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Any reccs for good quality pullover?

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Literally nothing is more iconic than the gildan 18500

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Iron Heart
Merz B. Schwanen
Stevenson Overall Co.
Studio D’Artisan
Sugar Cane
The Flat Head
The Strike Gold

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plz dont wear carhartt unless you're working or its WIP

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Give your price range

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merino Fred Perry v-neck

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I have that exact pullover lol. It's ok. Like all workwear, most people will treat you like a roach for wearing it outside of a jobsite.

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American Giant made some of the best hoodies

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do you actually own anything from them or are you just shilling these meme brands

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It's just a normal-looking hoodie you faggots

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just get a Hanes or Gildan hoodie

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I have it in green - well made and durable but the logo is pretty gay

They are cut pretty weird and run huge, it doesn’t even look good on the model

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can confirm sizes run very big and are long. Even the the small looks very long on you if you aren't 6 feet

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