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Holy shit

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Looks like everyone at coachella

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this is actual sleeze core. not what /fa/ thinks is sleeze core when they just wear a camp collar shirt tucked into black pants

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Billy Eilish looking rough.

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This is just Tahoe native core. It might be sleaze core, but it could just as easily be owns two Teslas core.

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Ngl I thought it was her too

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w2c sunglasses?

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>Harmony Korine movie

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>Harmony Korine movie

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does he shave his leg or what ?

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>be me, dressed like in OP(picrel, not me)
>long hair, pornstache, sunglasses at night, 6'2 180lbs
>go to show alone, linking up with friends at after hours, they're not into this music
>there's too many Hawaiian shirts here
>dance with some slut all the show, lots of gropping
>go outside with slut after show, it's fucking hot even at 3am, I only have the lowest button done on my shirt
>make out with her ,her hands all over my slightly hairy chest
>have to go to after hours, great dj, sold out, no room for slut
>tell her I have to go, turn around and walk away
>feels a Hawaiian shirt follow me with his look as I walk past him
>hear him let out the most discouraged "fuuck" under his breath
>got high on MDMA at after hours and fucked 2 different sluts in the toilets
I can't wait for summer again

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