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How the FUCK do I take care of my nails?

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go to a nail salon, get it done professionally

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ain't nobody got time for that

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Drink lots of water and have a proper diet(low iron or too much zinc or whatever can show on your nails), and clip them every few days. That's it. Don't do anything beyond that if you're a guy.

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Well yes i am a faggot, what gives?

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ive been biting my nails my whole life, so im also interested in this and also
>how to fucking stop biting them?

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I want to grow my right hands nails longer since I want to get better at flamenco, how do I into it?

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just think of all the germs that get stuck under your nails. it's especially worse if you don't wash your hands well/often

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Eat them

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I used to do that but people told me it was weird

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first of all it doesnt bother me at all the germs and stuff that could potentially be there, second of all i wash my hands a lot, like, a lot
ned something else pls h e l p

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men are so hopeless... push ur cuticles back for the love of god...

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also, there are a lot of different styles as to what "nice nails" look like. which specific look are u going for?

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I'm a guitarist and I've found having both hands the same length is easier. Having one hand where you don't have to worry about not biting/snapping and the other where you do gets confusing. Also, don't play guitar when your nails are wet/soft

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>push ur cuticles back
I don't what this means

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>which specific look are u going for
I don't know, something clean cut, but long ago to scratch my gf if things get kinky

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9/10 men have ugly fingers because they dont push their cuticles back. u can use a tool, i use my other fingernails. you already have a really nice shape to them! just keep them around the same length and cut them evenly with a nail clipper.

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why would you ever push your cuticles back that's disgusting

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How the fuck does pushing it back doesn’t just make it bunch up and become even more visible?

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t. men who have ugly nails

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Cut away what you can with your nail clipper then push the rest back. Lightly file where the cuticle was. Just do this every few days, it's not hard and it takes 8 minutes.

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Thanks. I wet them to make them soft then used the soft part of a nail buffer to push them back. some of the bigger ones are bunching a bit but I'll try deal with those

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takes ten minutes

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thinking about how it permanently fucks your teeth and you'll end up as one of those people that gets pain from eating ice cream or drinking tea should help. they also sell bitter "nail polish" for children.

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yeah, that's basically it unless you have a medical condition

the fuck is wrong with people

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You have to file them. There are infographics online showing the shape each fingernail should be.

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also, don't do this >>14181698

I can't actually remember the reasoning, but there's this huge write up on flamenco guitar nail maintenance and the common refrain was "tell women to fuck off about your cuticles". I think it might damage the stability of your nail or something

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Dont think so. Always had visible cuticles and now theyve disappeared from what Im assuming is my newly implemented diet (essentially just an omnivorous diet)
Pic related

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i chew on mine.

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Never push back your cuticles. That's horrible advice, if you're well hydrated/moisturized then you will have no need to do this.

ESPECIALLY don't let a zipperhead do this to you in a salon, it opens you up to infection and you can literally lose digits this way. It's so bad that women are advised not to even shave their legs before getting pedicures just because they might get something, let alone poking a tool into your finger to push back your skin.

women taught pushing back their cuticles because it makes their nails appear longer aka they're retarded and decided that getting rid of skin on their fingers instead of growing their nails is easier.

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Take Omega 3 fish oils and biotin. You’re welcome anon

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my cuticles are transparent you can barely even notice they're there why would I ever do something as stupid as pushing them back

women are retarded

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Gross women with crusty ass fingers, you should never do that.

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I have ADHD and used to bite them a lot. I used bitter nail polish and A LOT of willpower. Be aware of when you're biting and stop. Also, growing one nail at a time so both pinkies then both ring fingers etc. works well

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the bitter nail polish isn't supposed to make you stop because it tastes bad, it's supposed to remind you to have willpower. same as snapping a rubber band on your wrist. congrats on having the same will power as a seven year old.

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Cut your fingers off, then it will grow back stronger and prettier.

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It is supposed to make you stop necause it tastes bad.
Nice bait, but your insults fall on deaf ears.

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>A LOT of willpower. Be aware of when you're biting and stop. Also, growing one nail at a time so both pinkies then both ring fingers etc. works well
best advice, really

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My nails are 3mm long do to nailbiting

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never. they pushed back and cut my cuticles and now the skin around my nails dries up and looks bad.
if you're a man you shouldn't have a nail care routine, just trim and make sure there's no dirt and you're done.

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