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Hey I have a question about designer items and figure this is a better place to come than anywhere else.

I like designer belts and collect them for my own amusement just because, now I was thinking about getting a new LV because the canvas one is have now isn’t in great condition and the other ones I have are fine but I have a special love for Louis Vuitton.

How does pic related look to you? And how does someone wearing stuff like that make you feel?

Thanks in advance

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that just looks dumb and autistic.
wear a plain looking belt, for fucks sake.

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>And how does someone wearing stuff like that make you feel?

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I was talking to my girl friend the other day and she turned to me and said “anon you are weird but handsome why do you not have a girlfriend yet?”
I was shy and told her that she could be my girlfriend but she laughed and said “no I’m Tj girlfriend, I’m just your girlfriend”
It burns deep and I wanted to be more than just her boyfriend but she has a boyfriend and he gets pretty hereabouts Jeremy (if you know what I mean)
Kind of confused why she would compliment me and then shit me down, I do know she always whispers to her younger sister when I’m around (if you’ll pardon the pun)

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I like designer things for the most part but I never found belts to be cool (for myself/on myself).

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I wear different ones to local music event meet and greets, usually seem to go well

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Buy a reverso 40mm, look, this one has tramp stamp.
No but unironically the reverso belt is the least nigger-ish of them, there are cool prints like the space monogram, eclipse monogram if you want heavy branding, if you want a belt with a strong designer buckle, get a tom ford (the most subtle i have seen) or versace medusa wich is so over the top it has an actual beauty to them

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If you're white, I'd think you're trying too hard to be black culture accepted with your sneakered shit

If you're Korean or Chinese or Filipino I'd think it's counterfeit

If you're black I'd think it's real but you used benefits money or drug sales profit to " flex your drug game"

If you're middle eastern I'd think you're just some rich kid trying to be a rapper in America ...or I'd think it's fake depending on how Saudi you look.

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