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Thoughts on cuban heels, do they work on men if attractive enough?
None of that SLP teddy with an undercut type bullshit.

Also post good PSI examples, tired of seeing skinny jeans with wyatts.

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Are Beatles good inspo for cuban heels?

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This is the thread /fa needs. Posting all my keithspo

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they pretty much invented it

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neither of these are cuban heels

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It seems that you just should't wear them with skin-tight pants.

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I think the most important thing is to avoid the aggressive taper you see the slp chinks sporting. Skin tight in the thighs if fine imo as long as it doesn't taper as much. The best fit is slim straight

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John's heels are different than Paul and Ringo's. John's are actual cuban heels in that the taper angles forward to the direction of the toe as opposed to straight down. Also, cuban heels tend to be higher. Again, look at John's compared to the others.

Ringo and Paul carry it all off much better than the other two. Probably why the other two are dead? I'm not a scientist here but this is /fa/.

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Based Jimmy Page.

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id on these?

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need more inspo on wyatts without the cringe chink slp uniform

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god damnit why cant i find green suit anywhere

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It's like fatties can't even appreciate the source material of their fits. SLP runway styling was pretty much all super skinny but straight legged jeans. None of that comical taper you see in lockstar threads.

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there was a proper time and place for Cuban heels and it ended around 1972. also it only worked if you were slim and tall. beyond that time, and outside of those constraints of physique, it's a decided no.

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where does the taper come from? I thought the rockstar cringe fits still had D02s which are cut skinny but straight

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The insects purposely go to the tailor and get them tapered lmao

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Attractive people can get away with anything. You, on the other hand, should stay away from anything resembling women's footware

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tfw chinks singlehandedly ruined slp

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>fag trying to look like a fashion model in his parent's garden with clothes he bought using parent's money

i hate this board and i always regret coming back here once every three years

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>coping this hard
stay bitter poorfag

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thats a cute shirt desu

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Literally nothing wrong with the fit itself calm your autism

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All of his fits look so cringy, they look like a costume on him.

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paramount cope

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no that would be hedi leaving and the production moving to shitholes to cut costs and further increase their disgusting profit margins. $1k boots now feel like pleather

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FW13 Wyatts had rubbish glued soles lmao