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Are these glasses effay? Where can I find them?

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Those glasses are so basic, I feel like everybody over the age of 40 was wearing them a few years ago. Only recently have people been trying to change it up

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Isnt that the dude who always fucks trannies?

>> No.14173736

Looks like that huge dick fucker from trannie porn

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"Arrested last week on 22 counts of animal cruelty, the 46-year-old Armenteros was taken into custody after police discovered nearly two dozen animals – four goats, eight roosters, four hens, four pigeons and a duck – in a van baking in the mid day Miami sun."

this fuckin guy

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Why does he like to fuck men so much?

>> No.14174777

why are you all watching gay porn?

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That's Big Pearl Ramon from Bangbros, lmao that shit happened a while ago

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He's featured in many scenes of bangbus and monsters of cock.

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