. Ed Razek, do something.

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I wish she'd lick my hairy asshole.

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Fuck you.

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