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>He or She wears White sneakers (with white soles) or white Shoes on a rainy day.

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>white Shoes on a rainy day.
yeah, duh, it's fall, the beginning of cuffing season, and im not about to miss out on the SEX

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>He posts a variation of the Wojak meme


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My shit's goretex, don't be mad.

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Literally virgincore

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Enjoy your shoes becoming like this

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it's called pagina, look it up

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No, you either have to be an homeless dude, or a complete unhealthy retard to not take care of your shoes/sneakers and let them dirty. One does NOT wears white/shoes when the ground is going to be dirty (hence, on a rainy day). Only on Sunny days.

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cringe and bluepilled

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>He or She wears White sneakers (with white soles) or white Shoes on a rainy day
even the incohesiveness of the way you wrote the OP exhibits how insecure and beta you are lmao
you couldnt decide on that punchline sentence so you decided to cover all bases, truly pathetic

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Who cares? Sneakers are a consumable item. If you’re worried about ruining your sneakers then you can’t afford them.

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pure faggotry

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but my suede chelseas would get even more blown

also this

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Effay as fuck

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The term is patina. But that isn't really a patina it's just dirty lol.

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You clearly can't afford the shoes that you wear

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If you have the money to trudge through two inches of filthy slush in your white/white AF1s than you have enough money to purchase a pair of decent boots. you're just a low IQ irresponsible child.

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>everyone is retarded except me
go back to le happy alien site

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why are white sneakers SEXcore? theres nothing sexual about them

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they're not inherently SEX, but they work with the style.

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Crep Protect nigga

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I like beating up expensive shoes, it gives them character.

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my pholosophy is that white sneakers are meant to be beat the fuck up

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>suede chelseas
please be trolling

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I wish I could agree but I think I'm too much of a pussy, or too poor to understand. :P
Cleaning sessions take long and I really do constantly think about where I step haha.

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desu clean shoes look gay, unless they are dressy

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>not understanding that sexcore is purposely bad fashion for chads to exude even more confidence.

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Nobody wears white sneakers outside of metropolitan areas you sheltered cunt

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>two inches of filthy slush
Lmao where the fuck do you guys live? Bangladesh?

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