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When did becoming a walking billboard become fashionable and "hype"? Who caused this cancer?

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Remember when fila, champion, and reebok where all considered poor people shit for retards?

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Lesson learnt: just overcharge dumb consumers

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literally shit your mom would buy in K-mart

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Male celebrities (namely rappers) started *ironically* wearing clothes that made them walking billboards because they were paid to advertise the brand. The current generation of men didn't grow up with strong father figures so they emulate male celebrities.

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I can't help that, he fucking walked out on us.
But I don't do this shit anyway.

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>I can't help that
It was your fault, anon. Maybe if you weren't so needy

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Reebok and Fila were premium tier in the early 1990s. By 1998 Fila was poverty tier. Champion was always poverty tier.

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This shirt is shit, but it doesn't need to be shit. If you're gonna put some shit on a shirt it might as well be a logo as long as it looks good.

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>Champion was always poverty tier.
Isn't it funny though that people wearing Champion reverse weave stuff has a better quality item for the fraction of the price than if you own stuff from many high fashion brands?

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Champion has always been high quality. You're just a sheep who thinks high price equates to quality.

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Always been like that

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Not true

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visible branding on clothes is cringe

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Niggers, my friend the answer lies in the niggers.

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FILA used to be the shit you sooner faggot

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