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a.k.a questions that don't deserve their own thread

Where can I get some comfy wool socks that look good with white sneakers

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What is this type of underwear called and where can I find one with a similar pattern?

I really like it

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would round wireframe glasses fit my face?
also, if possible, tips on hairstyle

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How do I approach black women?

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Is this a bad idea to go for white hair if I have pretty dark hair color? I read somewhere that it is not advisable. I am male btw.

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You'll look good in anything

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as much as i like recieving compliments, i'd rather have some tips or quality criticism instead

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Looking for a sweatshirt with a nice design in a darker colour (though preferably not navy since I'll be layering with a navy shearling bomber) in the £200 range.
Was thinking of Kenzo since the tiger is a nice logo and all...

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Is there any way to make hair less frizzy? It won’t fall down and it’s ruining my dreams of having gook curtain hair.

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Your phone is a shit, your nails is too long.

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cut the nails shortly after the pic
the phone i can't do much about, though

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no, your forehead is too tall, try ones that are rimless on the bottom

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Where do I find a nice padlock necklace?

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