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Can I get an honest rating of my fit and aesthetics?

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shoes are trash both the ones youre wearing and ones youre holding
take off the cap and get better glasses
either dont put shit in your pockets or dont have them bulge out
you have good HEIGHT, FACE, and FRAME so just dont dress sexcore or numale, go for dark americana or whatever

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I wouldn't even notice you if you were on fire.

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nice (((ebbetts))) cap

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You might be one of the most forgettable looking people on earth. I wouldn't think twice if I passed you on the street.
That beard isn't doing you any favors, but judging by the hat you're probably bald/balding, so I get it. Glasses look absolutely onions, but I feel like that's what you're going for, so that's intentional.
Tucking in your shirt looks bad. It's a t-shirt, just leave it untucked. It really messes up your fit by having it tucked in like that.
Boots are ugly but honestly, I don't know what would look good in that boring ass fit.

2/10 at least you're not fat.

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Onions af

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This is a prime example of why you should out shit in your back pocket

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why do they look so similar

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