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going to Japan in about 2 months, and I have enough money saved up to pretty much replace all of my basics (they're direly in need, I haven't really bought clothes in years).

anyone feel like recommending good thrift shops, small stores, etc, before i waste all my money on uniqlo?

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What cities are you going to? Ragta, 2nd Street and Book-Off Super Bazaar are good thrift chains but there's a lot of smaller non-chain thrift shops around too. Thrift stuff isn't very cheap over there at least if it's brand name, but it's usually very high quality and you can find items easily in thrift stores that's very hard to find otherwise.

Muji is also a good alternative to Uniqlo. Most Japanese brands are expensive as fuck and imported stuff is also expensive as fuck so dunno what you should buy in volume.

Also don't go crazy on the first days, it's going to be very overwhelming so hold back on spending before you get a better idea on the prices and selection over there.

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W/O specifying a city I can't really give accurate advice but just do your research on small shops; chain stores are likely to be expensive. If you're in Tōkyō then Tanpopo House (たんぽぽハウス) is one to check out:


But stores like this are probably what you're looking for... there are sometimes a few gems there. Also the prices at "thrift" stores rises exponentially the closer you get to the Shibuya / Harajuku area.

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How much saved? Like a basic wardrobe would be how much to you? $600? $200?

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