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Do you know which style of Ray-Ban eyeglasses he usually wears? I'm trying to figure that out. He sometimes also wears one that has white frames, not black.

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>too poor to afford RayBans

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>thinking raybans are expensive
>not realizing that sunglasses, accessories, and other small flex pieces are exactly what poor people overspend on. Pic related.

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t. lower middleclass

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It's like CK t-shirts

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Gucci glasses, Michael Kors bags, triple S's when the rest of your fit is Zara, etc.

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I have a couple of Michael Kors sports jackets that I bought almost a decade ago, they're still holding up for me and fit well. I don't know much about the brand, however. Anyway, could it be figured out which style of Ray-Ban glasses the beard guy is wearing in those pictures?

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Too fashion forward to realize that anyone who thinks wearing Raybans is cool must be in highschool.

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Who are these guys? What is their name?

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A YouTuber named Aviad Balelli. I think his videos are funny, but others may disagree.

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And Persol is your alternative?

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he's in literally every basedboy meme ever

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wtf autocorrect

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Yeah, you mean söyboy, but that term is normally switched to basedboy around here.

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Shit, I’ve been here a while, but is there actually a filter for basedboy?

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you tell me retard

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why do guys like that turn me on so much?

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Why would you need me to tell you? You just read the post.

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I want to curbstomp s o y fags like this so fucking hard

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100%. Persol 714 are for Chad facial aesthetics and if you cant pull them off you're probably soi and better off with rayban.

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I hope you guys are buying real (read pre-1999) Ray Bans. If not, you have no business ridiculing poor people, because you are literally buying licensed fakes.

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I know somebody who looks like all of these pics

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So...a numale?

Simply epic, you have a wonderful sense of humor


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based elementary school comeback

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Ray-Ban brand aside, do yourself a favor and avoid Essilor-Luxottica.

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Based indeed

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Sorry man, I don’t go around calling people söyboys like an incel.

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that guy is so fa holy fuck

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