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how do I style a tactical vest without looking like a retard?

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>how do I style a tactical vest without looking like a retard?

You go on a shooting rampage with it.

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join the military

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assassinate a head of state

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cosplay events? themed photoshoots?

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Yeah...you can't just throw that out there without some context. Give me a fucking break, Mr. Mysterious.

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Add a patch and clip a speaker on it.

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Do you live near any mosques by any chance?

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I recently saw someone wear one
Why is this a thing again?

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Have an occupation that requires one. Military, law enforcement, private security, bounty hunter, time traveling rapper, that sort of thing.
Or just play airsoft like a normal nerd.

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By starting a career in wrestling.

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absurdly based

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Linda Hamilton was so hot in that movie

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