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>want to get skinnier to be more /fa/
>every woman I talk to says I shouldn't lose weight because it's unattractive to be skin and bones
What do I do /fa/?

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Build muscle
despite what thinspo autists(who are allvirgins btw) want you to believe, it IS unattractive to be skin and bones

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if you look like your pic then definitely there is no need to look any more skinny.. that body is truly what most women like

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>Be lanklet ion highschool
>no girl wanted me bc footballchad existed
>get to uni and ez asians love the skinny look
>shapen up at the school gym to achieve otter mode and now even more girls are into me

Asian girls truly are based

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do it, but work out too, to become lean and shredded
the women who shit talk thinness do it to feel better about being chocolate addicts

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This... If you hear anyone with a bmi over 23 shit-talk being thin, it's out of envy.

The amount of saltyness from chubby and fat people towards skinny folks is pathetic and very transparent.

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skinny is pretty dont believe fatfuck visitors from /fit/

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t. virgin

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im volcel

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Keep telling yourself that bud

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it means you are skinnyfat and you should build muscle before losing any fat

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Wtf where did you find my student id picture, take that down now, incel

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You shouldn't care what women think, let alone what women SAY.

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It's attractive to look at in fancy fashion pictures but it's unattractve to hug and hang out with.
Aim for otter mode.

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mad fatass?

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women are attracted to men's faces you nonce, how dumb do you have to be to listen to what they say as opposed to what they do? being skinny ensures your face is (usually) nicely defined

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i wonder if anyone here has ever actually asked a woman what she's attracted to.

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youre a fucking incel mate
stop dooming people to become as ugly as you are

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woah bud, youre projecting there
try losing a couple pounds

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you quite literally said you were (volcel=incel)
maybe try not intentionally being ugly?

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maybe try not being intentionally fat, incel

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im not a virgin
maybe stop deluding yourself, both about your sexual status and your ugly body

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>not a virgin
why would you lie over the internet

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>every woman I talk to says I shouldn't lose weigh

Never trust women nor ask them for such advices

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Go away fagliet, you are a beta and everyone knows it

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Women are bucket crabs, only within this context does their behavior clarify.

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>shaping your body to the way women want it

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how do i achieve this look?

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Bump, i think is otteemode though

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as someone who actually has sex with women, can confirm. you have to find the happy medium you don't want to be some barrel chested monster, but don't fall for the thinspo lies

>> No.14181400

Being lean is most important, but being bigger while lean is better. You can't realistically reach the point where you become too big if you don't roid.

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140lbs with a bf% under 7

>> No.14181794

First step in getting women is by not listening to what they like and doing your own thing

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Never go full /thinspo/. Find whatever balance between fit and thinspo you personally like. Fuck other people.
Unless you want to fuck. In that case go full sexcore.

>> No.14182249

>arguing with retarded anons on a cambodian pattern-making forum

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>people always tell me I'm too skinny and need to eat more
>tell them at trying to lose more weight
>"Oh my god you're crazy you're way too skinny, girls like muscles not bones"

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Tbh, as a /fit/-fag, just go for whatever body type you want, as long as you're healthy and taking care of yourself.
You're ultimately doing it for your own joy, not the joy of others.

I see too many dudes at the gym that just lift because they're insecure, rather than for their health or love for the sport.

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damn you fat as fuck

>> No.14182277

Lol I'm 5'11 145lbs and I'm not even close to skinny.

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Not true. I got too big and I'm consciously reducing my muscle mass. It was just a waste of time after a certain point and I needed ridiculous tailoring on everything. XXL tops and a 32 waist are not practical. I'm working back down to XL. Bodyfat is around 10% right now. As I get a bit smaller I actually look taller as well (inb4 manlet, I'm 6ft). Proportions are everything.

>> No.14182298

if youre not skinny at that weight and height then stop being a skinnyfat loser and get leaner

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Post body.

>> No.14182344

>"Oh my god you're crazy you're way too skinny, girls like muscles not bones"
they're right
Also skinny body on short people doesn't look good, sorry bud

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1st world problems

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cutting to 10-12%bf first will be good if you're skinnyfat, then you can bulk without getting too fat

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